Bob Burg – On Your Way To Remembering Names & Faces

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On Your Way To Remembering Names and Faces


We all know that remembering names would make us much more attractive and effective in our businesses. However, most of us simply aren’t naturally good at it. This simple program is designed to help even those of us with the worst memories to be able to instantly recall the names and faces of those we come in contact with.

“Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”
~ Dale Carnegie, Author of How to Win Friends and Influence People

So true. Yet this is a skill many people struggle with. It is not because you were born with or without the ability to remember names. The fact of the matter is, you’ve never correctly learned HOW to remember names.

The number one request I get when talking to people about their memory is “How can I remember names like you do?” So, I took my years of experience teaching this skill and put together an easy Remembering Names & Faces system to help you learn this sought-after skill.

This audio program along with accompanying guide allows you to practice your new skill and see your progress. It also includes a list of the most common names in the English language.

Stop saying, “I am bad with names” or “I never forget a face, just a name.” Show those you meet that you actually care about them and remember what is most important to them – THEIR NAME.



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Bob Burg – On Your Way To Remembering Names & Faces
Bob Burg – On Your Way To Remembering Names & Faces

$97.00 $29.00

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