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The experience felt so awful at the time, and the people seemed so difficult, mostly because I didn’t know how to handle it when people played social games with me. The party probably wasn’t as bad as I remember it, but my social skills were.

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Carlos Xuma – Power Social Skills


The one skill that they don’t teach you about in school is also the one that will either make you a great success in life, or struggle like crazy to realize your dreams and you might never reach them.

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I’m going to tell you all about this skill in a second, but first let me ask you a couple questions:

Have you ever been in a social situation where you just knew someone was messing with you, but you didn’t know what to do about it?

Have you ever had someone in your family that just knew exactly how to put you on the spot – and they’d leave you with that shaky, angry feeling because you knew you’d been made a fool out of?

Have you ever known a person who could just predict everything you were going to say, and leave you with no ammo at all, and you felt like you were totally manipulated? And FRUSTRATED?

Did you ever suspect there are unwritten “rules” to socializing that you just don’t “get”? That if you just knew the “rules” that these people are using for their games, you could at least be on a level playing field?

Do you ever feel like you’ve missed opportunities with somebody – maybe a romantic interest – because you don’t have the right skills to respond correctly and make the interaction “count” for more?

Do you often feel like you’re missing a depth and a level of relationship connection that you want to achieve because you don’t understand how to get past your partner’s games?

Now, on the other hand, have you ever been with someone who:

  • Could de-fuse any confrontation and make friends in the process?
  • Could spot when they were being played or manipulated – and somehow turn it back around on the other person?
  • Always knew the right thing to say to put someone in their place?
  • Knew how to read a social situation in just a few seconds and “feel out” everyone in the group?

“Everyone Was Playing Me!
And Playing Social Games With Me”

The experience felt so awful at the time, and the people seemed so difficult, mostly because I didn’t know how to handle it when people played social games with me. The party probably wasn’t as bad as I remember it, but my social skills were.

And I’ve still found people like this lurking almost everywhere in my life. At work, at the bars and clubs, at parties and social gatherings even at family gatherings.

You May Have Felt This Way Before

Maybe you’ve experienced something like my bad “party experience,” or even situations like this:

  • – You go to a car dealership to shop around and you don’t want to buy anything, but after several hours you find yourself driving home in a new car that you had no intention of buying. But he made it sound so good, and you got a SWEET deal How did you fall for that?
  • – You’re in a meeting with a co-worker, and she starts to undermine your abilities and performance in the meeting, but you can’t figure out how she’s doing it because she’s not directlyinsulting you. What kind of Game is she playing?
  • – You’re hanging out with your friends and someone makes a sly comment about you, and they all chuckle. You go along with it because you don’t want to look like you’re “uptight” or “un-cool.” But somewhere deep inside, you know you were just put-down Do you know how to deal with it?
  • – You’re at a family get-together, having dinner together, and your mother starts bugging you about your job, and starting to manipulate you with guilt and fear. As usual, you end up angry and blow up, and eventually you tell her to mind her own business. You end up looking like the jerk, but it was the wayshe did it that pushed your buttons How do you stop this from happening?
  • – You’re out with a friend, and you see a couple of women you want to go talk to. Finally your friend drags you over and you start talking with them. The longer you talk, though, the more your friend seems to be the one getting the attention, and you start getting more and more quiet How can you stop feeling socially awkward and stay in the conversation?

But This Is The
REALLY Scary Part

The games other people play with us are NOTHING compared to the games we play on ourselves.

You see, there’s two kinds of games going on out there – the games we play with other people, and the ones we play in our own heads.

You want an example of one that every guy can relate to?

You’re talking with a woman at a bar, and the conversation is going well. She obviously needs to leave, and you know it’s time to go for the close. So you ask her:

“Hey, can I have your phone number to talk with you again? Maybe go out for a bite sometime?”

She tells you she’s not home that much or she would give it to you. “But give me your phone number and I’ll call you,” she says. You give her your number, even though you know at the back of your head that won’t hear from her. You know – deep in your gut – that you needed to just push a little more for her number so that you could make that second meeting happen.

But you gave in and wussed out.

What happened?

This is a classic game that a lot of guys play inside their own heads where they will settle for giving their own phone number on the wishful thinking that they impressed her so much that she’ll “definitely call!”

Even though we know that only 1 in 50 women ever will. (Probably much fewer)

It’s a way for us to let ourselves down easy, and not risk coming away with nothing at all for the time we spent talking to her. After all, there’s still a chance she’ll call isn’t there?

The skill of knowing how to handle your own internal games is something called “intra-personal skills,” and it’s something I will touch on again in a minute

“Read My Lips –
No More Games!”

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I’m sick of all the games.

I bet you are, too, aren’t you? And you’re absolutely right to be sick of them.

There’s something else I want you to know that is VERY important

How you handle the social games people play will determine:

How much money you will make at your job

The quality of person you date and wind up marrying

How much fun you have when you go out with friends

The depth and intimacy you have in your relationships – with your family, your friends, and your lover

Your overall level of happiness, security, and confidence that you experience every day

Does that sound serious to you?

It should, because in nearly EVERY study performed on the happiest, the most successful, the most fulfilled people in the world, they all came back with the same finding, time after time after time.

Your level of:

*Financial success*
*Inner Fulfillment*
*Quality of Life*

and how attractive you are
to the opposite sex
is DIRECTLY related to
how strong your social skills are

This has nothing to do with genetics, intelligence, or the forces that you might think of as being “out of your control”

It really has nothing to do with upbringing or social status, either

In nearly every person with any great level of success and fulfillment in their lives, the only thing that mattered was how well they managed the other people in their lives.


I was blown away when I discovered that, and it really changed the way I looked at the world. For years I had believed that there were certain people who were just luckier than others, or just had the gift of “people skills”

I thought that was why some guys just got more women than others, and why some women are more successful with men. They must be smarter or better looking, and that’s why they got more dates than me.

I just accepted this belief that these people had something “special” – a natural talent that I didn’t have.

Every time I saw my friends being more successful with socializing, being more popular with other people – and the more that I didn’t make friends, or attract women, or make connections – the more I reinforced that false belief.

What I didn’t realize was that I was creating this flawed foundation upon which my entire social life – and even my dating life – was being built. It was shaky and unsteady, and it couldn’t possibly help me get the kind of lifestyle I wanted to live.


Did You Know?· If you’re a social introvert, that does not mean you’re shy and socially clueless it just means that you get your energy from being alone rather than being in a big group of people. Unfortunately, being an introvert can lead to being social handicapped later on, so its important to understand how to work with your personality type

· The worst thing you can do to a socially manipulative person is expose them. If you do, most often they will find a way to retaliate, or cause you even more problems down the road. Which is why you must know the strategies I teach to handle them

· There are only 6 types of social game player personalities, and that’s ALL. Once you learn what they are, you can avoid being manipulated or hurt, and you can almost always get to a winning solution for both of you

· If you understand these basic social skills, you create a “template” within your mind that allows you to handle any relationship – with any person


“Here’s Something Truly Unique
And Incredible For
Your Social Skills”

Until now, there was NOWHERE you could go to learn social skills and abilities like the ones I’ve discussed here.

You either had “it” or you didn’t and if you didn’t, the only way you could figure these skills out was to be as thick-skulled as I am and spend years figuring it all out on your own.

A moment ago I told you about how I managed to capture some of these “natural” people – the men and women that are socially successful in any situation. They are like chameleons, able to blend into any social situation and make it work for them.

Well, their knack for social power can also work for YOU.

I managed to capture their techniques and their social strategies for you to learn.

What I did was create a home-study audio program where you can learn these Power Social Skills in your car, on the bus, or anywhere you like.

I just put the finishing touches on a personal development program called the Power Social Skills – Social Dynamics” Program – where I will teach you how to handle or destroy any social games, avoid manipulation, identify the dangerous personalities out there, and get REAL & AUTHENTIC connection with just about anyone.

This program is the very first of its kind, designed from the ground up to help you overcome any of your social limitations and pull you out into the world like never before.

This program was created and structured to help you go from wherever you may be in your social abilities – from poor to average, or even good social ability – all the the way to COMPLETE SOCIAL MASTERY.

Unfortunately, most men and women NEVER learn more than a small fraction of the information that I’ve put together in this program – if they learn any of it at all.

Here Are The Specific Power Social Skills You’re Going to Learn in This Program:

MODULE 1 – Social Manipulation, Influence, & Games

  • Why you must unlock the hidden motivationbehind social dynamics and social games – or you are doomed to repeat them over and over again
  • Recognition Hunger– what it is – how you’re secretly being manipulated by it all the time – And how to get to the core of this drive to de-fuse your potentially devastating social ticking time-bomb
  • How “stroking” is used in conversation to influence you and steer your decision making – and how to spot it before someone brainwashes you into their goals
  • The definition of what “social games” are, how they’re structured, and how to prepare yourself to win in any social dynamics situation
  • 4 Secret Reasons people play games with you– What are gamers trying to get from you?
  • Understanding “The Prize” in each social situation – and how to identify it as quickly as possible so you don’t become the loser
  • The 7 Hidden Emotions that sell you, manipulate you, and influence you – how they work in almost every social situation
  • How to recognize when your built-in emotional triggers are being used, and how to put your “safety” on
  • The 7 Natural Inclinationsof humans that pull us into social dynamics and social games – You’ll learn the shared weaknesses that drive us into other people’s schemes
  • The 3 Critical Questionsto ask yourself to solve your manipulative dilemma – if you figure these out, no one can influence you against your will
  • The 2 covert forms of guilt that people use on you to get what they want, and how to avoid them before you fall victim to one of the most powerful manipulative tactics
  • The 2 Primary forms of mind control– and how they work on every person – even you
  • The 6 weapons of persuasive influence – and how people, companies, and the media use these on you EVERY SINGLE DAY
  • How to use the stealth skill of “redefinition” to avoid being played by others
  • How to get favors granted whenever you want – by knowing the right way to ask for them
  • The 3 Secret Symbols of Authoritythat we look for when we decide to obey other people – and how you can be fooled into trusting the wrong authority
  • The Hard-to-Get Gambit– why it works on you – why you love having options – and why those options trip you up before you realize what is happening
  • How your mind secretly changes and twists realityto make decisions for you without your understanding or consent
  • The secret reason why you believe certain kinds of gossip more than others – and how this is used as one of the most powerful manipulative strategies
  • 49 Undisclosed Warning signsof potential mental, verbal, and physical abuse – so you can know if you’re in a relationship that will serve you or hurt you over the long term – and so you can figure out quickly whether to stay or GET OUT

MODULE 2 – Quick Psychology

  • The 6-step Proven & Practical Methodto develop Basic Social Skills – so that you can feel confident in any social situation and understand all the complicated games that are going on in every conversation
  • How to demonstrate good listening ability – and the body language of strong social skills that you can use to impress others, establish strong rapport and connection with them, and get people feeling a sense of friendship with you
  • The 5 Sources of Frustrationin life and how we respond to them with social games
  • The 2 Types of Copingand the 9 Forms of Defense Mechanisms that we instinctually use to create social games – and how you can cut these reactions off in others so that you don’t have to get into manipulation
  • How we resolve our internal conflicts, and how other people secretly use this knowledge to game us into doing what they want
  • Learn how to understand problem personalities and how they strain our relationships – with friends, family, and especially with our intimate relationships
  • How we unknowingly self-deceiveand create games inside ourselves – How to identify the different kinds, and why you will probably never spot them on your own
  • The 5 Secret Inner Games you MUST knowand understand to avoid being gamed by other people
  • The 3 areas of your life you must be on your guard for self-deception so you don’t trick yourself into problems with other people
  • The 3 Critical Questionsyou must ask yourself to determine if you’re poisoning your ability to connect with others
  • The ONEhidden inner game that people play that can lead to illness and suffering if it isn’t controlled – HINT: Everyone does this!
  • The 2 Covert Forms of Social Aggressionand how you can recognize the one form that sneaks by most peoples defenses and radar
  • The Selective Inattention Game– how the game player passes right by the rules to get what they want from you
  • The 3 Proven Power Strategiesthat covert aggressors use on you and how they work to confuse you and further their agenda
  • How to handle extreme game-playing– emotional or verbal abuse that can threaten you mentally AND..
  • How to respond and handle any unhealthy verbal abuse to de-fuse the confrontation, shut down the game that’s being played, and keep yourself emotionally and physically SAFE
  • The 2 Zoneswhere you will likely experience problems from emotional mistreatment and games – how to spot them and how to avoid the problems in advance
  • The Hidden Penaltiesof handling the psychological pressure of an abusive relationship – how these high-stress situations take their toll on you mentally and physically
  • Where to apply your focus to keep your self-esteem healthyand not let other people drag your self-confidence down into the dirt
  • The 12 Secret Steps to dealing with abusive situationsso you’re not taken advantage of – and you don’t wind up in an unhealthy spiral of co-dependence and cooperative abuse

Get Carlos Xuma – Power Social Skills at the Courseavai

MODULE 3 – Verbal & Emotional Abuse – Bullies

  • The Cloaked Emotional Abuse Tactics you must recognize or you risk creating dysfunctional relationships
  • How to Find the Aggression Threshold– how people measure you up to see if you will take what they dish out
  • How an Abuser stays out of sight and undiscovered – How they get into your life and under your skin without detection – and how you will spot their stealth tactics from now on
  • The Concealed Helpless Defensean emotional abuser will use to get out of any trouble if they’re spotted, and how you can hold them accountable
  • Undermining relationships – The Animosity Tactic– how it works to erode the quality of your bond with others
  • The Vicious Gossip strategy– and how it works to not only secretly undermine your social network,but destroy your career!
  • The 7 Hidden Methodsyour social enemies use to gather dirt on you and learn what they need to cause you pain
  • The strongest way to make a vicious rumor stick – The Humorous Payoff methodthat keeps you from defending yourself This one is deadly and impossible to deal with unless you know their game
  • The 3 Secret Tacticsemotional abusers use to avoid blame and escape detection
  • The reactions that you must not showin response to a social abuser game
  • The “Helping” gamedisguise for playing and manipulation – how people win their games and get what they want by being the “good guy”
  • Emotional manipulation in relationships – how your partner can use insecurity, threats, and fear to control you
  • The healthyresponses to games and how to use them to resolve situations quickly and effectively and not sink to their level
  • The Key Signal Wordsto watch for from emotional abusers
  • How people abuse you with “logic”– especially in relationships – and how to keep a sane footing when you get pulled into an argument like this
  • The most unhealthy state for the human mind you MUSTavoid to create solid social skills
  • How to identify verbal assaultand how to handle it – from anyone – so that you come out on top
  • The incongruous signals of a verbal abuser – how you can be confused and confabulated by these people
  • The 6 Secret Forms of Verbal Abuse– How they sabotage relationships, destroy connection, divert and destroy communication, and play with your self-esteem
  • The 4 Signs of Bullies– how to know if you’re being pushed around by a strong personality – and how to push back!
  • The 4 Primary Types of Bullies– and how to recognize them and deal with each of their style of games
  • How to recognize game players and abusers ulterior motives on the job so that your career doesn’t suffer from their games
  • The 7 Bully Tacticsyou must watch out for – and how to recognize them

MODULE 4 – Manipulative People

  • How to recognize where assertivebehavior becomes abusive..
  • How manipulators keep us on the defense so that we can never get out of their games
  • How to recognize an aggressive agendafrom the innocent ones so you don’t assume the worst of good people
  • The difference between characterand personality and what you should recognize about each so that you’re not fooled by first impressions and you know who to trust
  • What reaction the manipulator needs from you to play their games – and how to avoid it so that you don’t get caught up in their hidden gambits
  • What a “neurotic” reallyis and how to recognize what they are trying to get from you
  • The 6 Characteristics of Neurotics– how to recognize them – and how to avoid mistaking them for “character disorders”
  • The 7 Types of problematic thinkingand how we use it to play social games with people
  • The 5 types of Aggressive Personalities– How to detect them and tell them apart – and how to handle them when you run into them – on the job, at home, or anywhere you go
  • The Secret 2 Step Processthat social manipulators use to avoid being caught – and pin the blame on others
  • The investment principle that keeps you in unhealthy relationships FARlonger than you should and if you learn this one rule, you’ll save yourself years of pain in sick relationships
  • What you don’tknow about “co-dependency” and the unknown facts you NEED to know that everyone else doesn’t
  • The 2 PRIMARY Relationship Personality Types– How this affects every romance you have – and which one of them are you?
  • How you become secretly “addicted” to people in your life – especially the person you may be romantically involved with
  • Why we get defensive and play defensive games – and how to avoid this trap in conversation and arguments
  • The “Good” type of Guilt, and how you can recognize it from the bad
  • The 14 Hidden Games and Tactics of the social manipulator– how to distinguish them and destroy them
  • The 5 Skillsto guard yourself against victimization behaviors from anyone you may meet
  • The 9 Tools of Personal Empowermentyou must use to handle social manipulators and game players to ensure that you end things on a positive note
  • The 4 Endings of ALL game types– and which outcome you must pursue at all costs

MODULE 5 – Mind Control & Emotional Vampires

  • What NLP– (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is about and how it works in social interactions
  • How marketers and stores influence you to buy more products and spend more money with them every time you shop
  • How you’ve already been “programmed” to respond and react to others and their social games – and you aren’t even aware of these secret “buttons”
  • How to elicit someone’s Hidden Values– the questioning process to find out what people are looking for, and how you can create that connection with them
  • How people manipulate you with your fear of lossand how to combat this so that you come from a place of abundance in mind and attitude
  • The I-You Shiftand how this secret technique is used to change your emotions and guide your experience
  • The 7 Human Needswe all share that other people use to manipulate us – but you can use to connect you to other people more effectively

MODULE 6 – Emotional Vampires – Part II

  • The Game of Drain– how people sap you of your happiness, your energy, and your will – and how to prevent it from happening to you
  • How to recognize a personality disorder when you encounter one in your friends, family, or romantic partner, and what you can do about it
  • The 5 Special Categories of emotional vampires– If you can recognize these, you will never be maneuvered by them again
  • The simple mistakes people make when they try to classify a personality problem – and how you can avoid it and figure people out faster
  • The 3 Essential Attitudesfor mentally healthy and mature adults – the ones to look for in others, and the ones to develop in yourself
  • How to spot an emotional drainer and stop them before they get to you
  • Ever meet someone that feels entitled to easy success?Ever meet someone who demands everything yesterday? Do you know someone who throws a tantrum when they don’t get their own way? Learn how to handle these situations when they happen to you – because they WILL
  • The 4 Hidden Warning Signs of mental manipulationand game playing that you must..
  • Learn the 4 Rulesof Manipulation – and how you can avoid their (usually) unavoidable outcome
  • The Clustering Strategyfor recognizing and identifying the social game players
  • The Warning Signsto identify the 5 Emotional Drainers – Key traits of these basic personality types that you must know to handle conversations and social situations without risk
  • The Grooming Process– how people slowly change you over time – and how to stop them from using this insidious method on you
  • Why men don’t understand women – and how to finally “get it” when it comes to the opposite sex
  • The undisclosed social game that is also the world’s most powerful aphrodisiac– how we drive up attraction with the most unhealthy of games
  • How exciting people keep cast their spell on us
  • The 7 Basic Patterns of Persuasion– How to know when someone is trying to change your mind or control you – learn the blueprint patterns
  • The 10 Secret Strategies to manage emotional vampiresand avoid being put under the control of a social game player
  • The Bully Rulethat you were taught that is the absolute WRONG thing to do
  • How to use the Pattern Interruptto break the bully’s game – every time
  • The essential technique to handle a high-emotion situation without losing your cool – or losing the game!
  • Hidden verbal strategiesfor managing the game player and winning
  • The vital step of de-fusing game playing that you must use – or you risk losing more than just the game!
  • The state of mind you must manage to function as a mature adult
  • The type of emotional drainer that is the life of the party – and how you might miss their influence on you until it’s too late
  • The “Ham” Game– and how this vampire stirs up trouble on the job with you
  • The one time you must NOTtry to handle a social game
  • The way to use redirection to your advantage and manage an emotional drainer
  • How to win the “crying game”
  • How to spot a “passive tantrum” when it happens and avoid the damaging after-effects
  • Secondary Game– How to spot when someone hides a game WITHIN a game – this one is tricky and deadly
  • The positive traits of the worst personalities so you don’t get fooled again
  • The most dangerous self-deception you will makeabout other people’s intentions – and how you can avoid it from ever happening in the first place
  • The 3 Secret Personality Qualitiesthat will give you success in life
  • The most lethalkind of relationship to get involved in – and if you’re with one of these personality types – watch out!
  • The emotional control game of IMPLOSION– how it works, and how to stay out of the damage path
  • The type of personality type that is the easiest to manipulate – is it you?
  • The Fast-seduction Trap– How we’re drawn into fast and emotionally unhealthy relationships
  • The “Good Deed” you must never try to do for someone with problems – And why it’s lethal to ..
  • The Disguised Seductive Personalitiesand why we are drawn in to them
  • The personality types that are most creative and influential
  • The 4 steps in “credit checking” crazy ideas to see if they’re for real or a waste of time
  • The types of ideas you must beware of at all costs
  • The most suspicious of all personality types– and what to watch out for if you’re in a relationship with them
  • Why you run into trust issues in your relationships– and other warning signals to watch out for
  • The 6 Rules of Engagementfor all dysfunctional personality games
  • The 3 Layers of Personalityclassification – figure out what drives your friends and family – and you!
  • The 8 Warning signs of a draining personalitythat you must watch for
  • How a manipulator will inoculate you and trick you
  • The Confusion Strategythat game players and manipulators use to draw you into helping them

MODULE 7 – Emotional Blackmail

  • The FOGof the manipulator – how people twist your emotions to get you to help them
  • 9 Secret Manipulation Indicators– if you see one or more of these signs – watch out!
  • 4 Hidden Fears of the Blackmailer-Why they do what they do – and how you can help them stop
  • 6 Indicators to watch for in emotional blackmail situations
  • The unknown relationship blackmail games you must avoid to have healthy connections with your friends and family
  • The Simple 4 step solutionto deal with any emotional blackmail games so you don’t get caught up in their games
  • The 4 Secret Signsthat someone is working with you and will solve the situation – and the 4 Signs that you’re wasting your time
  • The 4 Types of Emotional Blackmailersand the things they say that give them away
  • How to remove guiltas a manipulating tool that people can use to influence you
  • The power of the Spin Doctorand how they twist your reality around you
  • The hidden social dynamic that you help to create – without even knowing you’re doing this!
  • Hot-Button Theoryand how you are manipulated by these automatic mechanisms even when you know about them
  • How emotional game players “read” youand your personality to figure out where to play games
  • Your 5 Vulnerable Emotional Zones– and how others use them for games and to get what they want
  • How you create the emotional blackmail situations that spiral out of control..
  • Believe it or not, there’s a Healthy Sideto Emotional Blackmail – and you need to know how to use it for quality social interactions
  • The 8 Test Questionsto discover if you have the skills to resist emotional games and blackmail
  • “C&D”The 2 Secret Elements that make you unstable and vulnerable to manipulators
  • How you undermine your integrity without even knowing it – and how to stop
  • How to recognize when you’re living “under the influence” – of an emotional blackmailer!
  • The 2 Proven Stepsyou can use that leave Emotional Blackmailers dead in their tracks
  • The False Self-Help Tipthat you probably know about and use – but DOESN’T WORK and how to fix it
  • The 3 Step Process to handle all Emotional Game Situations
  • What to say to evade the pressure of an emotional demand from someone in your family
  • The Dangerous Emotional Triggerof all social pressure situations
  • Why you don’t react the right way to other people’s games – and how you are pushed into dysfunctional reactions
  • 8 Rules for Engagementfor an Emotional Blackmailer – know the rules of their battles and you can both win

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MODULE 8 – The Controller Personality

  • The Secret Vital Strategy for winning emotional confrontationsto defuse and avoid blowups
  • The Limp Effect– how to learn the 4 Hidden Warning signals that you are dealing with a controlling personality
  • The difference between opinionated people and controllers – how to tell them apart so you don’t make a social mistake
  • The 3 Harmful Behaviors that controllers use– and the beliefs that drive them
  • How Boundary Issues affect our social interactions – and how boundaries reallywork in the real..
  • The 4 Primary Functionsthat connect you to your sense of “self” – and how you disconnect from yourself to become helpless
  • Outside-in learning that reverses your confidence and belief in yourself – and how it works
  • How you become disconnected from yourselfand lose your certainty about your world and your choices
  • The 11 Signs of Separationthat threaten the controller – and how they keep you healthy
  • The Deadly game of Confabulation– how you create problems in your life and hold yourself back from achievment – the deadliest self-confidence game of all
  • How controllers influence other people to join them and help them in their dangerous games
  • Defining Statements– what they are, how they sound, and how to respond to them
  • The 6 Proven Power Strategies to evade the controller– and how you break free of their magic spell
  • Learn your strongest ally and best of self-defense against all controllers and manipulators

MODULE 9 – Authentic Connection – Victimization

  • Why do we play social games? The underlying ultimate source and reason we play social games
  • How to determine how genuine your connection with someone else really is so you can create lasting trust and relationships
  • The Four Get & Protect Behaviorsyou use to keep yourself ‘safe’ – but you really are using to ruin your attractiveness to other people
  • How people use their body language to play games
  • The Battery Concept– How fulfilled you feel and how capable you are of connection is determined by this one crucial factor
  • How to get a million dollars of emotional moneyin the bank so that you can be completely comfortable in any social situation
  • How to make the miraculous change from Irritationto Calm Acceptance in just 60 seconds
  • The 2 behaviorsthat irritate you about other people and block your ability to control and defuse social problems
  • Learn the emotional “hunger” of the victim and how to stop them from consuming YOU!
  • The emotional triggerthat turns people from friendly to selfish in a heartbeat
  • The 5 Common beliefs of the Victim
  • The “Follow the Chain” Exercise to get past your limiting pain and solve all your own games
  • The Truenature of Addiction and how victims are really just addicts
  • The 5 Ways to spot and identify victimsin your life and workplace
  • The 8 Rules of engagementwith victims

MODULE 10 – Social Games I

  • The 5-Step method to handle any social game you encounter
  • How to avoid victimizing yourself
  • The 21 Question Testto find out where you might be victimized in your life by your family, job, authority, organizations – and it is probably happening right now
  • How to summon the courage you need in a group situation to stand up for yourself
  • The 5 Secret Strategies to operate from personal power in your life and avoid being pulled into games
  • How predators relate to emotional games and how they learn to read us and find our hidding hot-buttons
  • Learn the 4 Hidden Intentions that drive social games– who uses them – and when you learn them you’ll be able to manage any social conflict or tension situation
  • The 7 Types of Games and Who Plays them
  • And More Games Exposed see the list below

MODULE 11 – Social Games II

  • The different types of parents you may have had – and how you learned theirtricky social games
  • How to recognize the hidden signs of a good liarand spot their games they use to evade detection
  • How to spot a lie in process – and how to question a liar to expose it
  • What NOTto do if you think you’re being lied to – and this is the big mistake that most people make without realizing what they’re doing
  • The 7 Secret Manipulators that game players use to influence you
  • How to recognize the 3 kinds of social teasing – and which one is most harmful to you
  • The Apology Game: How to tell a GENUINEapology from the one that’s a game
  • The Alone Dilemma– When you understand this principle it will set you free from manipulation in relationships
  • How you are robbed of your identity, your confidence, your happiness, and your self-esteem by this self-imposed game
  • The smoke screen a social gamer uses to keep the focus off their behavior and keep you in the victim role
  • The clever things people say to manipulate you by comparison games and how to uncover them
  • How your managers on the job manipulate you with “group logic”
  • The Power Skill of Quiet Effectiveness– and how we’re manipulated by our own accomplishments
  • Why you can never “demand” fair treatment – and what you need to do instead to get what you want from others
  • The Immediate Recognition strategyto short-circuit any game or emotional reaction
  • And More Games Exposed see the list below

MODULE 12 – Social Games III

  • The killer technique to destroy any game and turn the game player around to your side
  • How victims play the Game of Black & White
  • The “Un-Winnable” terrainyou must never explore with the game player
  • And More Games Exposed see the list below

MODULE 13 – Social Games IV

  • How to tell if you’re afraid of success – or failure and how to get past this stumbling block in your life
  • 5 Secret Reasons you shy away from riskin your life and how to stop running
  • Why people flake out on their plans with you for no reason– and how to protect yourself so that you’re not the one being hurt by their inconsideration
  • What to do when you’re pulled into a forced choiceso that you don’t end up making a mistake you’ll wind up regretting
  • How to handle people when they try to play with you using teasing and mocking ploys
  • How to handle people that go crazy on you– how to handle the Grenade Launcher
  • More Games Exposed see the list below

MODULE 14 – Social Games V

  • The Emotional Limbo Game– How we get caught up in drama and emotional games by chasing our feelings – And the Proven 4 Step Process for breaking free of any emotional paralysis
  • Strategies for handling games without reprisal, rejection, or losing friendships along the way
  • More Games Exposed see the list below

MODULE 15 – Sales Tricks – Conversational Strategi

  • How to spot the most underhanded and devious of all psychological gamesand never fall for them
  • How stores and marketers use hidden psychological games to get you to spend your money with them..
  • Including: The Hopscotch, the Boomerang, irrational pricing, the Jumble, the Mirror Effect, the Zones, the Tile Trick, the “Eye Level” trick, and more
  • How grocery stores organize their products to get you to buy more..
  • The colors that make you buy more
  • How advertisers secretly manipulate what you see to their advantage
  • How companies herd and steer you to buy more than you intend to when you’re in their stores..
  • The Unbelievable “Blockbuster” Trick that gets you to rent bad movies and make bad choices..
  • The Tricks of Casino Psychology– How the casinos use the latest psychological tricks on you – and how they manipulate your senses to get your money..
  • Including: The Funnel of Control, The Loose Slots ploy, and how these techniques are even used in retail stores
  • Learn the Secret Tactics car salesmen use to play games with you
  • The Bait & Switch – how unscrupulous stores get you to pay more..
  • The Hidden “Wear You Down” Game– how it works to trick you into buying – and why you won’t walk away from them..
  • The Extended Warranty Game– How it works for you – or against.
  • The Add-up Mistake Game– How sales people get you to agree and buy more than you want
  • How car dealers use NLP to slip under your radar..
  • The Secret 7 Steps of Car Sales- How they work in a progression to get your money and in that car
  • How to Combat the Negative Strategies with “White Hat” Social Skills.
  • 3 Proven Conversational Strategies– The essential tools you must have for authentic social interactions
  • How men and women work againsteach other for their needs to get connection..
  • How to qualify your date to screen out the bad candidates – without the games
  • The red flags to watch for in your social dynamics that tell you when to pay attention – something is not right!
  • How to handle a conversation when the other person is reluctant, resistant, or downright disrespectful and how to come out with your own dignity intact..
  • Carlos’ recommended books and resourcesfor case studies and continued learning about social game playing

“Here Are The Kinds of Social Games You’ll Learn About In This Social Dynamics Program:”

Games Lovers Play

Games Friends Play

Games Enemies Play

Games Families Play

Games Coworkers Play

Games From Authority

Games You Play With Your Own Head – Self-esteem and Inner Games

You’ll learn how to SEE the games when they appear, UNDERSTAND how the social dynamics work, KNOW what the other person is trying to accomplish with the game, have the RIGHT WORDS to say to them, and ACHIEVE REAL CONNECTION with them

One thing I wanted when I was working hard on my social skills was a playbook that would just explain all the ways we play each 0ther when we’re in conversations

Or with our families

Or at parties

Or at work

The list goes on and on.

But I couldn’t find a book even remotely like this ANYWHERE. No self-help book had anything like it, or any of the tape and CD programs I got.

So I made one myself.

In fact, in my Power Social Skills program, I devoted 5 whole hours to cover all the tricky tactics and devices people will use to influence you and turn you around. When I let a few of my friends listen to them, every one of them said they would have paid anything to get this kind of priceless information.

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