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If you have ever felt frustrated that you can’t figure out how to actually have a profitable blog…

If you’ve ever wondered how people make a part-time or full-time income from blogging…

If you’ve ever wished you could figure out how to quit your job and replace that income with blogging…

If you have a blog set up and running and you’re ready to start getting paid for your time and effort…


I’m here to help!

I get it — and I was once where you are. I was trying to figure out how on earth I could make a part-time or full-time income from home so I could stay home with my first baby.

The only problem was, we were living on a super tight budget and I didn’t have any extra money to invest in courses or classes or fancy software or systems. So I had to learn how to do it all myself and find creative ways to do things on our tiny budget.

Fast forward a number of years (14+ since I first started blogging!) and my husband is now home full-time, my blog earns 7 figures every year, we are completely debt-free (including our house!), we get to travel regularly, and give generously to causes we believe in.

All because of my blog. And I did all of this on a shoestring budget — without a college degree, without a marketing background, and without spending thousands of dollars on coaches, programs, or software.

I want to help you do the same!




Wake up everyday and earn passive income from your blog?


Be able to work from anywhere you can get wi-fi?


Experience more wiggle room in your budget to pay down debt, save more aggressively, or give more generously?


Have a steady income sharing what you are passionate about?

comp bulb

Blogging Isn’t Dead!

So many people believe that blogs are no longer relevant or profitable. But I’m here to tell you that is just not the truth at all.

Let me be clear, since I first started back in 2005, blogging has changed a LOT. (Imagine trying to build a blog without Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Instagram! Back in the day, we had to rely on commenting on other blogs and guest posting for people to actually find us on the internet!)

Yes, it’s a very different online world these days, but it is still very possible to make good income from blogging. In fact, advertisers and companies are spending millions of dollars each year in online advertising campaigns.

Plus, blog readers are even more willing than they used to be to buy digital products — because that’s how they consume much of their media now anyway!

There is no better time to monetize your blog than NOW!


Every week, I receive messages from my followers asking questions on how to take their blog to the next level. I want to help each and every person, but it would be impossible to offer one-on-one coaching to each of my followers. In fact, I could try, but I’d never sleep or eat or see my family!

But if I had the chance to sit down with you one-on-one, this course teaches you everything I would want to share.

It’s for someone who has their blog set up, who is regularly blogging, but who can’t figure out how to actually start making a part-time or full-time income from blogging.

It’s for the person who is tired of spending hours of time blogging and seeing no income for all their time invested. It’s for the person who doesn’t have money to invest in expensive software or programs and who just wants to figure out how to actually start making a true part-time (or full-time!) Income from blogging.




This is the most comprehensive course I’ve ever created. It’s packed with practical, step-by-step help and ideas, hands-on tutorials, and worksheets.

Every word was written by me — which means that it’s not going to be techie language you can’t understand. Because if you’ve been following me for more than a minute, you know I’m not a techie person!


In this course, I will teach you:

Why you need both passive and active blogging income (and how to set up both!)

What ad networks you should join and how to get started earning while you sleep.

How I effectively use affiliate marketing to earn thousands each month.

My best tips and strategies for effectively promoting referral and affiliate links.

Where to find real, legit sponsored post opportunities and my well-tested formula to determine how much you should actually charge for these.

Simple ways to create and sell ebooks — with very little cash outlay to create them.

Other proven income-earning ideas you should consider to boost your blog’s profit.

What types of affiliate disclosures and privacy policies you need to have in place to follow the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.

How to track your blog income and follow legal requirements for blog posts.

My favorite affiliate companies — and the best ones to get started with.

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t have a blog set up yet. (Take my free blogging class if you want my help with that!)
  • You already make $200 or more per month from blogging. (If you already make $200 per month from blogging, you qualify to join my Mastermind program. Go check it out here.)
  • You are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme.
  • You aren’t willing to invest some time and effort before you start to see steady results.

This course IS for you if:

  • You have a blog set up and know the basics of how to post.
  • You are ready to start making money from your blog.
  • You want to learn from someone who has been earning a full-time income from blogging for years.
  • You’re not looking to invest a bunch of money into extra programs and software — you want to start making money in the next few weeks!

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Crystal Paine – Monetize Your Blog
Crystal Paine – Monetize Your Blog

$37.00 $15.00

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