David Steele – How to Confidently Write An Amazing Query Letter That Will Get Your Book Published

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“Discover The Missing Ingredient That Will Practically Force Publishing Houses To Push Your Manuscript To The Front of The Line To Get Published…Guaranteed!”
…And It’s Easier Than You Think!
To Every Struggling Writer…I Have To Tell You The Ugly Cold Nasty Truth: 

 “You’ve Been Lied To…”
It’s true. I’ll admit it.
At this very moment there are some so called ‘writing gurus’ who have no other motive than to get you to buy their overpriced – under achieving course with their hypnotic ways of having you under their spell…
It’s Sorcery.
Don’t think so?


OK, let’s see…

You’ve probably spent a couple of bucks or thousands on some of those courses right?

And rightfully so.

I’m sure they promised you all of your dreams would come true with getting your book published if you just followed their ‘easy’ system.

Honestly. It’s sickening.

Why? Because they made it seem that you wouldn’t be able to get your booked published or even reviewed WITHOUT THEM.

And that’s why I’m saying you’ve been lied to.

The truth is, ANYONE…and I do mean ANYONE can now use a simple method to boost their chances of getting their manuscript published.

And yes, I’m talking to you!
If You Can Follow This Simple Paint By Numbers System…Then You Can Finally Move Closer To Getting Your Writings Published!

I’m David Steel and I’d like to show you a simple, but effective way to skyrocket your chances of success when it comes to getting your book published.

But first, I want to level with you:

Trying to get your book published is tough!

There’s no doubt, it’s probably the most difficult hurdler for any aspiring writer to master.

Frankly, getting your book published and on the market isn’t something you can’t fake.

Of course, some people will tell you can do fine without using this one ingredient to make publishing houses practically line up to publish your work.

WRONG!  Just because some stuffed shirt guru who makes more money selling his courses than his actual writing tells you this – doesn’t mean it’s true.

And I should know because I’ve spent a ton of all types of courses!

However, the big problem is most books and courses on the subject of getting your work published are filled with tons of fluff and filler, but not enough actual meat and simple instructions to help you get your work out there.

You practically have to be a brain surgeon to figure it all out.
Sound at all familiar?

But now there’s good news!…

Recently, I decided enough was enough.

I wanted to put together a bonafide tried and true resource that not only provides the missing ingredient in getting your work published, but also allows ANY ASPIRING WRITER WITH BIG DREAMS the level playing field to do so.

And today, I’m going to share that resource with you.
Now You Can Discover…

“How to Confidently Write An Amazing Query Letter That Will Get Your Book Published”
Don’t Even Think of Submitting Your Manuscript Without This Resource!
This newly released work called “How to Confidently Write An Amazing Query Letter That Will Get Your Book Published” is the quickest and easiest way to learn what it takes to get your work finally in the hands of the people who can bring your work to the masses.
Everything You Need To Write An Amazing Query Letter Is Included And All Ready To Go!
Inside this magnificent resource you’ll get your easy to follow along pdf guide, worksheet checklists, and take on the go audio mp3’s.

Absolutely everything any aspiring writer would ever need to be successful at getting their work published.
Here’s a detailed look at what’s included:
The “How to Confidently Write An Amazing Query Letter That Will Get Your Book Published” PDF Guide
  • o Chapter 1: Preparing to Write your Query
  • o Chapter 2: The Four Basic Components of a Query Letter
  • o Chapter 3: Formatting your Query
  • o Chapter 4: The Body of Your Query Letter
  • o Chapter 5: Query Letter Red Flags
  • o Chapter 6: Things to Keep in Mind
  • o Chapter 7: Examples of Good Query Letters
  • o Chapter 8: The Agents’ Thoughts on Querying
  • o Chapter 9: Top Query Letter Mistakes
  • o Chapter 10: Blogs You Can Follow for Advice/Recommendations
  • o Chapter 11: Summary
Four Easy To Follow Along Worksheets
  • o Character Development Worksheet
  • o Character Traits and Qualities Worksheet
  • o Planning Worksheet
  • o Setting Worksheet
53 Take On The Go Audio MP3’s
  • o 1. Intro (Free Gifts)
  • 2. How To Write An Amazing Query Letter
  • 3. Introduction
  • 4. It Has Been Said
  • 5. Chapter 1 – Preparing To Write Your Query
  • 6. Begin With The Right Mindset
  • 7. Know and Research Your Genre
  • 8. Define Your Goals For Success
  • 9. Chapter 2
  • 10. Component 1 – Opening Lines
  • 11. Component 2 – Synopsis
  • 12. Component 3 – The Author Bio
  • 13. Component 4 – State Your Appreciation
  • 14. Chapter 3 – Formatting Your Query
  • 15. Can I Send A Handwritten Query?
  • 16. What Font Should I Use?
  • 17. Margin Spacing
  • 18. Agent Information
  • 19. Date
  • 20. Closing
  • 21. Envelope
  • 22. What Is The Standard Format For Email Queries?
  • 23. Chapter 4 – The Body of Your Query Letter
  • 24. Personalizing Your Query
  • 25. The Hook
  • 26. Key Elements of Your Bio
  • 27. Publication Credits
  • 28. Work Career
  • 29. Writing Credibility
  • 30. Special Research
  • 31. Yourself
  • 32. Things Not To Mention
  • 33. Closing Your Letter Professionally
  • 34. Chapter 5 – Query Letter Red Flags
  • 35. Chapter 6 – Things To Keep In Mind
  • 36. Can I Compare Myself To Another Author?
  • 37. If Email Queries Are Allowed
  • 38. How Soon Should I Follow Up?
  • 39. Should I Refer Agents To My Website?
  • 40. Should I Send A Synopsis?
  • 41. How To Find Agents
  • 42. Chapter 7 – Examples of Good Query Letters
  • 43. Chapter 8 – The Agents Thoughts on Querying
  • 44. Should You Mention That You Have
  • Self Published?
  • 45. What If You Are Writing A Book That Doesn’t
  • Fall Into One Specific Genre?
  • 46. How Many Query Rejections Would Necessitate A
  • Major Overhaul?
  • 47. Can Your Query Be More Than One Page?
  • 48. If An Agent Doesn’t Request It
  • 49. How Do You Follow Up With An Agent?
  • 50. Chapter 9 – Top Query Letter Mistakes
  • 51. Common Phrases Authors Should Not Include
  • 52. Chapter 10 – Blogs You Can Follow
  • 53. Chapter 11 – Summary
And if you ever get stuck, you’ll get dynamic 100% satisfaction customer support ASAP!
Salepage: https://specialaccess.clickfunnels.com/query-salesb
Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/d5GcM

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David Steele – How to Confidently Write An Amazing Query Letter That Will Get Your Book Published
David Steele – How to Confidently Write An Amazing Query Letter That Will Get Your Book Published

$27.00 $11.00

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