David Steele – How to Write Best Selling Scary Stories and Scenes

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“The Secret Manifesto Teaches Even The Most Underwhelmed Writers To Create Scary Stories & Scenes That Will Make Your Audiences Scream For Their Mommy!”
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Your Latest Scary Story Called. It Said That You Couldn’t Scare A Schizophrenic Nervous Cat…
Let me ask you a question.

Do you continually find yourself trying to write the next “Shining” or “Pet 
Sematary” only to end up with something that more closely resembles a
Power Puff Girl villain?
I know how you feel. Honestly I do.

See, to be able to get inside the heads of your audience while they read your books and give them that feeling of hair standing up on their backs is not a small feat to master.

To be truthful, it’s something that you just can’t fake.
Stephen King Knows The Secret. 

 Now You Can Too!

Stephen King has sold over 350 million copies of his

And many of them have been made into feature films, television shows, miniseries, and comic books.

In total Stephen King has published 54 novels including seven under the pen name Richard Bachman as well as six non fictional books.

In other words, when someone sells 350 million copies of their work…you listen!
So what separates you from having the same, similar, or even a fraction of the success that Stephen King and other similar authors have had in creating scary stories and scary scenes?

Simple. They know something you don’t.

And I’m not talking about the normal stuff like, “It all started one rainy night,” or “Instantly he was transformed into something hideous”…

It’s more than that.

Much more, but not too hard that you can’t grasp it. You’ve probably just been overlooking this missing piece.

Ghouls, Goblins, and Ghost…Oh My!
Now let me ask you another question.

Have you ever had a nightmare? I’m sure you have, but can you remember it in detail? Some yes, others no right? 

But what about the ones that stick with you? I’m talking about the ones where someone or something is chasing you and you can’t breathe or speak or you’re falling to a helpless death?

Just the thought right now is sending chills up your spine right?

Now for a moment…think on that feeling…the fear…the horror…the panic…
Got it? Good. Because that’s what I’m going to teach you how to use in my new resource that will finally let you go from wimpy scary story author to a tried and true scream generating factory.

Honestly, It could take you years and can cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right combinations that make some scary stories work – while others fall flat on their face.

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with just the right methods and formulas, you can now have it inside a new offer called: 

“How to Write Best Selling Scary Stories

 and Scenes!”
The Ultimate Guide To Bringing The Best Out In Your Thrillers, Horrors, and Other Fiction Writing Material

Don’t Even Think of Creating Your Next Scary Story or Scene Without This Resource!
I’ve spent countless hours frustrated with trying to write the perfect stories that excite and thrill the reader only to end up with squat and have to start again.

But with my persistence came a breakthrough. And I’d like to help you take the shortcut and shorten your learning curve to writing scary stories and scenes exponentially.

I’ll show you things like:
  • How to provoke these two emotions that will have your reader choked up and so frightened that they’ll jump at the drop of a pin! (page 5)
  • Four basic tips I always use to help me write scenes that shock the heck out of the reader! (page 19) 
  • The one thing you must build to make sure your scary story and scene doesn’t end anti-climactic. (page 10) 
  • The right way to put your techniques into practice. (page 7) 
  • The best way to create believable characters right from the start that makes your audience actually believe these people exist! (page 9) 
  • And so much, much more… 
I could go on and on, but why don’t I just show you what all you’ll receive in the “How To Write Scary Stories and Scenes” resource when you order today:
Click Here to Get Instant Access
The How To Write Scary Stories and 

Scenes PDF Guide
This guide is filled to the brim with tips, strategies, formulas, and methods for creating the next bestselling scary story and scene while at the same time able to be digested in one sitting.

Yep. You won’t have to spend the next month spending countless hours while going through useless pages of fluff and drivel. Everything is laid out in an easy to follow outline like you see below:
Chapter 1: Evoking Suspense and Anxiety
Chapter 2: Eliciting Horror and Panic
Chapter 3: Putting Your Techniques into Practice
Chapter 4: How to Create Believable Characters  
Chapter 5: Building Expectation
Chapter 6: How to Write a Good Scary Scene
Chapter 7: Tips to Remember
Four Easy To Follow Worksheets
While the pdf guide alone is incredible, I’ve also taken the liberty of giving you 4 additional super charged worksheets that will help you work through your ideas and get on the move to creating scary stories and scenes fast!
– Scary Scenes Worksheet 1
– Scary Scenes Worksheet 2
– Scary Scenes Worksheet 3 
– Scary Scenes Worksheet 4
Take on The Go Audio MP3’s
With this audio set, you’ll be able to learn how to write scary scenes and stories at any time.

Take them in the car, at the gym, or even at the grocery store and learn the steps and formulas in this resource whenever you want.
1 – How to write scary scenes
2 – Introduction
3 – Chapter 1 Evoking Suspense and Anxiety
4 – Chapter 2 Eliciting Horror and Panic
5 – Chapter 3 Putting Your techniques Into Practice
6 – Chapter 4 How to Create Believable Characters
7 – Chapter 5 Building Expectation
8 – Chapter 6 How to Write a Good Scary Scene
And if you ever get stuck, you’ll get dynamic 100% satisfaction customer support ASAP!
Click Here to Get Instant Access
Any One Of These Strategies Could  Literally Shoot Your Book Sale Profits Through The Roof! 
Now, just imagine if you started making only a handful of these tactics work for you.

How much more money and notoriety would that be to your bottom line? 

Listen, aren’t you sick and tired of working your tail off every day to try and write best selling scary stories and scenes… but with less and less to show for it day in and day out (and with only more of the same in sight). 

That’s why, getting ‘How To Write Scary Stories and Scenes’ is your answer. And there’s one big secret… 

Doing the same thing is only going to get you more of the same results. You need something  different (and proven to work). 

This resource is unlike anything you’ve ever been exposed to. You won’t find this information reading writing journals, attending industry conferences or from any course you’ll ever take.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Everything is ready for you, absolutely turn-keyed, and all laid-out for you step-by-step.
Authors & Writers Over and Over Have
Succeeded With These Methods and Formulas…
Are You Next? 
You really won’t find a better resource that lays everything out for you step by step.

With the ‘How To Write Best Selling Scary Scenes and Stories’ training course, you’ll take your writing from so-so struggling pretend writer to straight up sought out author!

But I hear you saying, “so how much is this going to cost me?”

Well that’s where you’re wrong. It’s an investment.

Let’s say that I could go back in time and save you all the 10’s of thousands of dollars you spent on meaningless courses just to finally find what you were looking for…if I did, how much would that be worth to you?
$997? $497? $297?

Heck, if you only generated $20,000 from your book sales with the information inside this incredible resource then even charging $197 or would be a steal of a deal.

Especially when you could generate that over an over with each scary story because you’d have the ‘recipe’ for scary story success.

But it’s not going to be anywhere near that price.

Remember, this is an investment and it’s a good thing for you that I’m going to put this offer in reach of anyone who wants to truly succeed with writing scary stories and scenes.

That’s why you can get the ‘How To Write Best Selling Scary Stories and Scenes’ training course for the low investment of only $27.

Yep. You read that correctly.

And that’s not even the half of it. Just to show you that I don’t skimp on quality or giving you everything you need for success, I’m going to sweeten the deal even more…
Click Here to Get Instant Access
Snatch Up These One of a Kind Bonuses When You Take Action Today At No Extra Cost.

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David Steele – How to Write Best Selling Scary Stories and Scenes
David Steele – How to Write Best Selling Scary Stories and Scenes

$27.00 $11.00

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