David Steele – How To Write Fight Scenes That Will Make Your Characters Come Alive

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Are you still struggling to write fight scenes that will have your audience hanging off of their seats?
Former Struggling Author Reveals How To Exponentially Increase The Awesome Factor Of Your Characters’ Fight Scenes Starting In The Next 7 Days…
Learn How To Create Incredible Fight Scenes That Will Fill Your Audience With Awe All With A Simple But Revolutionary Course 
If you’re trying to write fight scenes that make audiences ooh and ahh, you’re probably finding out it isn’t nearly as easy as they make it seem, is it?

You know who ‘they’ are right?
It’s the so called writing gurus who swear that their ‘secret formula’ will practically write awesome fight scenes for you.

Yeah, I know. You’re frustrated because it was nothing like they said it was right.

Let me see if this is correct.

You have:
  • Tried other methods.
  • Tried following other so called gurus.
  • Purchased useless course after useless course. .. and they all left you with frustrating results.
But There Is Good News!
Hey there,

My name is David Steel and yes, I know exactly how you’re feeling.

These days, I’ve managed to achieve quite a bit of success… I’m able to create amazing fight scenes on demand, which lets me also sell more copies of my books.

And I’m very lucky in that by using my method I discovered for building incredible fight scene plots, I can now build a larger following who can’t wait for my next novel to come out.

But I’ll be honest…
Things Definitely Didn’t Start Out This Way…
Before I ever achieved even a tiny taste of success, there were a lot of roadblocks. So many times I was ready to throw in the towel.

When I first started out, I didn’t know how to properly create the fight scenes that would leave my audience on edge.

See, I was afraid I would continue to flop with my character’s fight scenes over and over, and I didn’t have the right know how and tools to get the job done.

None of it worked out for me and I just ended up ready to quit, thinking I would never be able to write fight scenes that makes my books ready for the big screen.

Of course, you know exactly what I’m talking about, right?

Does any of this sound familiar?
  • You’ve tried other methods which just resulted in characters fights that seemed bland.
  • You’ve tried following other so called gurus which led to failure after failure of writing fight scenes for characters.
  • You’ve purchased useless course after useless course which just ended up in emptying your wallet with little to no results.
Just Before I Was Ready To Give Up, The Light Bulb Went Off.  I Had That ‘A-Ha!’ Moment Which Changed Everything…
You can only run into so many walls before you get so frustrated that the only option left seems to be quitting.

I was just about at that point when I was wondering what exactly would it take to create amazing fight scenes for the characters of my books.

As soon as I discovered this, everything instantly got easier.
With this amount of success, I knew I couldn’t keep it on lockdown.

Since then, I’ve run into multiple others who encountered the same, never-ending battle I went through. And it seemed pretty unfair to keep it to myself… especially since it’s been such a huge stepping stone in my success.

So I’d like to let you in on the “secret.”

How To Write Fight Scenes That Will Make Your Characters Come Alive!
The Special Course That Will Help You

To Write AMAZING Fight Scenes That Make For Excitable Characters Starting Within The Next 7 Days.
So what exactly is this going to do for you? 

Can a simple course really turn everything around for you?

Yes. Yes it can.
Here’s How How To Write Fight Scenes Will Benefit You:
  • You’ll receive the step by step method to creating awesome fight scenes easily: This is good for you because now you can go from novice to pro and make your existing or next book come alive with incredible fight and actions scenes.
  •  I don’t leave any stone unturned. Everything I use, every trick, method, and strategy is yours for the taking…legally steal it if you want to!
  • This is easy to follow and helps get results: This a good thing because now you’ll know EXACTLY what to do without any guesswork. Plain and simple, this is the exact same method I use to create awesome fight scenes: 

    All the audios, pdf guide, and worksheets you’ll ever need are included: This is great because I’ve laid the exact system out for you that you’ll need to succeed at writing amazing fighting scenes.

    Here they are in more detail… 
The How To Write Fight Scenes That Will Make
Your Characters Come Alive PDF Guide
This step by step guide will guide you through the obstacles that most aspiring authors come up against when trying to create fight scenes that wow audiences. Everything you need is included.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

• How to use violence for             characterization
• What makes a fight scene         entertaining
• Female fight scenes
• Fight scene locations
• Weapons 

• Fight scene dialogue 
• Group vs. solo fights
• Structure
• Battles
• Genres
• Armor protection
• The Final Fight
Four Easy To Follow Worksheets
While the pdf guide can stand without any other input, I’ve ramped things up with 4 extra super high octane worksheets that will help you quickly learn how to create amazing fight scenes that make your characters come alive guaranteed!
This is what you’ll get today:
– Fight Scene Worksheet 1
– Fight Scene Worksheet 2 

Salepage: https://specialaccess.clickfunnels.com/fightscenes-salesb
Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/gKGTM

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David Steele – How To Write Fight Scenes That Will Make Your Characters Come Alive
David Steele – How To Write Fight Scenes That Will Make Your Characters Come Alive

$27.00 $11.00

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