David Steele – The Complete Writer’s Guide To Writing Character Emotions and Expressions

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“Here’s The #1 Easy-Peasy-Fresh-and-Squeezy Guide To Writing Amazing Character Emotions and Expressions Like A Bawwss!” 
Dear Fellow Writer,

I’m quite sure that you’re not reading this page by mistake.

I’m not going to get all hokey-pokey and claim that ‘fate’ brought you here, but rather something more powerful than fate.


You have a desire to create incredible writing works that people totally gush over and if you can earn a nice nest egg in the process, that would be great.

Am I right or am I right?

We both know I am, but we both also know another truth:

Trying to succeed with this whole ‘writing thing’ can be tough!

There seems to be so many moving parts and so many talking heads about what you should and shouldn’t be doing that it can be more confusing than trying to fit a square peg into a round hole!

But if I had to tell you to focus somewhere and get good at this one skill, it would be developing your characters.

True, there are other elements that come into play like scenery and more, but if your characters can’t connect with your audience and make them feel what the fictional character feels, then you’re dead in the water before you even get started. 

Finished. Finito. Game Over.

This is what was a major game changer for me. Once I discovered a couple of key elements to boost my characters’ personality and like-ability, then I began to sell tons of books through self-publishing.
Believe It or Not, I Use To Fail With My Characters Miserably…
I don’t like to brag, but with the profits I make from my books through self-publishing, I’ve been able to do things that most can’t and live a life that most only dream about.

Things like travel the world, go on exotic adventures, cruises, spend time with family, and more. And that’s all due to my successful book publishing empire.

But it wasn’t always this way.

When I first started out, my characters probably had less personality than a sloth on a hot day!

Yep. It was horrible. Honestly, it was really frustrating because I really wanted this to work.
But One Day, Something Changed…And Skyrocketed My Success Like Crazy!
You know they say if you want a certain result then you need to model the result and people who are achieving those results.

So that’s what I began to do. I studied people who were successful at self-publishing novels and other works and began to apply it to my own writing.

But there was one thing that stood out more than anything. Honestly, I believe this one thing accounts for much of the success of a book’s possibility to become a best seller.

You might be asking, what is that one thing?

Well, honestly it’s a couple of things, but they go together like a hand in glove.

If you can master this, you’re well on your way to creating successful works EVERY…SINGLE…TIME.

But there is a catch.

See, while I studied and picked up these exact items that are needed for any book to have a chance at success, I’ll also admit that getting this information right and getting it in the right sequence wasn’t easy.

I had to piece it together and spend thousands of dollars to learn the right formula.

But, I’ve put all of my knowledge on the matter into an easy to follow game plan that will help you cut through learning curve of these two items like a hot knife to butter.

The Complete Writer’s Guide To Writing Character Emotions and Expressions
The Complete Writer’s Guide To Writing Character Emotions and Expressions course includes an easy to follow downloadable pdf guide, 4 step by step worksheets, and 16 take on the go audio mp3’s that’s designed specifically to help you create amazing character expressions and emotions.

These two items are critical to making any book come alive and if you don’t know how to shape these and manipulate them to your will, then your book will stay on the shelf no matter physical or digital.

But with this resource in hand, you’ll know EXACTLY how to create characters’ emotions that can make people laugh, cry, and sympathize with a fictional character who isn’t even real, but people bet their life they are!
As A Matter of Fact, It’s The #1 Resource Available That Helps Anyone Write Character Emotions and Expressions That Connects With Audiences and Turns Them Into Raving Fans!
Here’s Just A Few of The Things You’re Learn…
  •  How to use the A’s of emotion to bring your character to life
  •  What strategies are available when you want to have emotion, but    without any verbal communication
  •  The key to using the L’s of emotion to generate feelings of loneliness
  •  The W’s, S’s, F’s of emotion
  •  And so much more…
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Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/jcgVI

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David Steele – The Complete Writer’s Guide To Writing Character Emotions and Expressions
David Steele – The Complete Writer’s Guide To Writing Character Emotions and Expressions

$27.00 $11.00

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