Digital DJ Tips – DJing Livestreaming Made Easy

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The first ever DJ livestreaming course, giving you everything you need to livestream your DJ sets like a pro, and stand out from the crowd…
  • How to produce professionalgood looking and great sounding DJ livestreams that get you noticed
  • How anyone can get great results using little more than a smartphone – now there’s no excuse not to livestream your bedroom sets!
  • How, using just the laptop you already DJ with and a webcam or two, you can make your DJ livestream shows look just like those of the pros
  • How to set up a full-on livestream studio, including lights, cameras, dedicated broadcast computer, green screen , broadcast hardware and software, and more
  • How to use industry-standard livestreaming software like OBS, Streamlabs, Ecamm Live, Larix Broadcaster and others
  • How to add chat commentsDJ logossocial media overlayspre-recorded video and more to your streams
  • Which platforms to use to broadcast safely without copyright issues​- avoiding stream takedowns, audio muting and getting banned
  • How to build an audiencekeep them engaged and have them coming back for more
  • The trick to getting amazing sound WITHOUT an audio interface – and what audio interface to choose if you decide you do want one
  • All the right accessories to buy – micstripodscablesadaptors
  • Must-have apps for webcam controlinternet sandboxinginternal audio routingremote cameras controlDJ software screencasts
  • How to test your wifi, ethernet or 4G connection ahead of time so you can set your software up to be sure of a smooth, buffer-free broadcast
  • How to master the technical stuff – RTMPstream keysbitratesresolutionskeyframes etc are all made easy for you
  • How to stream to YouTubeMixCloudTwitch and others – at the same time!
  • How to make your livestream set look great – tips for camera angleslightinggear close-upsprops
  • The right way to use your microphone to engage the audience – and when you should NOT use the mic 
  • How to share your track listings (and the one way you should NEVER share them – it’ll get you banned!)
  • Pro tricks for promoting your livestream, including how to promote the audio-only version of your set, and how to build an audience using your your livestream recordings
  • How to prepare properly so you beat the nervesstay confidentdo a great job – and enjoy every second!

Workshop 1: Equipment (104 minutes)

Even if you just want to “go live” from your phone, there are things you need to get your livestream looking and particularly sounding its best. Of course, as you start getting more ambitious, so the list of kit options grows. In this workshop, you’ll learn exactly what you need, from computers to cables, to get your livestream on the air.
Workshop 2: Livestreaming software & Apps (85 minutes)
In this workshop we examine the software you need to power your livestreaming. Even if you’re just using a phone, there are options, but as soon as you start using a computer to livestream from, there is a whole host of video production software, apps and utilities that are either needed or useful to have. 
Workshop 3: Preparing To Go Live (99 minutes)
Here we’ll nail the basics of going live, what the software actually does for you, computing power and bandwidth. You’ll learn how resolution, frame rate and bitrate all affect your stream, what stream keys and RTMP servers are, sorting your cameras and having all the right settings to get started. By the end you’ll be set up and ready to livestream!

Workshop 4: Performing & Promoting (99 minutes)

We’ll help you to get that first livestream looking and sounding great – and once you’ve taken the plunge, we’ll show you how to build on your momentum. This workshop is all about improvement: How to perform better, how to promote your livestreams so more people come, and how to perfect your streaming over the months and years ahead…
Bonus video 1: Q&A
In this bonus Q&A we answer 20 of the most popular questions people ask again and again about livestreaming; including how you can monetise your livestream, how to interact with fans, whether you can stream music while livestreaming, how to show your DJ software on the screen, and many more…
Bonus video 2: Real-life phone stream “fly-on-the-wall”
In this bonus “fly on the wall” lesson we will show you a real-life example of going live with a basic set-up and share some of the planning and procedures that happen leading up to and just before going live. You’ll see how to use just a phone and an audio interface to broadcast to one or many channels…

Bonus video 3: Real-life on location livestream “fly on the wall”

In this bonus “fly on the wall” lesson we show you a real-life example of going live with a mid-range set-up – the “hobbyist” route. Covering laptop set-up, gear and camera placement, stream testing and more, you’ll actually watch us go live on a livestream thsat was watched by thousands.
Bonus video 4: Real life broadcast studio “fly on the wall”
In this bonus “fly on the wall” lesson, you’ll get a behind the scenes look at setting up a full studio livestream, complete with multiple cameras, composite scenes, software screencasting, studio lighting and more. Again, we’ll keep you with us as we go live so you can see the show from both in front of and behind the cameras!

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Digital DJ Tips – DJing Livestreaming Made Easy
Digital DJ Tips – DJing Livestreaming Made Easy

$197.00 $59.00

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