Digital DJ Tips – How To DJ With Your Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT

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How To DJ With Your Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT” is the essential companion to your Serato controller, helping you to master every feature so you can truly unlock its power, to play amazing DJ sets…

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000SRT for Serato (and its sister controller, the DDJ-1000 for Rekordbox) have rapidly established themselves as the “standard” when it comes to pro-quality DJ controllers. With this “next generation” of gear, Pioneer has revolutionised the DJ controller sector, just as it revolutionised DJ booths with its CDJs.

But there is just one problem. These are seriously complicated bits of kit – they’re more “pro” than “beginner”, with many of the features of top-end gear – which can make them frustrating for newcomers to get to grips with. 
And the thing is, if you don’t master your DDJ-1000SRT, not only will you only be using a fraction of what your controller can do, but when you do get to play on “pro” club gear, you’ll be lost!

In short, if you don’t seriously pledge to learn everything about DJing on your DDJ-1000SRT, you’ll be wasting its potential, and yours. Frankly, you may as well have just bought something basic. Luckily, “How To DJ With Your Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT” is here to help you…
Step-by-step across seven modules and 39 individual video lessons, “How To DJ With Your Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT” teaches you how to use every single feature of your DDJ-1000SRT controller, fast. You’ll learn:
  • What all the parts are called, and exactly what they do – every single name and function clearly explained so you understand all the nuances of your controller’s huge feature set
  • How to properly set up your controller – the right way to install the software, and hook your controller up to your laptop, speakers, turntables, microphones, media players and auxiliary sources
  • Where everything for day-to-day DJing is on your controller​- Adding music to your software, loading tracks onto all four decks, cueing and playing tracks, using the volume and EQ controls, using headphones, manual and sync tempo matching and beatmixing, beatgridding problem tracks…
  • How to make the most of the advanced features – using your DDJ-1000SRT’s hotcues, pad FX (including how to customise them), beat jump , sampler, “keyboard” feature (to “play” riffs and acapellas), beat loops, key shifting (for instant mash-ups and remixes), slip mode – even how to start tracks with just the faders!
  • How to use the “pro” Sound Color and Beat FX – These are powerful features for expressive DJing, and are the same as those on pro DJ booth gear – but different to most  other DJ controllers you may have used. We’ll show you how to conquer them…
  • How to configure all the options in the settings and utilities – Fine-tuning the Decks tab to get your jogs behaving in a way that suits your style, as well as adjusting the mixer settings to your liking… AND how to set the unique functions on the DDJ-1000SRT, so your system works how YOU want it to
  • Further ways of DJing with your DDJ-1000SRT​- Want to spin on vinyl with DVS? How about adding pro CDJs or XDJs in HID mode, to give yourself four physical decks? We show you how…

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Digital DJ Tips – How To DJ With Your Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT
Digital DJ Tips – How To DJ With Your Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT

$197.00 $59.00

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