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Watch the video and discover Mixing Mastery, a brand-new course teaching cutting-edge DJ transitions & tricks, for all gear and at all skill levels…
  • How to “mix the unmixable” – a wide range of genres and BPM changes…Ever been frustrated that you can’t play the music you know you want to (or ought to), simply because you don’t know how to mix it properly? In this course you’ll learn exciting NEW ways to mix ANY kind of music – from house, pop and hip-hop to EDM, Latin, rock – even chill out. No music need be “out of bounds” ever again!
  • How to use ALL the features of your DJ gear – Modern DJ gear can do stuff that even a decade ago was unimaginable. And right now you’re almost certainly not using anything like all the features you could be! Knowing how to use these amazing functions will change your DJing instantly and forever
  • What the best DJs are doing in 2020… – Music and DJ trends change, meaning some of the things DJs are doing now are different to what they were doing even two or three years ago. We demystify the newest innovations in mixing for you, and give you ways to use them right “out of the box”, keeping you cutting edge
  • …and how YOU can do this on any software, on any gear, and at any skill level – None of this is hard when you follow our proven teaching methods – and nearly all these transitions are possible on nearly all DJ gear. Whether you’re using a $200 beginner set-up or pro kit, and whether you’re new or you’ve been doing this for years, it’ll work for you
  • The RIGHT way to incorporate these techniques into your DJ sets – Nobody likes a DJ who shows off incessantly or does silly things that only they think are cool! These pro techniques are set-ready and proven – and we’ll show you how to be sure you’re using them correctly in your sets so you delight (rather than annoy) your audiences
  • How to create instant live remixes and mashups of popular tracks, new and old – It’s not just about moving from track to track any more. With everyone having access to the same music nowadays, you need to know how to make something new and exciting out of well-known music, so you stand out. We’ll show you – by using more than one copy of a tune, using acapellas, live restructuring, and more…
  • For club DJs: Exciting new ways to surprise and delight your crowds – Beatmixing a pile of similar tunes simply won’t do any more. You need to be able to mix it up – literally. There are dozens of exciting new ways to do that here, to help you stand out and so get booked for bigger and better gigs
  • For mobile/wedding/corporate DJs:​ How to stand out by bringing pro DJ skills to any event – People booking you now for their birthdays and weddings have been brought up with clubbing and DJ culture – yet as a mobile DJ, you’re still expected to play every genre and BPM imaginable. Mixing Mastery is your key to mixing ALL of your tunes like a pro. So few mobile DJs do this, making this an amazing chance to stand out
  • The “seven essentials” of digital DJing 2.0 – Don’t let the list scare you, but by the end of this you’ll be a master of beat/tempo sync, using the performance pads (for things like cue juggling and tone play), looping (auto/manual plus loop roll and beatjump), key mixing (lock, shift and sync), effects, Slip/Flux, and beatgridding (including elastic beatgridding)
  • How to discover amazing mixes like this for yourself – Mixing Mastery is a “cookbook”, so you can take and use any or all of these transitions in your own DJing immediately (indeed, we encourage you to!). But crucially, we’ll get you into the mindset and processes behind discovering your own transitions, by detailing exactly how we came up with every single mix. You’ll soon be spotting amazing transitions in your own collection where you never could have done before!

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Digital DJ Tips – Mixing Mastery
Digital DJ Tips – Mixing Mastery

$297.00 $74.00

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