Digital DJ Tips – Open Format Scratch Mixing

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DJ Rasp gives you the lowdown on incorporating scratching into any DJ set, from weddings to raves, clubs to private events
  • Lesson 1: “Attention Grabbers” – How To Kick Off Your DJ Sets With Style ​(14 techniques) – In this lesson DJ Rasp talks through all the go-to techniques he uses to kick off his open-format DJ sets and teaches you step by step how to do them. You don’t need any advanced skills here, this is all about using simple scratches like the Baby, Forward and Chirp, but with precise timing and rhythm, to be able to make an instant impression. There’s also a new combo for you to learn here, “The March”, let’s go!
  • Lesson 2: Transitions: Scratching In Your Next Track (14 techniques)​ – In open-format DJ sets, you’re constantly moving around between BPMs and genres, and oftentimes jumping back & forth between decades, so you’ll be learning here how to use scratches to “drop in” you next track, no matter what the genre or BPM. There are loads of examples here including beatmixed and non-beatmixed so you’ll never be stuck for a scratch flourish to slam in the next track.
  • Lesson 3: Transitions: Scratching Out Of Your Current Track (14 techniques) – This lesson builds on what you learned in the last lesson, but now as well as scratching IN your next track, you’ll also be scratching OUT the current playing track. You’ll learn how to identify and utilise elements of the outgoing tracks that are just “made to be scratched” with, and numerous ways of how to use them. Again there are examples here of transitions in the same BPM, with beatmixing, and also examples of how to “scratch out” between BPMs and genres, too.
  • Lesson 4: Performing Scratches Over Other Tracks In Your DJ Sets (9 techniques) ​- In this lesson you’ll learn the golden rules you need to follow to make sure your scratches compliment your set, finding the “sweet spots” in popular tracks to be able to scratch over, how to get levels right, what scratch sounds to use, and the particular timings you need. Plus you’ll get tips on scratching with faster tempos, including the killer “half tempo” secret to being able to scratch in time over super fast tempos such as Trap and Drum & Bass.
  • Lesson 5: Using Hot Cues With Scratching In Your DJ Sets (13 techniques) – Cue points (hot cues) are a useful tool in modern DJing, especially when you use scratches in your DJ sets. Here Rasp teaches you all the ways he utilises this feature to speed up his workflow and perform techniques that weren’t possible before hot cues existed. You’ll learn how to always have your favourite scratch sound at your fingertips, how to “scratch loop” with vocals and beats. He reveals his “Transformer hack” where you use cues to help you perform slick Transformer scratches and how cue points can get you started easily with the impressive skill of beat juggling.
  • Lesson 6: Using “Trick Mixing” Snare Cuts To Create Live Remixes (6 techniques) ​- “Trick Mixing” is a term used to describe rhythmic performance techniques using two copies of the same track. It’s most effective when you use tracks that people are familiar with and by “chopping” drum sounds to create live remix effect, it adds spice to the original version to create a live remix version personal to you and your DJ sets. You’ll learn how by adding additional “chops” of the snare or clap in a track at precisely the right point in the track’s bar structure, creates the illusion of much more complex-sounding rhythms than what you are actually doing. There’s on-screen bar counters to help you nail all the impressive techniques taught here using house and pop tracks.
  • Lesson 7: Using Fader Techniques To Perform Impressive Mix Transitions (4 techniques) – In this lesson, you’ll be bringing the fader hand techniques that you’ve mastered in learning to scratch, and using them to create impressive effects in your mixes and transitions. There’s no scratching going on here, this is all about repurposing those fader skills to make your mixing sound funky and accomplished. You’ll be using transformer fader cuts over loops, samples and acapellas to create live mashups and clever blends that can be used in any type of DJ set and with any genre of music.
  • Lesson 8: Moving Up & Down In BPM Using Scratches & FX ​(2 demos) – Open-format DJ sets not only require you to move seamlessly between genres, but also to be able to shift up and down in tempo (BPM) without being trapped by having to beatmix. In this lesson you’ll learn how to incorporate scratches, loops, cue points, filters and reverb FX into transitions that shift both up and down in BPM. These killer tools take advantage of digital technology such as keylock, sync and wide tempo fader ranges, which, when you add in the “special sauce” of some choice scratches, creates endless possibilities for jumping around the tempo range with style.
  • Lesson 9: Scratching With Acapellas To Create Live Mashups (2 demos) ​- Most DJs are satisfied with simply being able to get an acapella mix in time and not “mess” with it, but not so for open format scratch DJs! Acapellas create countless opportunities for creativity in making live mashups and creating impressive transitions, and here Rasp lifts the lid on his tried and tested favourite tricks. You’ll learn how to incorporate cue point transformers and loops with acapellas, how to scratch drums from another track over the top of vocals, how to use features like Loop Roll, Backpins and FX. Plus you’ll learn the timing and counting tricks to ensure your acapellas always stay in time, no matter how much you manipulate and mess with the music.
  • Lesson 10: Advanced “Attention Grabbers” – More Cool Tricks To Use In The Mix (2 demos) – It’s time to step things up a level as we move into more advanced use to scratch and mixing techniques to create mini “signature routines” than can stamp individuality and flair onto any DJ set. You’ll learn more advanced “trick mixing” techniques using two copied of the same track, creating the beat delay effect that looks super-impressive. There’s more snare cuts and cue point transformers here, plus you’ll learn the “silent loop” hack that’s essential for DJs using DVS or moving platters to ensure your cue points always drop at the perfect moment.
  • Follow-along Practice Drills ​- Every one of the 80 techniques & demos in the lessons are separated into special follow-along practice drill videos that you can watch again and again, honing in on the specific techniques to practice. There are slow-motion versions too – an invaluable tool to help you nail the skills and get the confidence to use them live.
  • BONUS 1: Latin Hits Shift Up BPM Transition
  • BONUS 2: Latin To Pop Shift Down BPM Transition
  • BONUS 3: Modern Hip Hop To Classic Reggae Pop Genre Change
  • BONUS 4: 90s to 70s Dance Classics Era Change
  • BONUS 5: Rock Classic To Modern House Shift Down BPM Transition
  • BONUS 6: Mellow Pop To Fierce Rap Shift Up BPM Transition
  • BONUS 7: Bass House to Classic Hip Hop Shift Down BPM Transition
  • BONUS 8: 50’s R&B into Modern Hip Hop “Source Play” Transition
  • BONUS 9: 80s Pop To Rap “Element Match” Transition
  • BONUS 10: Rave Classics Outro Chop Transition

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Digital DJ Tips – Open Format Scratch Mixing
Digital DJ Tips – Open Format Scratch Mixing

$297.00 $74.00

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