Digital DJ Tips – The All-New Pro Mixtape Formula

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Watch to learn how to make perfect, pro-sounding DJ mixes fast, every time. 
Get ready to record pro-sounding DJ mixes to share with your friends, the world, or just for yourself…
  • Home-made DJ mixes take far too long to make, and sound amateur! To make great-sounding mixes regularly and easily, you need to know how pro DJs do it – how they plan, record, edit, master and share their DJ mixes
  • In this course, you’ll learn the BIG secret – how to edit, level and master your mixes AFTER you’ve finished recording them. This takes away all the pressure, so you can just get on with the DJing…
  • You won’t need any extra gear, or any extra software… just a copy of this course and a copy of Audacity, the free open-source wave editor for Windows and Mac (Ableton Live user? We show you how to do your post-mix editing on that, too…)
  • ​Learn how in under 60 minutes’ work per mix you can turn a rough recording – full of mistakes and imperfections – into a polished, pro-sounding mix, as good as anything you hear on the radio, on DJ podcasts, Mixcloud, SoundCloud and so on
  • ​You’ll soon be producing mixes consistently and prolifically enough to please your fans, build a following, show off your skills as a DJ – even to help you to get gigs
  • ​IMPORTANT: This method is NOT cheating! You’ll still be performing and recording the mix on your own gear, it’ll still be you DJing, doing it the way you want to – but the additional methods of the pros taught here will fix all the problems you have with the way you do it now
  • This works for all music, for all kinds of DJ, and for all gear – Whatever you play, whatever gear you play on, your mixes will sound just like those of the pros
  • ​Imagine your public mix profiles going from a ghost town to packed with pro mixes within just a few months. That’s the result of applying this method, and ANY DJ can do it
  • ​We’ll also teach you how to produce special versions of your mixes for promoters, radio, online sharing, YouTube… even how to prepare them to burn to CD, for old time’s sake!
  • ​And, we’ll show you the right way to share and promote your mixes in today’s world, using modern social media platforms and digital distribution to get listens, likes and follows for your mixes and on your platforms
The Skills You’ll Learn – Full Module Breakdown

Module 1- Introduction

Just what does it mean to make DJ mixes, or “mixtapes”, in the modern age? Whatever type of DJ mix you’re dreaming of making, this course gives you the process to make it. But first, we run through some definitions, reasons to make mixes, and approaches to help you succeed, helping you set clear goals for this course to maximise your chance of success.
Module 2 – Recording
Here you’ll learn all about how to record your mixes, whatever gear you use, and no matter how you currently record your DJ mixes. You’ll learn how our formula means you’ll never have to go back and do it again, no matter how many mistakes you make. And, we’ll warn you off many of the most common errors DJs make, so you don’t make them yourself in the first place!
Module 3 – Editing Using Audacity
The crucial next step after recording your DJ mix is to use a piece of software called a “wave editor”, and that is exactly what the free, powerful and universal software called Audacity is. In this module you’ll learn how to use it to complete the pre-mastering, structural edit on your mix. This is the stage where we fix big errors and get your mix to the point where it is ready for the final polish.

Module 3A – Editing Using Ableton

If you are an Ableton Live user already (maybe because you use Ableton Live to produce music) it is possible you may prefer to do the post-mix editing in Ableton Live rather than in Audacity – the program we recommend for most students – because it would potentially save you having to learn another piece of software. So in this optional module, you’ll learn how to do that.
Module 4 – Mastering
In this important module, you’ll learn how to  turn your “good” DJ mix into a “great” one –  the kind of mix that sounds amazing against anything else out there! You’ll learn how to “master” your mix, fixing volume and EQ issues, making it sound loud and “pumping”. This is the secret stuff that happens to ALL pro DJ mixes before they are released to the world, that makes all the difference.
Module 5 – Sharing
It would be a shame to do all this work and never get your mix heard by anyone else, right? So here you’ll learn about creating your mix concept and branding, getting artwork for it, and sharing it on services such as SoundCloud and Mixcloud. We’ll also share other things you can do with your mix, like turning it into a radio show or podcast, even adding it to YouTube or burning to CD.

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Digital DJ Tips – The All-New Pro Mixtape Formula
Digital DJ Tips – The All-New Pro Mixtape Formula

$297.00 $74.00

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