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It’s time to discover the brand-new way to learn DJing…
It’s finally here – the only DJ course anywhere based on the revolutionary five-step formula for DJing success, as shared by me, Phil Morse, in my Amazon best-selling book on DJing, Rock The Dancefloor!

What You’ll Get

  • THE definitive course on DJing in the modern age, based on “Rock The Dancefloor!”, Phil Morse’s number one Amazon bestseller
  • Over 80 HD videos, that take you step-by-step through each areas of DJing, making learning fun, fast and effective
  • Access to our monthly StudentLive remote classroom sessions
  • Twelve pre-recorded hour-long coaching sessions with Phil Morse
  • Membership of our private StudentHub Facebook Group
  • Instant and lifetime access to the full course, including all future updates
  • Works on desktop, laptop, phone or tablet – for easy learning anywhere, any time
In my career as a pro DJ, I played 1000s of gigs, including for U2 in Dublin, at Privilege in Ibiza (the world’s biggest club) and for Ministry of Sound. Throughout, I always puzzled why some DJs “made it”, and some didn’t. 

I saw DJs with awesome music who just couldn’t master mixing. DJs who had all the tricks, but who bored the hell out of their dancefloors. And DJs who I honestly thought were brilliant, but who got overlooked for “lesser” DJs.

When I compared those DJs with myself, and with other successful DJs, I started to realise that there were five big areas that DJs had to succeed in – and that if they neglected just one, it was game over before they’d even begun!
But most interestingly, I also discovered that a DJ doesn’t need to be AMAZING in all of the areas to succeed – just knowing what they are and working deliberately on them is enough to improve, rapidly!
When I first revealed all of this in my book Rock the Dancefloor! in 2016, it was all very new, but it’s since helped 1000s of DJs understand what they really need to do to improve.
As soon as we published the book and saw its runaway success, I knew I needed to do more – that a book was actually only the start. People started to ask me if there was a course to teach them the steps in the book, to help them to implement them.

People wanted to be able to work through the steps with me, to be shown them as if they were looking over my shoulder, to be able to ask questions directly to me – in other words, to actually be TAUGHT how to do this stuff instead of just reading about it.

It took me longer than I would have liked to make it, what with the other projects we already had in progress here at Digital DJ Tips, and with my commitments at home (I have two young kids)…
But since its launch, The Complete DJ Course has become our most popular course ever. This is the course I wish I’d had when I started. It’s fasteffective, and great for busy people who want results, but who still care about learning to DJ the RIGHT way.
Across its nine modules, The Complete DJ Course brings to life, expands upon and demonstrates in brand-new ways the five-step formula for total DJing success, as used by thousands of DJs already to learn to DJ or to build on the skills they already have. Here are some highlights…
  • In Step 1, The Gear, you learn how DJ gear and software work, from $200 entry-level controllers to standalone systems and pro gear, covering all the major hardware and software including Pioneer DJSeratoTraktorDenon DJRolandReloopVirtual DJ,  NumarkTechnicsRekordbox
  • The best DJs can play on any gear, and I’ll teach you the four things you need to know so you can play on ANY set-up too. This will also help you to avoid making expensive mistakes when starting out or updating your gear
  • Step 2 is The Music. Here’s a BIG myth: Some people will tell you that you need a huge record collection to DJ with. Not only are they wrong, it turns out that’s actually the LAST thing you need – and if you believe this, you’re holding yourself back
  • I’ll show you how to discover, shortlist, organise and prepare your library so you can always get your hands on exactly the right track to play next, at any DJ gig
  • Step 3, which is DJing Techniques, is a big one! First, I teach you the timeless techniques that all good DJs need to know whatever their gear. Many DJs neglect these – but without them, you’ll never progress. You’ll master music structurecounting & timingjogwheel controlmixer skills and manual beatmixing
  • Then I reveal the features and tricks of the latest digital systems – think the most up-to-date info on cuesloopsFXkey synclive remixingtone play and so on, including cutting edge ways to effortlessly switch between genres and BPMs in your mixing
  • We then bring Step 3 to a close as you learn real-world DJing tactics to get you through any kind of modern DJ set, from clubs and lounges to festivalspartiesweddings and more, and in a whole range of musical styles including househip hoptrappop and “open format
  • Playing DJ sets in public is very​different from practising in your bedroom. So Step 4, Playing Out, shows you what to expect in venues nowadays, how to set uphow to read a crowdhow to deal with requestshow to fill dancefloors (and keep them full) – and the one secret that ensures promoters and venue owners will remember you and want to book YOU again, not some other DJ
  • Confidence and nerves are very real obstacles for many DJs – but drawing on my own experiences (they aren’t pretty!) I share with you how to conquer them so you can enjoy your DJ sets and do the best job
  • Do you secretly think that getting success as a modern DJ involves chasing huge numbers on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube? In Step 5, Promoting Yourself, I show you the more “joined up” and effective way of succeeding in today’s online world. (It ispossible to get the gigs you want AND be true to your art and yourself, I promise you!)

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$497.00 $124.00

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