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Genesis – Eating Healthy 365


Faculty: Dr Henele

Deepen your knowledge of what it means to eat healthy!

Learn key principles for lasting improvements in your eating habits, based upon Dr H’s 16 Principles for Eating Healthy, including:

  • Delayed Food Allergies…What Everyone Needs to Know
  • Why Drinking & Eating at the same time doesn’t often work
  • Choosing ‘Green’ Cookware that Last for Generations

This Course Includes:

  • 4 Lessons with 24 Videos on Eating Healthy as taught by Dr H
  • 4.5 Hours of Video
  • Over 50 Hyperlink References & Handouts

Eating Healthy is a great opportunity for you to deepen your knowledge of what it means to eat healthy and learn key principles for lasting improvements in your eating habits. This course is based upon Dr H’s 16 Principles for Eating Healthy, some of which include:

  • Eating Something Green Everyday
  • Delayed Food Allergies…What Everyone Needs to Know
  • Why Raw Foods Rock!
  • How to Confidently Eat Organic & Alkaline on a Budget
  • How to Select Responsible and Clean Animal Protein
  • Why Drinking & Eating at the same time doesn’t often work
  • Why Calorie In need to equal Calories Out
  • Choosing ‘Green’ Cookware that Last for Generations
  • And much, much more

Become Board Certified! The Genesis – Eating Healthy 365 course is part of the Wholistic Nutrition Master Practitioner NANP Board Certification.  Click here to view the complete courses outline of this full career program.

Can I share something with you?

Imagine for a minute…

Imagine living a life full of energy …

A life where you love the way you think, look and feel…

A life of confidence where you are able to support the ones you love…

A life where surviving isn’t enough…

A life where you and the people you love are THRIVING!

It would feel amazing, right?

Introducing, an easy to follow 4 lesson course, Genesis Holistic Nutrition’s ‘Eating Healthy 365’. We’re so happy you found us, we’ve been eagerly waiting for you to arrive. Welcome.

Have you ever found yourself confused by all the conflicting information on the internet about health and nutrition? Ever wished you had an expert to help you sort it all out?

Ever wondered which foods are going to help you create the look and feel you want for yourself?

Today,do you know how to give your body the more than 40 key nutrients it needs to help you realize the dreams you’ve been craving? How about which food sources are safe and which aren’t?

Or has more information left you even more confused, still guessing, still in the dark searching for those elusive answers to your questions?

What a lonely feeling that can create…

Are you ready to discover what works for you?

Read what an actual student had to say about the results she’s seen in her husband after applying what she learned about Eating Healthy.

Thanks to Dr H, my husband and I did IgG tests…I am converting the bakery to gluten free and gluten free/vegan. I’ve seen Major changes to the husband; almost no more migraines. He is now willing to consider weaning himself off of some of the big pharma stuff he’s on. He is buying organic on his own. He no longer thinks what I’m learning is a fad or voodoo medicine. WOW!
-Heather Ruskievicz, Bakery Owner

Here is a sample lesson from inside the course: Lesson 01: Principles of Eating Healthy



You are capable of looking and feeling incredible every day, every decade. It doesn’t matter your age. There’s never been a better day than today to start investing in yourself. This is not something you have to hope for any more.

Hope has arrived! You can have the body you want, the health you want. And it will all start with learning which foods are perfect for you.

Learn from acclaimed nutrition teacher, Dr Henele, as you realize what Eating Healthy is for YOUR body. Nothing happens in your body by accident. It’s all connected and that’s the truth.

Too often, people are told WHAT to do…but so seldom WHY. Too often, people are subjected to someone else’s idea of what right for them. We see this in nutrition ALL THE TIME!

This is an outdated way of teaching nutrition. No one knows your body better than you. Why not teach people how to listen to their body for what’s right or wrong? You should always be in charge of your body, don’t you agree?

Our secret is that we don’t just teach you about food…we teach you what food does in your body. We teach you how foods affect your energy, your appearance, your thoughts, and even your moods.

Eating the ‘right’ foods isn’t enough…that’s someone else’s opinion. Begin learning how to listen to your body through its unique language…emotion. Your body’s smart. It knows how to speak. We’ll help you learn how to understand what it’s saying. Your body asks you a key question…

…What Mood Is Your Food?

Learn how the foods you eat and how Organic, Alkaline living play essential roles in healing your body from the inside out. The foods you eat can either clear your mind or clutter it. You see, everything you put into your body affects how you think, look and feel. After all, wouldn’t you like to thrive?

Without a doubt, learning our 16 Principles of Eating Healthy from your body’s perspective is a good idea. You deserve to know the WHYs. They are THE keys to turning food into medicine…THE keys to living a life that doesn’t just allow you to survive… it empowers you to THRIVE!

You may be thinking, ‘This sounds good, but how does it work?’

We’re glad you asked…it’s a really good question.

We know you’re busy. We know that saving time and money means everything to you and the people you love. And we’re here to support you.

By enrolling today you gain access to 4 key lessons with 24 videos and more than 4 hours of guided narration from holistic nutrition expert, Dr Henele. He shares with you a groundbreaking view of nutrition for 365 days. A view that connects what you eat to how you feel.

That’s 365 days to grow, but grow at your pace, around your schedule! Gain access to information that eliminates the confusion and gives you answers to your questions. Dr H helps you create results you can see and feel.

We’ve seen his unique style of education work over and over and over again for people just like you.

Here is another sample video from the course: Principles of Eating Healthy Lesson 02, Part 01



Salepage: https://uexl.org/institute/shop/genesis-eating-healthy-365/
Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/sJVXV

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Dr. Henele – Energetic Health Essentials
Dr. Henele – Energetic Health Essentials

$99.00 $30.00

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