Dr. Karen Kan – Intuitive Decision-Making Roadmap Program

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In This Program You Will Learn:

Feeling: How to use your body to tap into intuitive information with consistency and ease using Divine Muscle Testing.


Correcting: How to Correct for Polarity Reversals & Proxying Challenges Preventing You From Muscle Testing Accurately.tinct Visual Style


Sensing: Internal Muscle Testing™, an intuitive technique that doesn’t require body movement or equipment at all.Flexible Page Builder


Knowing: Intuitive Impressioning™ how to feel into future realities so that you can make better choices & experience better relationships.

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What You’ll Receive When You Join This Training

Forms & Handouts

Printable handouts for each module as well as full-color slide decks.

Bonus Training & Resources

Get the 7-Point Abundance Assessment Form & Training and receive the Intuitive Impressioning chapter excerpt from the book Sensitivity Is Your Superpower.

What You’ll Learn in This Training


    Correcting Reversed and Partially Reversed Polarity

    Understand what answers you’ll get with reversed and partially reversed polarity and how to correct this for more accurate Muscle Testing


    Internal Muscle Testing

    Experience how to get definitive Yes and No answers through an internal experience that doesn’t require equipment or body movement


    TOLPAKAN Healing Mini-Assessment

    Receive a Mini-Assessment Cheat Sheet so you can test common health and wellness issues as well as the TKH Directive to self-correct them


    Brain Balancing Tutorial

    Learn how to differentiate whether you are left brain or right brain dominant, when you are in stress mode versus healing mode, and strategies on how to restore brain balance


    Correcting Proxying & Partial Proxying

    Learn why some Sensitive Souls automatically proxy for others, how that uses up their energy, and why they feel bad when that happens. You’ll also learn how to end it or minimize its impact


    7-Point Abundance Assessment

    Use this checklist for Muscle Testing to figure out what is left to heal before your desired ideal reality can manifest


    Light Scoring System™

    Practical advice and examples on how to use this system as a tool for discerning who or what is most aligned with Divine Light and whether something is for your highest and greatest good


    Intuitive Impressioning™

    Practice this technique that helps you feel into future realities and options so that you can make more informed decisions aligned with your Divine Path. You’ll receive a chapter excerpt from the Sensitivity Is Your Superpower Book

Salepage: https://drkaren.kartra.com/page/IDRM
Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/x9CsD

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Dr. Karen Kan – Intuitive Decision-Making Roadmap Program
Dr. Karen Kan – Intuitive Decision-Making Roadmap Program

$157.00 $47.00

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