Dr. Karen Kan – Light Warrior Advanced Healing Program

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It is time to step into your True Self
and become the Light Warrior you were destined to be…


Have you been “sensitive” all your life and have been ridiculed or misunderstood?


Are you drained or debilitated by being around negative people?


Do you feel like some invisible force is sabotaging you most of the time?


Do you feel anxious and depressed despite doing all the right things?


Have you spent a ton of money trying to figure out what’s “wrong” with you to no avail?


Do you have dreams of doing something BIG to help the world, but can’t even function in everyday life?

How to Become a Light Warrior – Advanced Healing for Indigos, Earth Angels, Starseeds, Empaths, Walk-ins and Hybrids​

Dr. Karen Kan

Dr. Karen Kan is a light medicine doctor, bestselling author, and founder of the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method.
As a mentor, healer and trainer, she helps highly sensitive people harness their superpowers, express their Soul’s Mission and experience joy in the process.
But what she’s really passionate about is helping you shine your light, so together, we can pull the world out of darkness.


A little more about me…

If you or someone you love is feeling pain and suffering, I can empathize. Not knowing I was an Empath, I suffered from fibromyalgia, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome and was on the verge of killing myself years ago. I didn’t understand that I was a “sensitive” – a person who is highly sensitive to another’s emotions and energies. An empath is someone who absorbs the negative energy around her and automatically tries to transmute it. That was definitely me. I had no idea that I was like a bucket of water with hundreds of holes in it, leaking energy everywhere I went. I also had no idea that I let people “suck” my positive energy to fill themselves. 


As a young child with a chronically depressed mother, I grew into the role of a caregiver whose mission was to relieve pain and suffering. I didn’t know I’d have to go through it myself in order to learn the Divinely-guided lessons I was missing so I could do my Soul’s Mission. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that I was a Walk-in and that my illness was part of the rocky (in my case) soul exchange process. The new Earth Angel-Starseed soul began “walking in” to my body at the age of 32, but there was still so much mental and emotional baggage left over from my original soul that I was severely stuck (and in pain!). I couldn’t do my soul’s mission because I didn’t know who I was or what I was sent here to do!

In working with other “sensitives”, I’ve discovered that all of us experience similar patterns of ill-health and dysfunction. Rarely do I meet a perfectly healthy Empath or Starseed who is accomplishing her soul’s mission unless they have gone through significant trauma and have come out the other side. Usually it takes decades upon decades of personal work.

But all that is changing now.

The Ascension is considered the natural process of the world elevating its vibration to a higher level. Indigos, Earth Angels, Starseeds, Hybrids, Walk-ins, Empaths and other sensitives are here to anchor and integrate the Ascension and have been incarnated in this lifetime to help Mother Earth heal and prevent catastrophic annihilation of the human species.

Sensitives have struggled in a world full of entities, negativity and violence and yet they are the ones responsible for bringing peace. The high vibrational Ascension energies are powerful and because of them, the negative elements are brought to the surface to be cleared and healed. If a sensitive isn’t healthy and grounded, they are sucked into the quagmire of negativity instead of rising above it and helping to transform it. So I have made it my mission to support them in restoring their Light and well-being, and empowering them to accomplish their own Soul’s mission.

Even if you don’t know for sure if you’re an Indigo soul, Earth Angel, Starseed, Empath, Walk-in or Hybrid, you can benefit from this program. The ascension process has made everyone more empathetic and thus more sensitive to energy around us. This has caused unsuspecting people to reach for alcohol or mind-numbing substances to “dull” the stressful impact of feeling too much. Children can become belligerent and angry with increasing empathy, not knowing how to shore up their energetic boundaries. Instead of being taught how to clear their energy field, children are put on psychotropic medications to numb their senses and makes them more susceptible to addictions and negative energetic influences like entities.

Here are some of the most common issues plaguing sensitives:


Autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or multiple sclerosis


A Widespread body pain that doesn’t respond to either traditional or natural pain relief therapies


Persistent anxiety and depression that defies treatment


Feeling completely drained and exhausted in the morning after waking up


Sudden episodes of extreme exhaustion for no apparent reason


Feeling alone and isolated because of the challenge of being around other people’s energy


No one understands you and you are sick, miserable and poor


Addiction to sugar,

caffeine or drugs


Recurring self-defeating behavior and self-sabotage

And what makes things worse is that because you are here to heal the world with your Light and Love, you become a target for sabotaging energies and entities.


    You might be seeing ghosts and demons but no one believes you


    You experience nightmares when you sleep at night


    You might believe you’re cursed (and you very well might be)


    Normal nice people turn on you as if you’re the Devil


    You attract negative people who suck you dry of energy


    It feels like the Universe isn’t supporting you because nothing is working


    Everything positive you do for yourself is met with great resistance

Does this sound like you?

If it does, how would your life transform if you could:


Experience step-by-step profound and deep clearing that removes multiple layers of negative energies holding you back from your dream life


Restore and optimize all your energy “blueprints” that are in charge of keeping you healthy and happy


Understand which of the 4 Healing types you are so you can appreciate your unique pathway to healing


Become impervious to negative energy like entities and their weapons


Fully embody the fifteen “Selfs” including Self-Love, Self-Esteem, Self-Acceptance and Self-Empowerment


Connect consistently and reliably to Source Creator and be able to discern the best direction to take in any circumstance


Elevate the Light Score of your Higher Self and fully align it with Source


Upgrade your “God Team” and guides to the highest and best ones suited to support you in your mission


Hold healthy boundaries with everyone and everything so that your energy doesn’t leak out and you don’t absorb negativity

Light Warrior Evolution:

The “best of” Dr. Karen’s Interviews with Top Healers
Includes Healing Activations

Value: $999


Format: MP3
Length: 14 x 90 min


These MP3 replays of Dr. Karen Kan’s radio show include some of the best teaching and healing activations for Indigos, Earth Angels, Starseeds, Empaths, Walk-ins and Hybrids:


    How to become a money magnet with Jenny NgoHow to become a money magnet with Jenny Ngo


    How to enhance your spiritual gifts with Jenny Ngo


    How to realign your Assemblage Beam with Tyhson Banighen


    How to become spiritually “bulletproof” with Diana Kushenbach


    How to know if your Higher Self is holding you back with Diana Kushenbach


    Healing activations for Starseeds and Earth Angels with Lottie Cooper


    Healing activations for Empaths with Lottie Cooper


    Healing activations for happy romantic relationships with Lottie Cooper


Healing activations for authenticity, self-trust and alignment with Source

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Dr. Karen Kan – Light Warrior Advanced Healing Program
Dr. Karen Kan – Light Warrior Advanced Healing Program

$333.00 $83.00

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