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A 3-step Program for highly sensitive people to help them harness their hidden gifts so that they can fulfill their purpose

  • Do you feel overwhelmed?

  • Are you constantly in “fight or flight”?

  • Do you absorb other people’s negativity?

  • Have you been criticized about being “too sensitive”?

  • Have you been told to “toughen up” by well-meaning friends and family?

  • Have you been told that you’re “crazy” or “nuts”?


If you said YES to more than one of these questions, you are a Sensitive Soul.  Other names for sensitive souls include: “highly sensitive person” or “empath”.


According to research, approximately 20% of the general population is considered “highly sensitive”.  If you are a sensitive soul, you have the ability to sense deeply; including emotions, sound, light, textures, smells and much more.  You may be unaware of your gifts including clairvoyance, clairaudience, and  claircognizance, and instead may suffer from them.  


Unfortunately, you can succumb to depression, anxiety, exhaustion, overwhelm and autoimmunity if you were never taught how to manage your empathy and sensitivity.

Your sensitivity is your superpower.

I know it is hard to believe that something that can cause such great pain, your sensitivity, could also be the source of your superpowers.  But it is!


My name is Dr. Karen Kan.  I’m a Doctor of Light Medicine and the Founder of the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method.  I am a sensitive soul. I grew up thinking that being sensitive was a bad thing. I cried at the drop of a hat.  I felt sad when other people were sad. I couldn’t get through watching the news without bursting into tears. I was bullied by kids in school and was painfully shy.


There was nothing I wanted more when growing up, than to be someone else.  I didn’t like anything about myself. I didn’t like that I was so fragile. I didn’t like that I was overly nice.  I didn’t even like the way I looked. All I wanted to be was someone who was tough.


I wanted to be a Superhero.


For decades I tried to be someone else.  My delicate constitution was not made to endure medical school, but I pushed through it.  Half the time, I was terrified of failure. The other half of the time I was exhausted. Finally in my mid-thirties I collapsed from sheer exhaustion and stress.  I had not acknowledged nor honored my sensitivity for three decades and it finally caught up to me.


By the time I was in my early thirties, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and clinical depression.  In fact, I was suicidal and was planning to kill myself because I saw no way “out”. I was broke and exhausted.  But something amazing happened when I hit rock bottom. One night when I was sobbing when I should have been sleeping, I heard a voice that said “You have a choice.”  It was my own voice, but heard inside my head. For some reason, it stopped my crying and I decided to follow the advice of this voice.

Why I created this program…

​Because I had nowhere to go but “up”, I made some courageous decisions to stop pretending I was someone else and start honoring who I truly was.  I began appreciating my sensitivity as a gift and began training it as a superpower. With the help of key mentors and spiritual healers, I was able to heal myself.


I’ve since written a bestselling book, and have made it my mission to help other sensitive souls harness their hidden gifts so they can fulfill their purpose.  


I want to help you go from feeling overwhelmed to feeling calm, clear and connected to your Soul’s Mission.  That’s why I developed the Sensitive Soul SOS Program.  



In this training, you will learn:


How to recognize what kind of sensitive soul type you are and start harnessing your spiritual gifts as a superpower


Why Sensitive Souls often suffer from mental, emotional and physical illness and the crucial steps necessary to heal


Why it is vital for Sensitive Souls to manage their energy fields, especially when they are around other people or crowds

I will also teach you how to activate your healing gifts so that you can be fully present in your own energies and be able to let go of other extraneous energies that are harming, crowding, or distracting you so that you can feel lighter and happier.

In this program you’ll:

  • become aware of the common mistakes Sensitive Souls make keeping them overwhelmed, exhausted and anxious
  • acknowledge the characteristics of different Sensitive Soul Types
  • access Zero Point, the seat of all creation, where you “autoheal” and feel instant peace and calm  
  • examine the various different types of “negative energies” that we are exposed to on a daily basis
  • explore 6 different techniques to clear negative energies so you feel connected and confident
  • experience Astral Connection Control™ to prevent energetic “overwhelm” when in crowds 
  • monitor and manage your energy state so you can maintain your energy and vitality

  • manipulate your environment so that it is healthier and you feel more at ease

  • begin mastering your state of BEING and “seed” the Zero Point with your ideal future reality so you can become a masterful at manifesting your desires


What you’ll get…



ITEM 1: The Sensitive Soul SOS Formula (Value $667)

This package includes 3 recorded training/healing modules approximately 60-75 minutes long where we go into the core, foundational requirements for sensitive souls to quickly release symptoms of overwhelm and overstimulation so that you can feel calm and centered.  


You will be attuned with TOLPAKAN™ Healing frequencies and your power levels amplified through these trainings so that you can start taking control of your sensitivity as a superpower!  


ITEM 2: Membership in the Light Warrior Support Group and Light Warrior Network Facebook groups (Value: priceless)


√ The Light Warrior Support Facebook group is a safe place for sensitive souls who are customers or clients.  It is where you can get help and support from me and other like-minded people. Every week we do group healings for each other and I share my weekly Spiritual Medicine Digest videos so that you can find out the latest Ascension-related news.  Long after you complete this program you can continue getting support in this loving community.


√ The Light Warrior Network Facebook group is a bigger community of sensitive souls.  Every month I offer an hour-long Mini-reading/Mini-healing session on Facebook live that you can participate in.  The Light Warrior Network is a place where you can invite conscious, sensitive friends and family to join even if they aren’t students or customers.  There are weekly activities and posts of light and encouragement.

ITEM 3: Clearing and Protection Spray™ Formula

Salepage: https://drkaren.kartra.com/page/SOS
Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/VqFfl

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Dr. Karen Kan – Sensitive Soul SOS Program
Dr. Karen Kan – Sensitive Soul SOS Program

$147.00 $44.00

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