Dr. Keith Beasley – Usui Reiki First and Second Degree Combo Package

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Usui Reiki First and Second Degree Combo Package


Faculty: Dr. Keith Beasley

Save 20% in this Usui Reiki Combo Package

Far more than just a therapy, Reiki enables and supports you on your path towards fulfilment in both your personal and professional lives:

  • Usui Reiki First Degree – how to give healing to ourselves and others
  • Usui Reiki Second Degree– use the Reiki symbols for distance healing and improving Emotional Intelligence

Reconnect to your true self and a deep, inner, wisdom . . . and make a career in the process!


Here is the Usui Reiki First PLUS Second Degree Combo Package:

The BMI Usui Reiki courses take you on a journey  . . . into the energy of life itself: the life-force that enables an acorn to turn into a mighty oak.  These courses are designed to help you reconnect to your true, vibrant, happy self.

And, as you unfold into a unique and fulfilled individual, you can also develop a new career! Whether as a Reiki practitioner (giving Reiki treatments), Reiki Master-Teacher (running Reiki training courses) or to embody Reiki in other well-being professions, these two courses, together, provide the grounding in Reiki (it’s history and application) that will benefit many, if not all, career paths.

How it changed my life:

When I was in my late twenties, single and frustrated by failed relationships, I received an invitation to take Second Degree Reiki training. My Master-Teacher said it was good for addictions. And I knew by then (thanks to my practice of Reiki after 1st degree training) that I was addicted . . . to a pretty face, to the idea of love. So I took my Reiki II . . . and the rest, as they say, is history. Through using the Reiki symbols, and applying my Reiki practice to my own mental blocks and unrealistic expectations, I began to see love from a much healthier viewpoint. Not many years later I was enjoying my first serious relationship . . . and I’m now really happy with a partner who is, well, better than my expectations!

In First Degree Reiki I remind you that we are all healers and that Reiki, the energy of life, flows in and through us all. You’ll begin to feel a connection into a deep peace and all-knowing wisdom and thus see the potential of Reiki to transform your lives into something rewarding and fulfilling: whatever that might mean to you! In Second degree you’ll be given the three Reiki symbols and shown how to use them to heal yourself at an ever deeper and more profound level. The process you’ll learn are effective for clearing a wide range of emotional conditions and old mental habits . . . and for helping you see the possibilities and potential for enjoyment and growth in the world around.

What’s holding you back in life? If you’re anything like me, it’s probably some bad experiences in the past, old beliefs past their sell-by date, mental blocks and such like: thoughts and feelings that keep us trapped by fears or unrealistic dreams. Reiki, as we apply the Reiki symbols and use it in our daily lives, helps us face and move beyond such restrictions. Second Degree Reiki gives us the tools to uncover who we are and what we need to be doing in and with our lives.

“To Thyself Be True! Reiki is a simple and powerful way of bringing out who we really area.” Dr. Keith Beasley

It certainly helped me!

“Since doing my Reiki 1 in 2001 followed by Reiki 2 and doing my Masters and teaching with you. All I can say is that my life has nether been the same. Some of the amazing results that have been achieved with my spiritual healing team and myself is unbelievable. To say it has changed my life is an understatement. There is never a day that goes past that I don’t use the energy in one way or another. … I have set many people on the path of enlightenment as to the way you have taught me, which is keeping it simple and letting that person grow on their own journey. Many Thanks” Testimonial from “P.F.”

About Keith

Following 17 years as a Quality and Reliability expert working on state-of the art electronics, he retrained as a Reiki Master/Teacher, eventually running retreats in the mountains of the Algarve in Portugal. Dr. Keith Beasley, PhD, has a rare background, which makes him uniquely placed as a Visionary for the BodyMind Institute.

More recently, Dr. Beasley has completed his PhD certification from Bangor University in North Wales (UK)—on the topic of: ‘Transcending Thought’. Dr. Beasley’s detailed studies have confirmed what his engineering and holistic health research had indicated; that…

“We can learn . . . and fill ourselves with facts and theories, or we can do Reiki . . .
and become ourselves from within.” Dr. Keith Beasley

Who can benefit from Reiki?

If you feel drawn to take Reiki, you’ll almost certainly benefit from it! Anyone and everyone can gain by connecting into Reiki – The Energy of Life:

At the professional level:

Reiki, particularly at the Second Degree Level, will help anyone working in the well-being sector or whose job involves close inter-personal relationships. It does this in many ways:

  • Helping you to be more aware of how others are feeling; more Emotionally Intelligent
  • Being more in tune with the real needs of your clients and customers
  • Calmer & more effective in your dealings with official bodies and when doing the things that just have to be done!
  • Helping you to empathize with your clients & colleagues, and to put them at ease
  • By helping you to see how the products and services that you offer can best benefit others
  • Giving you more confidence in yourself and thus able to promote yourself in a positive and effective way

Or you could become a Reiki therapist (or teacher) yourself!


At the personal level:

Reiki gives you the tools to help you:

  • Becomes more relaxed and less stressed
  • Self-manage, work through and move on from addiction, low self-esteem or other conditions
  • Move on from a personal loss and work through periods of grief
  • Let go of outdated habits and beliefs
  • Identify what makes you really tick, find people, jobs, hobbies that will give you joy and fulfillment

That is, it is a vital step towards self-mastery.

For your friends, family, community and the wider world:

  • Support those you care about by offering Reiki sessions, either in person or (with Second Degree) at a distance.
  • Use distance healing to send your love & compassion to the world’s troubled places
  • Apply your new-found, Reiki-given, awareness to building bridges and enabling solutions to issues in your local community
  • Join the growing global movement of healers and fully-conscious individuals intent on building a world where empathy & love, wisdom and a shared sense of ‘being human’ prevail.

With the Reiki symbols (at Second Degree), you need no longer feel powerless: you’ll be able to express your solidarity with those seeking peace and respect.

Be part of a caring world! Learn Reiki to better share from the heart.

It helped me too!

“Dear Keith, thirteen years ago this weekend I took part in a weekend Reiki First Degree workshop in Northamptonshire. My certificate is one of my cherished possessions. Your teaching has been with me throughout these years. Thank you for that weekend, I have never forgotten you and what I learned.” Testimonial from “A.C.”

“I feel as if I am looking at the world with my eyes wide open. Feel very elated and would recommend the course and your teachings to anyone.” Testimonial from “S.N.”

This is what you get:


Lesson 1: Introduction to Reiki
There Are No Rules; What IS Reiki?

Lesson 2: We are all healers
Make me a Channel

Lesson 3: The History of Reiki Healing
What are attunements?
First Attunement

Lesson 4: Principles of Reiki
Just for today . . .
Second Attunement

Lesson 5: Giving yourself a Reiki treatment
Self-healing, any-time, any-place

Lesson 6: Practising Reiki – personal & professional
Intent; way of life
Third Attunement

Lesson 7: Giving a Reiki treatment to others
How to treat friends, family . . . and pets!

Lesson 8: Aspects of Reiki
Working with mind, body & soul

Lesson 9: Reiki in daily life
How to use . . . and experience Reiki
Final Attunement

Lesson 10: Next steps with Reiki
Further training & potential with Reiki

Final Quiz (in addition to a quiz after each lesson)

Bonus material:

  • Free music files to accompany healing
  • A pdf of Keith’s book Reiki Without Rules


Welcome Message, from your course director, established Reiki Master-Teacher, Dr Keith Beasley.

Session 1     Introduction to Second Degree: Objectives of course and the approach taken.

Find out how Reiki itself support and informs how it can be ‘learnt’, or rather, remembered!

Session 2     First Symbol: Power & Focus. What is it, how do you use it. Includes practical exercises to help you feel the benefits of Reiki at this level.

Session 3     First attunement and face-to-face session: A shared presence between Reiki Master and each student is an essential part of the teaching of Reiki.

Session 4     Second Symbol: Harmony. How to do it and use it to bring harmony back into your life.

Session 5     The power of symbols. Theory behind the power of Reiki symbols: how they work. Includes a guided meditation to help you appreciate and feel the effect.

Session 6     Third Symbol: Connection. Explanation as to its meaning and use; how to practice it.

Session 7     Second attunement and face-to-face session: Further reconnect and realign to the Reiki energy in this shared session.

Session 8     Absent Healing – How it works and detailed description of how to do it, with instructions for a practice exercise.

Session 9     Applying the symbols day to day: practical applications for Reiki using the symbols when you need them most.

Session 10   Towards Reiki Mastery: Describing the next step of Reiki training; self-mastery using Reiki; becoming a Master-teacher.

Final Quiz     A fun assessment of how well you’ve assimilated the sessions and grasped the essence of Reiki at this level.

Bonus Material

3 additional videos are included to help you to better understand Reiki at this level and to apply it in your own lives:

  • Bonus Video 1: Healing the Past – using the Reiki symbols to make peace with past hurts.
  • Bonus Video 2: Hri & The Buddha of Compassion – comparing the Reiki second symbol with a closely related Buddhist symbol
  • Bonus Video 3: Healing the Future – using the Reiki symbols to prepare for future events and help in decision making

Together, these sessions with background material, instruction and guidance will enable you to develop as a Reiki practitioner: personally and/or professionally.

During the course, practical exercises are provided through which you will enhance your understanding of Reiki. We know that just watching the videos is not enough and these participatory tasks provide the necessary support and encouragement to practice the application of Reiki in your own lives.

The attunements provided at both levels take place in real-time over Skype or equivalent, ensuring that the necessary transmission of Reiki takes place.

On-going support is provided by the Reiki practitioners within our dedicated Facebook group.

Salepage: https://uexl.org/institute/shop/usui-reiki-first-and-second-degree-career-package/
Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/aenus

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Dr. Keith Beasley – Usui Reiki First and Second Degree Combo Package
Dr. Keith Beasley – Usui Reiki First and Second Degree Combo Package

$498.00 $124.00

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