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2020 DTC National


Magazines: A Booster Shot for Rx Brands; BRITTA CLEVELAND, M…
Unprecedented Opportunities: Results from the Most Comprehen…
Health Media and Generational Differences; TODD HASKELL, HEA…
Regulatory & Legislation Special Report: What the 2020 Campa…
Patient Education, Engagement, Virtual Health & COVID-19: Wh…
Getting Closer to Your Audience: Emerging Innovations in Tar…
Social Media DTC: Guidelines and Principles for Optimization…
The Realist’s Guide to Social Marketing During Chaotic Times…
Case Study: Guiding Millennials to Treatment through Digital…
Privacy Matters: TV DTC in an Evolving Marketplace; JUSTIN R…
TV is Getting a Measurement Makeover; NICK ILLOBRE, VEEVA CR…
The Impact of COVID-19 on High-Need US Patients – Wave 3 of …
Tracking DTC Impact on Adherence in the Post-COVID Market; A…
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Master Class Credits: 2 DTC Credits



Meredith will discuss the state of Women’s well-being, sharing predictive insights from Meredith Data Studio. This session will show the ways in which magazines can provide trusted, curated content while still serving as an outlet for information, inspiration, and escapism. Learn how positive ROI from magazines can help deliver to you and your brands.


Unprecedented Opportunities: Results from the Most Comprehensive Patient Survey Conducted During COVID; DAVID REISSNER, SNOW COMPANIES


Society has undergone an unthinkable transformation over the last few months, and healthcare is shifting focus from crisis resolution to opportunity scouting. In this context, understanding where patients are now is critical. Snow Companies is presenting the first follow-up survey to the one conducted in the early summer of 2020, which was shared during DTC Perspectives’ virtual summer series. Together, the studies represent the most comprehensive longitudinal overview of the patient community’s health and psychosocial situation and implications for the biopharma industry. David Reissner will also provide recommendations for patient engagement in our new environment, including hybrid approaches, technological adoption, and support tools.




Hearst Magazines’ Chief Marketing Officer, Todd Haskell, will review new proprietary findings on health needs, goals and media consumption across different generations. Haskell will then be joined by Liz Plosser, Editor in Chief of Women’s Health, and Sarah Smith, Content Director of Prevention, to pull back the curtain on how media brands create health content specifically geared to drive consumer action on a generational level in a constantly evolving marketplace.


Regulatory & Legislation Special Report: What the 2020 Campaign Means for DTC Marketing; JIM DAVIDSON, POLSINELLI; JON BIGELOW, COALITION FOR HEALTHCARE COMMUNICATION


This year’s DTC National Conference is occurring in the midst of the 2020 campaign, with COVID-19 and drug prices continuing to be major concerns. Both parties are skeptical of pharma and will push strategies to rein in drug prices – in some cases with implications for the content and volume of health marketing. Seemingly minor wording requirements for DTC can set dangerous precedents for the industry’s First Amendment fights to communicate about innovative pharmaceuticals. This joint session will provide an election analysis, with focuses on voter concerns pre- and post-COVID, pricing issue proposals by both parties, impacts on speech and taxes for healthcare marketers, and the FDA and future impacts. These discussions will be informed by Jim Davidson’s and Jon Bigelow’s respective roles monitoring legislative and regulatory initiatives and interacting with key Washington players.


Patient Education, Engagement, Virtual Health & COVID-19: Where We’ve Been, Where We Are, and Where We’re Going; CHRISTINE FRANKLIN, DIGITAL HEALTH COALITION; ERIN FITZGERALD, SERMO; ERIC TALBOT, PATIENTPOINT 


Over the past 11 months PatientPoint, the Digital Health Coalition, and Sermo have surveyed hundreds of US physicians to gauge their preferences for patient education, taking a deep dive into their use of patient engagement technology and especially virtual health platforms before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.


During this panel discussion, experts from PatientPoint, DHC, and Sermo will share results from their ongoing physician research exploring patient education and engagement and discuss implications including:


Attitudes on promise of virtual health to educate and engage throughout the patient journey

Interest and use of digital patient engagement tools both inside and beyond the office

Types of information pharma companies can offer physicians and patients right now at varying touchpoints


Getting Closer to Your Audience: Emerging Innovations in Targeted Media; JEFFREY ERB, MCCANN HEALTH


Digital transformation is changing the landscape of the connected consumer in ways that allow for significantly more one to one engagement from what used to be considered traditional media channels, all the way to digital video consultations with physicians. In a world that is increasingly made up of individuals who have spent the majority of their lives online, it is important to stay well ahead of where they are engaging with your brand by leveraging advanced targeting techniques and ensure that creative and media are working together seamlessly.


Social Media DTC: Guidelines and Principles for Optimization; FRED CHURCH, FORMAT ANALYTICS


Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. These and other social media platforms play a major role in the daily lives of hundreds of millions of Americans. How should pharmaceutical companies use social media to promote their products directly to consumers? This session will examine the guidelines and principles surrounding social media DTC. The session will conclude with forward-thinking recommendations for how and when to employ different types of social media promotion, providing the building blocks for designing future social media campaigns.


The Realist’s Guide to Social Marketing During Chaotic Times; BRAD EINARSEN, KLICK HEALTH


The COVID-19 pandemic, and 2020 in general, have created many challenges for health marketers. Two tactics have emerged as particularly suited to this dynamic environment: search and social. We will be taking a deep dive into social marketing with practical tips on how the realist marketer can navigate these waters based on the Klick social properties and ads database with 20,000 ads from the past two years.



Case Study: Guiding Millennials to Treatment through Digital Architecture and Media; LYNDI HIRSCH, ADHERETECH; CARLA HARBRINK, FCB HEALTH; DEIRDRE NOONAN, HEALIXGLOBAL


Millennials are the first generation to grow up in an all-digital environment. This makes them the most technologically connected and social savvy generation ever. So how do you design a digital environment that leverages millennial insights on digital media consumption and device interface? This presentation will introduce the planning and media strategies used by a recent Dermira campaign to connect to this audience and help them guide their conversations with HCPs all the way to treatment Rx.




New laws, changing public perceptions of big pharma, and the constantly evolving technologies that enable more precise advertising require constant vigilance to ensure consumer and patient privacy. Learn how to work closely with your M/L/R teams, agencies, and media partners to develop your brand standards as well as obtain clearances for your key patient and provider segments. Review a case study and get a checklist of items to consider as you review your attribution and marketing mix approaches. This panel will provide a first-time ever public discussion on health and pharma privacy policy development in advanced TV – informed, personally relevant, delivered and measured based on pseudonymized exposure data.




With TV advertising accounting for over 70% of DTC marketing budgets (over $3.73 billion was spent on national TV commercials in 2018), marketers are looking for new ways to optimize their largest investments. The many real-time options for adjusting digital media tactics have changed how marketers approach their advertising; these higher expectations have driven demand for near-real-time TV analytics and more accountability and flexibility than ever before. Enabled by these metrics, both marketers and agencies are now having ongoing conversations around their media strategy, ensuring their investments are achieving desired health outcomes, even during the pandemic.


Veeva Crossix developed DIFA TV™ to help marketers embrace this new media age and optimize all stages of the advertising process, from upfront planning, to inmarket reporting, to post-campaign ROI measurement. Through a case study, we will share how we worked with an agency to plan, measure, and optimize TV investments.


The Impact of COVID-19 on High-Need US Patients – Wave 3 of Tracked Findings; MEGHAN OATES-ZALESKY, APOLLO INTELLIGENCE


Since January, InCrowd has monitored the perceptions of US healthcare professionals and high-need patients regarding COVID-19. In the third wave of high-need patient research, InCrowd explores the toll the disruption has taken on immunocompromised patients and those with chronic conditions, their engagement with physicians, barriers to care, and thoughts about the future of their disease management. This session will share finding from InCrowd’s most recent wave of insights, while reflecting upon Waves 1 and 2, fielded in March and May, respectively. Patient audiences include individuals who suffer from diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, migraines, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and autoimmune illnesses.


Tracking DTC Impact on Adherence in the Post-COVID Market; ANDREW BURKUS, IQVIA; BRETT SAUNDERS, IQVIA


Now, more than ever, patient engagement and retention matters to drive clinically appropriate uptake and return uses of life-saving brands. IQVIA senior leaders will discuss the KPIs top brands are tracking during COVID-19 lockdowns and how the landscape for measurement will change for 2021 — including telehealth impacts. The speakers will also share a brand evolution on returning patient metrics; from a ‘nice-to-have’ to mission-critical measurement of promotional impact on continuers’ time to action and incremental gains over the last two years.

Salepage: http://www.videos.dtcuniversity.com/programs/collection-kjltw8-bsv0
Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/7Y8oe

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DTC – 2020 DTC National
DTC – 2020 DTC National

$250.00 $72.00

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