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OTC National


The Current OTC Landscape, BRIAN OWENS, KANTAR
Rx to OTC Switch: A Realistic Growth Strategy?, SUSAN B. LEV…
Factors Influencing Self-Care Purchases, DAVE WENDLAND, HAMA…
The Marketing Success of SlowMag® Mg ®, DEACON WEBSTER, WALR…
The Role of HCPs as Advocates for OTC Brands, JEFF GARSHON, …
Connecting the Dots: The Critical Role of the Physician Offi…
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Master Class Credits: 1 DTC Credit

The Current OTC Landscape, BRIAN OWENS, KANTAR


Kantar gives the lay of the OTC landscape, discussing what is being spent, who the major players are, what sectors dominate, and what media channels are ascending. This presentation gives an important overview of the industry.


Rx to OTC Switch: A Realistic Growth Strategy?, SUSAN B. LEVY, SUSAN B. LEVY CONSULTING, LLC


A shocking 40% of Rx to OTC switches in the US since 2000 have failed commercially. Nonetheless, Rx to OTC switch can provide an effective mechanism to launch a “new to the world” consumer healthcare brand. A successful Rx to OTC switch requires much more than regulatory approval, however. Using case studies from both commercial successes and failures, this presentation will provide an overview of the key factors required for success in the US.

After a period of very few Rx to OTC switches in the US, activity appears to be ramping up. We’ll pay particular attention to any current 2020 launches.


Factors Influencing Self-Care Purchases, DAVE WENDLAND, HAMACHER RESOURCES GROUP


Self-care has enormous benefits to individuals and to the traditional healthcare system by responding to consumer desire to take a stepped up role in their own health and by reducing unnecessary utilization of scarce professional healthcare resources. During this presentation highlights will be shared from recent research revealing a well-defined path that people follow in their quest for health-related outcomes. These studies point to a process of exploration of health options once an individual recognizes a specific health need to address. Attendees will discover that the decision-making process that people employ to address a health concern is considerably more deliberate than one might imagine. There are many inputs to the final actions taken and they all are important to understanding how people behave in response to an identified health condition.


Wayfind your Brand – Demystifying Brand Identity and Consumer Behavior in Store and Online, TERRI GOLDSTEIN, THE GOLDSTEIN GROUP


During this fast-paced and informational speech you’ll: Develop tools to build both intuitive and deliberate cognitive connections for consumers to wayfind your brand in an omnichannel Marketplace; Understand consumer purchase behavior, habits, rituals and impulsive behavior at retail, via shopper marketing knowledge; and Learn how to create an informed design strategy for your OTC brand that utilizes color category codes, unexpected shapes, own-able symbols and words to result in an intuitive visual vocabulary that can be seen, felt and understood for your own memorable brand recall.



The Marketing Success of SlowMag® Mg ®, DEACON WEBSTER, WALRUS


The Role of HCPs as Advocates for OTC Brands, JEFF GARSHON, INSTEP HEALTH

As in-person visits to healthcare providers continue to ramp up, marketers of OTC brands have many opportunities to be part of the conversations that are happening in the doctor’s office. Consumers place a great deal of trust in messages delivered in the HCP environment. If OTC brands are not including the provider channel in their marketing plans, they are overlooking an opportunity to make a meaningful connection at the “moment of truth.”  


OTC products are often recommended as an adjunct or alternative to Rx therapies. So, it makes sense that OTC brands have a visible, prominent presence in a point of care setting ‒ where a product’s value as a health necessity can be significantly elevated in the consumer’s mind.


More than ever, HCPs are seen as influencers, conduits of care, and recognized for their knowledge. They can become an advocate for your OTC brand. Citing case studies from multiple categories, Jeff will discuss ways to successfully reach both consumers and providers in the HCP office. 


Connecting the Dots: The Critical Role of the Physician Office on the Path to Purchase, ERIC TALBOT, PATIENTPOINT & NIKI CLORAN, PATIENTPOINT

With more than 3/4 of all patients visiting a store within four hours of seeing a doctor, point-of-care (POC) programs are a prime channel to influence doctor-patient discussions and convert consumer awareness into action. But how are these campaigns crafted and measured? This session will focus on the customization and analytics involved in OTC campaigns in the POC space, including physician recommendations and purchase intent, that make the physician office such a valuable stop on the OTC path to purchase.


OTC National

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Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/0nMe1

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DTC – OTC National
DTC – OTC National

$150.00 $45.00

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