E.J. Gold – The Human Biological Machine as a Transformational Apparatus

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Human Biological Machine as a Transformational Apparatus by E.J. Gold is now back in print in a glorious, expanded new edition.

This 2nd edition features new artwork by the author/artist E.J. Gold. A set of beautiful charcoals.

Increasingly influential study that presents vital information for anyone on a spiritual path in a practical way. The author emphasizes our transformational potential and how to transcend our ordinary biological and psychological limitations.

Table of Contents

  • Forward
  • Editor’s Preface
  • The Situation: The impartial observation of the limits of life in a fish tank can provide us with an important clue as to the real nature of our planetary situation and a basis for asking ourselves what the meaning and purpose of life can be.
  • What to Do? If our world is actually related to other worlds, then we must ask ourselves what we can accomplish that would be significant and of objective value and consequence beyond its limited confines.
  • Our Potential for Inner Evolution: The key to accomplishing something of objective value lies in our potential for inner evolution; special methods can teach us how to use our body, mind, and emotions to transform our essential selves.
  • The Human Biological Machine as a Transformational Apparatus: Contrary to popular belief, inner transformation does not produce behavioral and psychological results that can be easily recognized from the outside. Real results are of an entirely different nature.
  • Beyond Personal Enhancement: Most psychological methods provide us with a means to achieve personal enhancement by changing behavioral patterns of the “machine.” Real transformational methods enable us to achieve objective change by transforming the “essential self” and completely disregarding the effect we have upon others.
  • Beginning Work: The purpose of beginning work is to bring the machine into the waking state and to enable it to function as a transformational apparatus. Transformation is not an aim in itself but a stepping stone to a whole new way of life which we seek.
  • Sheep in Sleep: Because the machine — although fully functional in the ordinary sense — lives its whole life in the sleeping state, our work begins in sleep. We must learn to use the elements of sleep to overcome the machine’s defense mechanism against the waking state.
  • Inner Aims: By making our formulation of our inner aims toward transformation, more exact, we may eventually develop a real work aim, not something mental and subjective but an aim which is practical, immediate, accomplishable and which could actually serve a greater more objective aim.
  • Study of the Machine: Although we are separate from the machine, we have become hypnotized, immersed in the sleeping state of the machine. One of the purposes of studying the machine is to gather evidence which can help us define the exact nature of this sleep.
  • The Machine as an Electrical Field: The human biological machine is a powerful dominant electrical field which can — if its transformational functions are activated by the waking state, act electrically upon the essential self another, less powerful but more subtle electrical field which forms the true self.
  • The Repair of the Machine: Because life experiences — mnemonically stored in the muscles of the body — have distorted the electrical field of the machine, repair of these anomalies in the general electrical field are necessary in order for the machine to function effectively as a transformational apparatus.
  • The Essential Self as an Electrical Field: Information in the evolutionary sense is transmitted by impingement of one electrical field upon another. The electrical field of the essential self undergoes the exact change necessary to free it from its compulsive electrical affinity for the human biological machine.
  • Help: Real help is not someone doing something for us, or a lessening of our personal suffering and struggles. Real help has no calming effect — quite the contrary — it makes the machine squirm itself into evolution-by-reflex.
  • Alchemy: Alchemy is not a way of producing behavioral change in the machine; it is a way of notating change that occurs on a much deeper level. It is not a cause, but an effect, a reflection of the inner evolution of the essential self.
  • Bringing the Woman to Life: If we follow the machine as a lover would unrelentingly fix his gaze upon his Beloved, filled with astonishment, rapture and gratitude, the machine will come to life, awakening and responding to the power of adoration with a profound emotion which will in turn bring about our own transformation.
  • Attack at Dawn: A Beachhead into the Fourth Dimension: In our beginning work, we often attempt to accomplish too much at once. Our efforts are scattered and our energy quickly dissipates itself. We must discipline ourselves to improve the quality and potency of our efforts by condensing them at first.
  • Warming of the Soul: Growth of the soul requires a form of human sacrifice, the exact nature of which has long since been distorted in mainstream thought. Evolutionary barriers — flaws in the diamond — are ground down by abrasion.
  • Out of Body: Once we are able to bring the machine to stillness and silence, we will experience ourselves as definitely separate from the machine with a life apart from and far beyond the life of the machine.
  • The Chronic Defense Mechanism: Because of its fear of not being able to reintegrate the sleeping state, the machine has learnt to defend itself against the waking state. Each individual has a particular defense mechanism called the Chronic which is triggered off whenever the machine is threatened with awakening.
  • The Electrical Affinity of the Essential Self and the Machine: The relationship between the essential self and the machine is based on a seduction, an affinity — electrical in nature — between their electrical fields. Evolution thus means transformation of the electrical field of the essential self in such a way as to free it from this affinity.
  • Restimulation of the Defense Mechanism: By constantly restimulating areas of charge in the electrical field of the machine, we are able to clear it of its ridges and eddies which impede on the electrical field of the essential self.
  • Every Which Way But Up: The vision of the higher dimension indicates that the waking state has been achieved; without the vision of the higher dimension, the waking state cannot be used for transformation.
  • An Experience: The account of an experience which Janet, a medical doctor located in New York City, had with her chronic and how she was able to use it to cross into the waking state.

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E.J. Gold – The Human Biological Machine as a Transformational Apparatus
E.J. Gold – The Human Biological Machine as a Transformational Apparatus

$18.95 $10.00

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