Elma Mayer – I am Now Healing

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I am Now Healing – a Total Energetic Tune Up

Elma Mayer - I am Now Healing for your Body-Mind-Spirit


An Energetic Tune Up for Your Whole Life – in 40 minutes. Because it’s all inter-related Tune up the parts – and the integrated Whole!


Use this powerful Guided Healing session – anytime you want to feel better.

Try it now! Your energy will shift – even just from this short free sample:


Free 7-minute Sample

I Am Now Healing is

a complete energy healing session, in just 40 minutes. Use it anytime you want to feel better.

These Energetic Alignments instantly shift your whole energy field.  They work on your

  • physical body
  • emotions
  • thoughts
  • relationships
  • finances
  • goals,
  • life purpose and more.

The Alignments activate your body-mind-spirit’s innate self-healing — effortlessly and instantly.

These Energetic Alignments are more than just “healing affirmations.” Affirmations work primarily through the conscious mind which is just a very small fraction of reality. But Energetic Alignments instantly and directly affect all levels of existence — not just your conscious mind, but also the vast non-conscious realms ancestral energies, morphic fields, energy bodies, meridians, organs, cells, DNA, all the way down to the quantum level and the zero point field.

Testimonials – Add Yours Below!

“I listened [on behalf of] my sister with cancer. She had completed the 3rd chemotherapy treatment. I noted that despite the side effect of the chemotherapy, she’s full of energy!”
JG, Singapore

“I Am Now Healing is an amazing product. This is a brilliant way of healing through your own participation.”
Bethany Milton, Quantum Shift Energetics

“I Am Now Healing” is POWERFUL. I can report that the symptoms from Lyme Disease are greatly diminished. This is allowing me to do my work and be with my family every day which I was unable to do. I have always believed that I could find a way of clearing the Lyme from my body. I am now even more assured that this is definitely going to happen with your help. I will absolutely recommend these sessions without any hesitations.
Anna. D, San Luis Obispo, CA

“I am Now Healing” is a masterpiece of self-care and a blessing to the planet. It is easy, beautiful and profound. Every time I listen to it I uncover new treasures. Whenever I want to align my energies or raise my spirit, I know that this unique, simple CD has got everything I need.”
Nedi Safa, Now Healing Practitioner, CA

“I listen often, either as I wake up in the morning or when I go to sleep at night. Every single time I am restored. I feel stronger and my spirit is lifted. If I am stressing over something and have that negative loop going round that I just can’t seem to let go, I go straight to “I am now healing my thoughts and my emotions”  – and the negative chatter is gone. It is truly a blessing”
Jeana Smith

“When I’m in a pinch, I use the global statements “I am now healing”, and “I delete all obstacles to healing.” I usually hear it in your calm and soothing voice, and instantly feel relief. I go through periods when I listen every morning. I notice improvement each time.

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Elma Mayer – I am Now Healing
Elma Mayer – I am Now Healing

$47.00 $19.00

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