Elma Mayer (Now Healing) – Heal Your Situation

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What You Get

Heal Your Situation is an advanced and fully customizable series of self-healing audio modules. Its purpose is to evaporate pain, problems and patterns for any situation that you bring.

Each audio addresses YOUR situation – specifically. Each one is designed to work on a different field of resonance from cells to thoughts to ancestors.

Session 1: What brings you here? Align it now! (47 minutes)

  • Learn how to observe your situation for optimal healing – to expand your awareness and undistorted perception – of your body, mind, mood.
  • Clear all the parts and components of your situation, and Reintegrate them.
  • Enter a state of instant healing and Wholeness
  • Discover an easy template you can use, to heal any situation

Session 2: Activate highest healing (48 minutes)

  • Find out whether you are blocked from healing (You might be surprised)
  • Quickly get non-attached to your outcome so you can achieve better outcomes!
  • Activate your highest expression of healing that applies to you
  • Watch what happens when you simply Align your entire situation with Wholeness!

Session 3: Clear the Mind Field (74 minutes)

  • Clear away thoughts and self-talk that keep you from healing
  • Transcend your beliefs, assumptions, inner skeptic, and hidden objections
  • Overcome your attachment to specific needs and conditions for healing
  • Purge your history and unnecessary attachments to it
  • Scan your entire Mind Field, to repair ALL disconnects and distortions

Session 4: Scan and Align your Body – Total Body Reintegration (63 minutes)

Even if your situation is not primarily about your body, this Total Body Reintegration will strongly support the healing of your situation and enable you to more easily handle stress. We Align your

  • Spine, nerves, brain, heart (physical and energetic)
  • Organ systems, organs, glands
  • Functions, fluids, metabolism, hormones, senses, and digestion
  • Structures, tissues and cells
  • Qi, energy meridians, chakras, auric field  and much more.

Session 5: Scan the Universe for Entanglements (39 minutes)

  • Align everything outside of your body (known and unknown) related to your situation
  • This includes: matter, energy, time, space, ancestors, future generations, psychic resonance, morphic memory, external minds, relationships other field phenomena and much more

Session 6: Create Your State (55 minutes)

  • Identify the most important question to ask to allow healing into your life
  • Upgrade your story, and program your ideal outcome
  • A deep and powerful Sacred Geometry Alignment
  • Create your new vibrant state – and learn to sustain it
  • Recap of the Basic Protocol for use on any situation


AND you also get


Fast Zaps: Seven 12x Power Alignment Audios (6 minutes each) 


A totally unique, proprietary NEW healing technology!


Each 6-minute audio contains 72 minutes of healing.

  • Use these Fast Zaps of instant healing for super-accelerated results.
  • Save Time! Exponentially powerful healing – in just six minutes
  • Receive incredibly fast, high-potency Alignments (144 per minute!

Heal While You Sleep – Slow “Zzzap” (31 minutes)

  • Absorb the healing as you doze off. Powerful and easy multi-layered healing.
  • Program yourself to heal as you sleep
  • Assimilate powerful healing techniques not only into your subconscious, but on all levels

Healing Others – How to use this product on others (21 minutes)

  • Receive easy instructions on how to share and run the audios for others
  • Pay forward the gift of healing to those you love
  • Please note: This is not a course in “how to heal others.” You will be using the audios on behalf of others, and learn how to apply the Alignments to them – it’s simple.

Book: Worksheets, FAQs, and transcripts (76 Pages)

  • Gain deep new insights and inspired answers as you track your progress with your customized worksheet (it’s not “just” a worksheet, it’s a healing tool in itself)
  • Quick answers to all your questions about Heal Your Situation
  • Refer to checklists, tips, tools, plus transcripts of the Introduction audio and Healing Others audio as you listen

Ten Transformation Templates

These ten templates are super-powerful shortcuts to healing loaded with personal healing Activations. They’re designed to be used in written form, even when you cannot listen to your audios.

  • A handy guide that’s great for “visual” people who enjoy the written word. Go at your own pace!
  • You’ll learn to heal yourself, with these powerful checklists of Alignments.
  • Use them anytime, on any issue – for yourself, and your loved ones.
  • An instant “energizer” at your fingertips, at a moment’s notice.

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Elma Mayer (Now Healing) – Heal Your Situation
Elma Mayer (Now Healing) – Heal Your Situation

$297.00 $74.00

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