Emmanuel Dagher – The Freedom Series

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Emmanuel Dagher - The Freedom Series

Divine Infinite Freedom

International Bestselling Author, Teacher, Transformational Life Coach and Expansion Catalyst, Emmanuel Dagher, is here to usher you through the doorway into Divine self-love, creative expression and limitless energetic expansion.

Emmanuel Dagher - The Freedom Series

You are about to take part in a miraculous co-creative process.

It’s no mistake you are here

Emmanuel created these tools to help liberate you from the shackles of self-doubt and perceived limitation, enabling you to manifest your greatest life’s vision, right now.

Everything you’re going to come into contact with through this page was designed with your highest good in mind.

These tools and open doorways to higher states of consciousness, greater self-love and help you discover how remarkable you are and always have been.

All of These Sessions Offer Rapid and Radical Transformation

By using Core Energy Therapy, Emmanuel connects you with the Zero Point field of infinite possibility and leads you to discover an overflowing well of innate talent, creativity and pure brilliance.

This super-charged form of healing uses applied Quantum Physics, Energetic Restorative Principles, Theta Healing & Spiritual Psychology to quickly release the physical, mental & emotional blocks, stresses or traumas one may be experiencing keeping them from creating their greatest life’s vision.

You’re going to quickly expand and align with positive, life-enhancing vibrations that offer incredible positive transformation.

Emmanuel Dagher - The Freedom Series

Core Energy Therapy® was developed as a result of Emmanuel’s background in Spiritual Psychology, Holistic Healing (Energetic Medicine, Advanced ThetaHealing™, Zero Point Therapy), and Quantum Physics. Prepare for quick, easy and powerful paradigm shifts through each session!


You’re going to inculcate the energetic signatures of

  • Energetic, financial, emotional and relational abundance
  • Vibrant health and rapid healing
  • Pure, unbridled universal love
  • Peace found in the knowing that you are whole
  • Creative expression

and much, much more!

This Package is Truly All-Encompassing and Evergreen

Emmanuel has crafted this masterful collection of processes, healing and transformational tools to ensure you have everything you need as you rediscover and embrace your Divine brilliance.

What’s more: you can use these tools to achieve higher states of consciousness for years to come.

As growth occurs, we all face different challenges, address a variety of self-doubts and move into new spaces of awareness and knowing. These healings will meet you where you are and aid you over and over again as you continue along your journey.

Emmanuel Dagher - The Freedom Series

Through the most graceful of processes, you are going to connect with all that is, breathing in Divine life force, love, gratitude, peace and joy while releasing judgement, shame, guilt, blame, limitation and perceptions of reality that keep you in a state of lack.

Through 12 shift-inspiring sessions, you’re going to

  • Rewrite your entire life experience
  • Release and free yourself from all limiting beliefs
  • Redefine your relationship with your mind and creative capacity

Then, Emmanuel is offering you the opportunity bask in the energy of pure unconditional love through 28 days of remote healing.

Read on to discover all that your new adventure holds.

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Emmanuel Dagher – The Freedom Series
Emmanuel Dagher – The Freedom Series

$197.00 $49.00

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