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There’s a required series of action steps that must be mapped out in a strategic order before any of the resulting wealth can be invested. The early steps are critically important-yet surprisingly, they’re almost universally ignored.

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Financial Mentor – Design Your Wealth Plan

Here’s the rub engineering a personalized, written, wealth plan is the single most important step to achieving financial freedom because the alternative is wasted effort every day, inefficient resource use, and high risk of failure. This is just common sense, and the alternative is irrational. Why would you do any different?

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Yet, isn’t it amazing that most people spend more time planning their family vacation than planning their future wealth?

Everyone knows their vacation won’t happen unless it’s all planned in advance with flight and room reservations. It’s pretty obvious. But few people realize how your wealth won’t grow unless you make similar reservations of your time and financial resources.

Think about it this way-you would never consider building a house without first having an architect design and blueprint the entire structure. You need to know how all the parts fit together and the strategic order to build them in before that first board is cut or nail is driven. Anything less would cause a haphazard result and wasted effort.

Well, financial independence works the exact same way.

You need a blueprint with step-by-step instructions that carefully engineers your daily actions into a strategic order so everything fits together efficiently. It must be uniquely designed to fit your skills, resources, financial needs, and abilities or it won’t work.

When designed properly, your plan becomes the bridge between your situation today and your financial dreams for tomorrow. When that plan is real, then your dreams become real. The only thing left to do is complete the actions required. It makes the whole journey to financial freedom so much easier.

The disturbing truth is every day you live without this blueprint guiding your decisions decreases the odds of achieving your financial goals. It puts you just a little further away making it harder to reach.

If you want financial freedom in this lifetime then the next few minutes reading how all this fits together should be time well spent

Why Traditional Wealth Plans Are Misleading

It’s an all too common scenario.

You’re sitting across the desk from your financial planner.

He asks a few questions about your income, expenses, and rattles something off about your risk tolerance.

Then he plunks the info into his computer and prints out a beautifully manicured document with pretty pie charts and colored graphs that magically identifies the exact asset allocation you need to create your financial utopia (and he just happens to have exclusive access to these investments!).

Supposedly it’s your wealth plan, but there are a few problems

  • It’s a completely useless document because there is nothing for you to do with it (except send money to your financial planner to buy the investments he recommended) thus you place it on your shelf when you get home, where it collects dust in the periphery of your world.
  • It fails to answer the most essential question in weal – how are you going to create the wealth in the first place?

In other words, essential steps are missing.
When you take a deeper look the problems become obvious:

  • It’s not an actual plan to help you build wealth or achieve other financial goals. It assumes you already have money to invest. So what you actually get is a plan for parking the wealth you earned elsewhere (because the real goal of the planner is to sell you financial productsand yes, that includes investments).
  • It’s limiting. The asset portion of the plan typically includes only the paper assets (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) the advisor can sell you. What about real estate, the grossly undervalued tax advantages and income acceleration opportunities from business? What about learning how to manage your expenses, and all the other components that should make up a comprehensive wealth strategy? There’s more that must be included than the “pros” are suggesting.
  • It’s mindless because it’s passive. The plan requires no action on your part. It’s completely passive. The only thing you’re supposed to do is give your broker/advisor all the money you earn elsewhere and trust his wise investment allocation abilities that will supposedly make you rich. Just pay his fees and give him money.

The hidden incentives that bias this type of plan should be obvious. But how do you create a comprehensive wealth plan that’s not missing essential components and isn’t biased by advisor compensation?

The answer is simple. You must do it yourself, and that’s what this course helps you accomplish.

Get Financial Mentor – Design Your Wealth Plan at the Courseavai


You Need To Know Where To Go And How
You Will Get There First
(Only then can you choose the right investment vehicle to take you there).

A complete wealth planning process includes the following four components:

  1. 1 Wealth Creation Plan – How you’ll create wealth to invest.
  • 2 Wealth Translation Plan – How to translate your wealth efficiently from income into assets.
  • 3 Investment Plan – How you invest the wealth to grow faster than inflation to increase purchasing power.
  • 4 Action Plan – How you make everything above happen, step-by-step.

Notice how the investment plan is only one of four key steps in the entire financial independence plan?

There’s a required series of action steps that must be mapped out in a strategic order before any of the resulting wealth can be invested. The early steps are critically important-yet surprisingly, they’re almost universally ignored.

Another important principle ignored by most wealth plans is the life cycle of building wealth.

As it turns out, there’s a strategic sequence that must be followed to reach your goal as efficiently and quickly as possible.

  • In the first half of the life cycle – the Accumulation Phase – the most important action is maximizing your savings rate as a percent of your income. If you want to minimize the time required to achieve financial independence then focus on your savings rate and all the methods for creating a large spread between income and spending during the early part of the plan.
  • It is only later in the wealth planning life cycle that your net investment return after inflation plays a critical role.
  • In addition, there are more advanced plans based on cash flow and leverage principles taught in Module 5 of the course. This replaces the traditional earn-save-invest asset accumulation strategy with an advanced framework that completely changes how your plan is structured and radically accelerates your financial goals.

What that means is there’s a strategic order in which you want to implement various plans and actions to achieve financial independence depending on your exact life circumstances.

Your wealth plan will show you how to use your life wisely to get where you want to go. Everything you need is in this course, but you still have to do the work.

  • Defining Your End Goal – You must know where you’re going before you can figure out how to get there. This step is trickier than it looks at first glance because financial freedom is a real number that can’t be faked. You must define exactly what financial freedom is for you, and what it isn’t. You can’t just pick a number out of the air. It is real and unique to you. It has meaning and purpose. We must define your gaol correctly or you won’t get the desired result.
  • Finding Your Start Place – This is a bit easier. We do this by taking a complete inventory of your current situation.
  • Apply the Ten Tenets Of Smart Wealth Planning – Discover how to put these proven principles of wealth building to work in your plan.
  • Creating the Fastest Route – This is where the fun begins. We develop strategies for moving toward your dream and closing the gap to realized wealth and financial freedom. We organize your plan into 3 specific stages – Wealth Creation, Wealth Translation, and Wealth Growth. We figure out how to exploit your natural born talents and competitive advantages while managing around your weaknesses. We set an appropriate time period to reach your goal.
  • Engineering The Numbers – A plan is just a pipe dream unless the numbers work. We’ll use tools that make this part easy and clearly defined.
  • Supercharging Your Plan – Now that your core plan is created, it’s time to brainstorm alternative life scenarios to see what’s truly possible in your world and how the numbers change as a result. Principles applied in this stage include different ways to manage longevity risk, alternative applications for leverage, substituting asset classes, reallocating your limited resources for greater impact, passive vs. active investing, speed vs. reliability of the plan, creating bailouts and backstops, cash flow instead of asset accumulation, and much more
  • Reverse Engineering Action Steps – Now it’s time to convert the entire plan from theory into practice with action steps you implement so you know exactly what you need to do this week, this month, this year, and 5 years from now. Warning! There is a right and wrong way to complete this step. I’ll teach you how to do things the right way.

Course Correcting – Once the plan is completed you immediately begin taking action. As you move forward, I’ll show you how to correct and adjust your plan so it’s fluid and evolving with each step you take. It’s a working, living, breathing manual that will never sit on your shelf and collect dust. I’ll show you what potholes to watch out for and how to evolve throughout the process to reach your goal.

What You Get:

  • Immediate Access To Eight Training Modules: Create your personalized plan to achieve financial independence.
  • 30 Sample Wealth Plans: Todd will walk you through 30 sample wealth plans he created just for you.
  • Learn at Your Own Pace: 24/7 unlimited access for convenient learning.
  • Step-By-Step Instruction: Each lesson includes audio, video, PDF transcript, a summary of key points, related resources, and a quick action guide.
  • Tools & Resources: Access relevant check lists, spreadsheets, mind maps, calculators, and recommended tools.
  • Practice Exercises: Get real world examples to guide every step as you create your own plan.
  • Live Office Hours Support: Todd Tresidder is providing live Q&A and coaching every week for Founder’s only!
  • Members Only Discussion Forum: Connect to a group of like-minded achievers.

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Financial Mentor – Design Your Wealth Plan
Financial Mentor – Design Your Wealth Plan


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