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But the fact is, you are already using these principles in your lifebecause you can’t NOT create. The secret is to understand and manage your creative process so you can finally live your grandest passions and greatest desires

Chakrativity: n. (chak‘-kruh-tiv’-uh-tee ), 1.) Creativity through the Chakras. 2.) The process of mastering your unlimited creative energies and bringing your ideas into form, your inspirations into reality.

Can you tell how passionate I am about this program? If you want to awaken that sort of passion in your life, turn on your deepest source of constant creativity and let a flood of new, fresh energy literally create miracles in your life, if you want to wake up tomorrow and know exactly how to and then start getting astonishing, immediate results from small (even teeny) changes in how you are managing your creativity — then shut your door, ignore your email, unplug the phone and devour this letter.

You are in for the grandest “ride of your life” as these Chakrativity Secrets begin to transform you overnight into the creative superstar you deserve to be.

What you are about to discover is the mostprofitableskill you could ever have. No matter what happens to you in life or business, once you have this skill you will always be able to wield its amazing power to your benefit. It will permanently transform you as a success in every aspect of your life no matter what happens to the economy or the events around you. Finally, you will firmly be in control of your personal destiny.

Yes, this short, provocative program will change your life forever. I promise, it’s that powerful.

From: Gwenn Bonnell

Ft. Lauderdale, FL
9:35 A.M.

Dear Friend,

Let me ask you 3 intriguing questions.

  1. Are you ready to activate your highest potential, following through on your most exciting creative ideas and watch them actually take form as you successfully transform your inspirations into reality? 
  2. Are you ready to attract trustworthy people into your life who really do support you and your ideas and actually enjoy helping you manifest your dreams and desires?
  3. Are you ready to always feel safe and financially secure, always feeling strong enough to handle any of life’s challenges, knowing you have the tools to stay connected to your power and to the universal laws of synchronicity, coincidences, and divine inspiration?

That probably sounds almost too good to be true, right?

But what if you take a leap of faith, and answer absolutely
and Yes!

Yes! I AM ready to activate my highest potential, following through on my most exciting creative ideas and watch them actually take form as I successfully transform my inspirations into reality!

Yes! I AM ready to attract trustworthy people into my life who really do support me and my ideas and actually enjoy helping me manifest my dreams and desires!

Yes! I AM ready to always feel safe and financially secure, always feeling strong enough to handle any of life’s challenges, knowing I have the tools to stay connected to my power and to the universal laws of synchronicity, coincidences, and divine inspiration!

Now you are ready for Chakrativity, the best of my “Creativity Through the Chakras” workshop now through online audio or on one audio CD! People just like you are transformed in my Chakra workshops. This program is a reflection of what I’ve learned by personally studying with three medical intuitives who are “masters” in the field of understanding the energies of the Chakras: Caroline Myss, Donna Eden, and Barbara Brennan.

And EACH time I run the workshop, the participants ask for the guided meditations on tape.

OK, I admit I had some 2nd Chakra blocks to creating this productthe gestation period was sort of long. But once I activated my 2nd Chakra, the birthing process was rather easyand exhilarating! YOU are the beneficiary of this creative process since the price for this program is about half of what I charge to attend a workshop!

Just in case you are NOT familiar with the Chakra system, let me give you a quick explanation:

Chakra (pronounced SHAH-kruh) is an Sanskrit word that literally means “Wheel.” These “Wheels” of energy vortexes correspond to specific aspects of your physical body, your mind, your development, and your life. While there are hundreds of chakras in your body, the 7 most powerful ones are arranged from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each of these 7 Chakras plays an integral role in your creative process.

Chakras are part of your energy systema “secret” or “hidden” part only because most of us can’t “see” these energy centers. But we all experience the energy of each Chakra. Have you ever given birth? That’s the 2nd Chakra energy, which not only gives birth to children, but to ANY project we are involved in bringing into being.

Have you ever wondered where you found the “guts” to stand up to ridicule and “speak” your truth? That’s the energy of the 3rd (solar plexus) Chakra and the 5th (Throat) Chakra working together.

“Seeing” yourself following through on an idea or a project is using the energy of the 6th (Third Eye) Chakra.

The Electrical Connection

The good news is you don’t have to learn the ins and outs of each Chakrajust like (unless you’re an electrical engineer) most of us don’t fully understand why a light bulb turns on when we flip a switch on the wall. That’s a “hidden” or “secret” processbecause 1) we can’t see it and 2) we may not fully understand it. But it works anyway – as long as we know what switch to turn on!

Actually, the two processes are comparable. Both involve the transmission of energyelectrical energy must travel from it’s source (at the power plant) to it’s final physical act (lighting up a bulb) and creative energy must travel from it’s source (at the Crown Chakra) into matter in our physical world (the 1st, or Root Chakra, is our connection to all of physical life).

The energy must flow freely through each step, unimpeded along its journey to the light bulb. Even the light bulb has to be in working order, or turning on the switch won’t work. Some of the “short circuit” problems we can fix ourselveschanging a light bulb, resetting a circuit breaker.

However, when the power goes out in out neighborhood, we are powerless and feel helpless, waiting for those who have the “secret” knowledge to repair a transformer and return our electricity.

Similarly, energy must have an unimpeded flow through the Chakras to become matter. The more energy is flowing, the more balanced the flow through each Chakra, the faster ideas manifest in our physical world. But having one Chakra block the flow, and the idea may never be fulfilledor if it is, whatever is created is weak and short lived.

Some of the blocks we intuitively fix ourselvesclearing our throat when we are having a problem “being heard,” giving blood when a loved one is in the hospital, and praying for divine guidance. Other times we might feel helplessthat’s about to end!


Understand and Manage YOUR Creative Powers

Now, learn the “hidden” or “secret” method of bringing ideas into reality with Chakrativity. The guided meditations unleash YOUR understanding of the creative process so you control how fast YOUR ideas become matter. Understand your process, and YOU become the “expert,” the manager, the engineer of your creative process.

Listen, imagine if you woke up tomorrow morning and magically had all the tools to live your grandest life. Imagine if you had all the knowledge and the power to make your wildest dreams come true! Imagine being able to understand when and where the process is blocked, clear those blocks on your own, and move on! That’s what the Chakrativity program will do for youImagine recognizing the role synchronicity and copincidence play in your creative process. YOU have the power, YOU have the knowledge, YOU will boost your creativity, YOU will attract relationships that really benefit you, YOU will feel safe enough to stand in your personal power while YOU stay connected to your inspiration and intuition.

This sounds amazing, is this for real?

Absolutely it is.

Let me quickly list for you everything you are receiving.

First, the complete audio recording (over 75 minutes) that others paid $50 per person to hear in my “Creativity Through the Chakras” Workshop. You’ll learn:

How to sense the Chakra energies

How to clear, balance and strengthen the energies of each Chakra

How to release “stuck” energy and strengthen each Chakra, beginning at the Root Chakra and flowing up to the Crown Chakra

How to use the Crown Pull to release excess energy (great for headaches) and to boost inspirational guidance.

How to bring YOUR creative ideas into reality. Open to inspiration at the Crown Chakra, and follow the journey of energy gaining density as it flows into matter through to the Root Chakra.

Handy “Quick-Start Chart” showing the location of the chakras and how to clear and strengthen each Chakra PLUS a reference guide explaining the psycho-spiritual energy inherent in each Chakra AND the alchemy of ideas becoming reality.

Second, watch your email inbox for “Creativity Through the Chakras,” a FREE report on how to manage YOUR creative energies. This report closely follows the audio meditations. (Students in my Chakra Workshops ALWAYS ask for this report – now it’s available to you TODAY!) Use it as a handy guide to clear creative blocks and more immediately manifest your ideas in the physical world.

Third, you are receiving a free subscription to the E-ssential Chakrativity Guide and receive regular tips straight to my inbox completely free. This Guide will ONLY be received by people like you who practice Chakrativityand your name and email address will remain completely private. You will have a chance to have all your questions about Chakrativity answered in this brief but informative E-ssential Chakrativity Guide.


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Gwenn Bonnell – Chakrativity Deluxe
Gwenn Bonnell – Chakrativity Deluxe

$29.97 $12.00

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