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Learn the Cash Flow Positive Strategy that returns 2-3 X typical residential rents



The proven system that scales your property returns, so that you can break free of negative gearing and earn serious passive income from property.


Negatively Geared properties by their nature are unstable.

Shelling out money just to hold a property is even more ludicrous in times of financial crisis. 

But there is another way!

What would it be like if you could earn 2-3 times typical rental returns from ordinary properties – that’s REAL positive cash flow, in your sleep?

Not just tonight, but tomorrow night, and every night for the rest of your life.
Sounds amazing, right?

It is amazing. But it’s not the reality for most property investors.

And I’ve been where you are now.

My story is a story I hear from lots of investors. Thinking I would get ahead of the game, I purchased my first property at 19.

At a young age, I had 7 properties. Most people would expect me to have been ‘financially free’ by that stage.

Well, no. I was nowhere near ‘financial freedom’.

In fact, it was the complete opposite – I was in financial hardship … servicing mortgages, property outgoings, etc. It was almost too much to bear.

Sound familiar?

Everything changed for me when I changed direction.

I switched my strategy to positive cash flow property, and 13 months later – I was financially stable enough to leave paid employment – for good!

I did it by legally converting ordinary residential properties into affordable micro-apartments, that collectively earn up to 2-3 x typical residential rents.

Sounds easy? But does this actually work?

Well, I’ve been converting ordinary residential properties into high yield cash cows for over eight years now, and in that time, I’ve built a steady stream of property income that is substantial enough that I no longer need to work in paid employment for a living. 

But more importantly, I’ve now taught students all around Australia and New Zealand (over 3000 students and counting) how to create positive cash flow through property, using my system.

You don’t need to be a builder or property flipper. You don’t even need to know how to hold a hammer.

I’ll show you exactly how to take an existing investment property, your own home, even a property you rent, and convert it into a high yield investment that puts money back in your pocket every week.

By converting ordinary homes into micro-apartments, you’ll fill the gap in the HUGE market for affordable-housing.

This strategy is a WIN-WIN. Your tenants will love you because they’ll save half to one third off their normal rent … and you’ll earn double-digit returns!

Ready to learn how?



High Income Real Estate System (HI-RES) is more than just an ONLINE COURSE. It’s a step-by-step blueprint to implement the strategy that turns ordinary residential properties into high-yield Cash Flow Positive investments. Your Lifetime Membership means we’re with you every step of the way to ensure your success!

Course Curriculum

11 highly detailed Learning Modules designed to give you a deep understanding of the High Income Real Estate System with all of the tools you’ll need to reach Positive Cash Flow, fast!



Module 1:
Creating Double Digit Returns & Strategies

The High Income Real Estate System is all about creating multiple revenue streams from one residential property. Learn the basics of this strategy, as well as how to stack strategies to fast track your returns. In this module, we look at how Demolition, Subdivision, Construction, and Strata Title intersect with High Income Real Estate to maximise your property profit.



Module 2:
Numbers Feaso’s and Making it Work

Success in property is about getting the numbers right! Take the emotion out of your property deals and analyse every transaction financially to forward-project your success; from finding a deal using Ian Ugarte’s 27-step process, to how to assess short term rental property viability using our custom Airbnb profit calculator.

This module teaches you to embark upon only deals that work!



Module 3:
Finance Structures

Property entrepreneurs look for returns at every stage of the deal. When it comes finance, they formulate a plan to achieve their desired outcome. Learn to look at finance like a strategist. It isn’t just about obtaining the best finance product, or the lowest interest rate available. We’ll teach you financing strategies that enable you to reach your desired outcome (not the bank’s), and do it again and again until you’re financially free.



Module 4: 
Finding Deals and Due Diligence

Your property entrepreneur apprenticeship starts here!

Learn to work out where your bread and butter will be coming from, with a systematic and repeatable processes designed to create clarity around your profit streams and maximise your outcomes. 

In this module we’ll cover; how to research the Property Process Map, and how to understand the Purchase Property Process Map.



Module 5:
Insurance and Compliance

Non-compliance will sound the death knell for any property deal. And when it comes to micro-apartments or co-living developments, the fines for non-compliance are hefty! In this module, we ensure you reach successful outcomes by understanding your risk; identifying, managing, preparing, and recovering from risk; understanding relevant policies, regulations, and obligations; and handling dispute resolution.



Module 6:
Managing High Income Properties

Is a High Income Real Estate investment difficult to manage? No!

But you do need to know what you’re doing. And falling short can cost you heavily in lost revenue. In this module, we’ll cover; specialised management, how to manage your managers, property preparation and inclusion, tenant selection, property marketing, regulations and jurisdictions, and managing property process map.



Module 7: 
NEW! Rentrepreneur Strategy

The ‘Rentrepreneur Strategy’ is the low money-down strategy that is the most exciting property strategy to hit the industry in the last fifteen years. When you don’t have the funds to buy your first property, this is how to get there fast! using property you don’t even won, learn; why the first property is the hardest, the advantages to the owner – why they want you, what constitutes he perfect property, how to market test to it will perform, and how to ensure your deal is cash flow positive.



Module 8: 
Reno, Retrofit, or Build

So, you have an existing property? How do you know what to do to manufacture growth? We’ll help you decipher between ‘Reno’, ‘Retrofit’, or ‘Build’ options, and teach you how to combine these strategies with your Hi-RES strategy! You’ll learn; the building approval process, what you can do across the country to meet council requirements, how to meet insurance requirements, how to choose the level of refit required, and learn the ‘rule-of-thumb checklist’ for any renovation, refit, or construction process.



Module 9:
HI RES Policies by State

HI-RES is a strategy that works all around the country, and yet the rules and regulations differ wherever you are.

In this module, we’ll break down how to apply the HI-RES system wherever your target market is, while maintaining legal compliance and financial viability at all times . There are many unscrupulous operators out there. But the fines for working outside of council and state regulations are hefty, and they can be financially crippling. Don’t risk it. Get educated and set up your deals for success!



Module 10: 
Case Studies

An ‘in the trenches’, short, sharp video series keeping you informed of deals that students are doing around the country with the help of HI-RES resources.

These videos may be the one simple piece of information that will get you moving. Updated regularly.



Module 11: 
Calculating the Numbers

Small Is The New Big ‘Money Mistress’, and Ian’s wife and business partner, accountant Christine Manning, takes you step-by-step though the custom-built feasibility studies you’ll need to use to decide whether a deal stacks up and how to leverage your returns to move to the next one.



Bonus Resources to Fast Track your success

We’ve stacked your bonus pack with professional tools designed and used by Ian Ugarte himself, perfected over his 3 decades in property investing and development. 

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