Jorj R. Elprehzleinn – Life Transformation System Z

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What Makes This Program So Special is The Coaching

Life Transformation System Z home study program is available on other websites without coaching (for a higher price). This special offer not only gets you the complete home study package at the lowest price on the web, it also brings you the enormous benefit of trained and caring coaches to help you through the process of fully mastering the method and getting the great results of manifesting with thought to happen in your own life with ease.

This program includes one teleseminar session ever week that you are doing the program so that you can ask questions and get help LIVE from Jorj.

There is no doubt that the materials you will receive from us, the e-book the software workbook, the audio files and the destiny reports will make their mark on your life in a most positive manner. However never before except in the expensive private coaching packages have we offered the system like this, with a team of life coaches to serve you and help you. And never before have we delivered the system so thoughtfully to make sure you take the proper steps.

Have you thought about the impact that really having the knowledge and training to manifest the life you imagine can have on you and your loved ones?

Listen now or download to your iPod or computer this 20 minute excerpt from one of the live teleseminars we gave to previous attendees of the 9 week program. It’s about manifesting money:

MP3 File

Using our system, tools, and method, many people have manifested more money than they ever had in their life before. This is a major issue for most people so I thought I would be frank with you. Whether small amounts, or tens of thousands of dollars and more, people using this course in the past (even without the added value of the coaching) have materialized record financial increases. And many other tangibly valuable things, and intangibly valuable experiences, and improvements in their feelings and relationships.

The benefits of knowing how to do this yourself in every area of you life to manifest the things and feelings and people you need -how do you really measure how much that is worth for you?

I don’t think you really can. The results just come too fast, and too magically. What I am sure of is that the value of knowing how focus your thoughts is the greatest treasure you can have. This is the one thing that brings all other things. And the cost of learning this I am sure you will get back many, many times, from just some of the things you manifest. Even directly manifesting more money.

Does it happen magically? Does money just appear in your accounts? It sometimes seems that way. This program is truly magical. However the science and art of this is that when you work at the thought level shifts happen in your life. And those changes bring situations that bring the money. That is how it really works. A new job, increased sales, someone who owed you money finally pays you back, you get an idea for a business and it works, it happens in whatever way is best for you.

Some very important things you should know:

Please read this carefully

Decades of research and development, and money, were invested to bring to you now these materials in their current form today. Jorj Elprehzleinn went through an incredible journey at tremendous personal risk and expense to put together the materials. The coaches have each spent many, many years training and refining their skills. The Life Transformation System Z home study materials have been approved by thousands of people around the world.

For the first time you can enjoy the benefits of both the coaching and the home study materials for one amazingly low price. But we can only offer such a program to a limited number of people because of the amount of time and care involved in making sure you have a great experience.

Start In Your Own Time

Your nine weeks starts when you are ready. Since the program is delivered to you in step by step e-mails and live coaching teleseminars that are ongoing you can start when you like. Over 63 days you get access to all the materials and the live coaching teleseminars but you do not have to start at a certain date. You start and do the program in your own time, in the comfort of your own home or wherever you like.

Spectacular Bonus Only With this Program

Now let me tell you about the very most special bonus of the whole program!

In addition to our valuable coaching teleseminars and all the Life Transformation System Z materials you are going to receive, Jorj Elprehzleinn designed a unique “delivery system” just for this program. Remember, Jorj used to offer only to his most exclusive private clients, a 90 day personal coaching system just like this, for $2997.00. Yes. It’s true.

Over the years, at great expense and effort to himself, yet doing it because he cares so passionately about sharing this, Jorj refined the system, (with my help) to the place where he is now able to deliver to you via e-mail what he feels is the same quality experience he used to give his private coaching clients. Jorj has agreed to personally deliver the Life Transformation materials to you in a series of special e-mails over the 9 weeks. To make sure that you are guided in the right way to take the correct steps at the correct time. AND he has agreed to personally oversee the calculation and delivery of your own destiny report in week 9 once you give him your birthdate and time.

This is truly the most remarkable opportunity to completely master the law of attraction. Jorj really knows how to do it, and you can too now, for the lowest price, in the highest format, ever.

More Bonuses!

The core manifesting technique in this program revolves around your being able to competently use what we call the 12 Areas of Life, or the ClearTalk Manifesting Method.

Receiving a private ClearTalk session can incredibly boost your ability to get more out of using this method. In just one session with one of our coaches they lead you through the process in each area of your life.

It is an actual manifesting session with TWO minds focused on making your life better.

The benefits of just one ClearTalk Session are enormous. The session is normally priced at $400. Jorj has been paid as much as $500 for giving one session. The ClearTalk manifesting method can be completely learned in this one session. In combination with the training you get in the 9 Week Mastery of Mind program your abilities to materialize the life you imagine using thought becomes unstoppable.

Now for only the members of this program, including you when you enroll I have decided to make sure to be available for a private ClearTalk session with you, for 50% discount. You simply let me know that you would like to book a session, at any time during the nine weeks, and its your for $200. (Normally $400.00)

This discounted price for the ClearTalk session is a $200 Value!

(please note if you are already in the program or have otherwise ordered the e-book you can sign up for this session now at our ClearTalk page).

Universal Goodness Desktop Image.

Jorj Elprehzleinn was raised in a lineage of Lutheran Ministers and he loves to work with the Archangels. His Mom is a psychologist and a yoga teacher. And Jorj is an artist. (in addition to his degrees in psychology and communications and everything else he is so great at!). He designed a desktop image that you can place on your screen that has images that invoke the power of 7 Archangels, and more In week 9 we are going to give this to you for free as an added bonus to inspire and uplift and empower you in deep archetypal ways.
An $80.00 Value.

All together, these bonuses are worth an additional $402.00, but are yours free when you enroll today in this amazing program to master and experience the power of focusing your mind.

And one more bonus (at least we think so): As long as you can get on the internet to check your e-mail and use a pen and paper and the telephone we can help get this mastery of mind to work for you. You don’t have to book an expensive hotel and airfare to take this workshop. You can do it where you feel comfortable.

When you order today you are receiving an extraordinary package of materials and bonuses and receiving my personal support in the teleseminars, along with the support of other guests and expert coaches.

I use this system personally most every day since 1999. From the first time I completed the early version of the course I got a big result and my life has continued to improve in many ways since then, directly as a result of applying what I learned and developed. Since then thousands of people around the world have testified to me privately that they too receive reliable and repeatable results using these materials and that it is concise and easy to understand and use.

I am certain that if you try our program, the way we have it designed over the 9 weeks, that you will learn how to manifest the things that you imagine and be able to do that for the rest of your life, reliably and safely. I am certain that the things and situations that you materialize once trained to exercise the power of your own mind in your favor will be much more than the value of this program, including the minimal time and effort required for you to do it.

I know from years of research and testing that there is no other material and coaching program in the world today that can come close to giving you the results you can get here, and the power to control your mind that this gives you. We know that many people teach programs and offer books and courses that propose to teach you these things, and certainly they all have merit. However they usually cost thousands of dollars, or only have a small piece of the whole package of knowledge that we totally provide to you.

(10x) ten times the quality of other programs, workshops and materials like this for a fraction of the price.

If you are willing to do the simple easy steps to complete the program with us, then I am sure you will be delighted. We have even provided a special 3 payment option. If you are not completely happy after the first month, you can keep the world famous Life Transformation Formula E-Book and the other materials you will have already received. The book alone sold for $97 for several years. You can keep all that, and just send me an e-mail that you would like to stop the program no questions asked and you will not have to pay for the next two months. It’s simple.


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Jorj R. Elprehzleinn – Life Transformation System Z
Jorj R. Elprehzleinn – Life Transformation System Z

$297.00 $74.00

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