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Are you ready to finally MAifest the
relationship you’ve always wanted?


If you are…

  • Tired of Trying To Figure Men Out…
  • Fed Up With Attracting The Wrong Men…
  • Sick of Bad Dates and Painful Breakups…
  • Ready for Lasting Love…

Then, this program is calling your name!

  • Would you like to be in a meaningful and fulfilling relationship that lasts?
  • Would you like to have a proven method for communication that bonds your manto you and gives you a deep level of connectedness?
  • Would you like to understand the inner-workings of your man’s heart and mind, so that no matter what comes up you can face any situation with confidence and peace of mind?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions

then you are going to love the Cracking The Man Code program!


If you’ve ever been mystified by why men do the things they do and baffled by their decisions, you are not alone. Trying to figure men out can be exhausting. It’s tough to build the type kind of connection that leads to lasting love and it’s normal to have more questions than answers.

Have you ever asked yourself…

  • Where can I find the RIGHT guy?
  • How can I become more approachable, and less intimidating?
  • How can I get him to open up and talk to me?
  • Why is he pulling away from me?

Knowledge is power and women who have it are able to avoid dangerous relationship pitfalls while building a deeply connected partnership.

Mat’s clients are constantly raving about how his coaching created the shift needed to create a deeply loving relationship. Now it’s your turn to manifest the relationship you deserve!

Matt Boggs

Why should you listen to Mat Boggs?

Mat Boggs M.Ed, is the co-author of the best-selling book, Project Everlasting: Two Bachelors Discover the Secrets of America’s Greatest Marriages (Simon & Schuster). He’s produced a critically acclaimed documentary film, hosted his own international radio show entitled, The Bachelor Pad: Relationship Secrets From The Man Cave, and is a highly sought after dating and relationship coach. Mat has helped thousands of women understand the hearts and minds of men, and increase the love in their life.

Mat is dedicated to increasing Love in the world one heart at a time. Mat’s appeared on dozens of national media venues including: The Today Show, CNN Headline News, The Style Network, Fox News, CNN Showbiz Tonight, ABC Family, Oprah and Friends XM, the Hallmark Channel, and many more.

Cracking The Man Code will not only unveil the
INNER MOTIVATIONS of MEN (like what causes a man to naturally open up and connect, or what you can do to ignite attraction in him) but Mat will also give you the critical
LOVE INGREDIENTS that men need in order to create a meaningful and fulfilling relationship.


Dear Smart, Sexy Woman Who’s Ready For Love,

After years of coaching women in attracting the love they deserve, I’ve found one overwhelming pattern. The source most single women look to when trying to figure men out and attract lasting love is … their single girlfriends!

Who we learn from is more important than what we are learning. When it comes to the opposite sex most women spend hours with their girlfriends dissecting their every move without ever figuring them out. Why? Because quite simply women think a whole lot differently than men and you’ll never discover the answers you desire by playing detective with your female entourage.

If you want to build attraction and establish the type kind of connection that leads to lasting love, then you have to understand what men truly want, how they fall in love, what builds attraction, what sustains connection, and here’s the kicker — It’s completely different for him than it is for you!

Our level of awareness (in every area of life, including love and relationships) is ALWAYS a direct reflection of our results. What’s your level of awareness? If you want to know what your level of awareness in relationships is, all you have to do is simply look at your results.

Here’s the good news! If you want to improve your results, all you have to do is expand your level of awareness. As you increase your awareness, your results will automatically begin to improve.

As you begin to expand your awareness of how men think, what they intrinsically want, what motivates them, your life will never be the same. You’ll know how to build attraction, how to create connection, and how to make it last. AND… here’s the best part. Once you learn it, you can never unlearn it. You will ALWAYS have this awareness.

Here’s how the Cracking The Man Code Program works…

When you register for Cracking The Man Code you will get instant access to the entire online program includes both audio and video modules that will support you in creating the relationship you’ve always wanted. Immediately after signing up you will emailed private login instructions to access your entire Cracking The Man Code course.

This Program Includes…

A proven and Effective “Reverse Visioning” Guided Process

To help you get clear on exactly what you want in a relationship, and what’s in the way, so you can start attracting the kind of relationship you want now. This is a 45-min audio experience where I lead you through exactly what you want to create for your love life.


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Mat Boggs M.Ed – Cracking The Man Code Online Program
Mat Boggs M.Ed – Cracking The Man Code Online Program

$97.00 $29.00

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