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Let me show you how to GET ORGANIZED, build your MARKETING CONFIDENCE, make a PLAN, and GET MORE CLIENTS.

It’s time to stop struggling with your voice-over marketing efforts.

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Maxine Dunn – Voice-Over Marketing Made EasyMaxine Dunn – Voice-Over Marketing Made Easy

Attention voice-over artists & aspiring voice-over artists! Are you confused about how to market your VO business?

Let me show you how to GET ORGANIZED, build your MARKETING CONFIDENCE, make a PLAN, and GET MORE CLIENTS.

It’s time to stop struggling with your voice-over marketing efforts.

Help is here!

I’ll teach you how to get your marketing confidence back, find your niche, create a plan, reach out to your voice-over clients in an effective way, and take your voice-over marketing to a whole new level.

Introducing my online, self-guided course!
“Voice-Over Marketing Made Easy”
with Maxine Dunn

The reluctant marketer’s step-by-step guide

to voice-over marketing
> Get organized
> Build your marketing confidence
> Make a plan
> Get more clients

It’s never too late to look at your voice-over marketing with fresh eyes!

If you’re a voice actor and aspire to make a living doing voice-overs, having a marketing strategy in place (and one that’s fun to do and that doesn’t overwhelm you with details), will be an important part of your voice-over business plan.

Whether you’re just starting out in voice-overs or whether you’ve been in business for a while, you can open the door to a NEW DAY on your voice-over marketing.

It’s time to get excited again about spreading the word about your biz and attracting more great clients!

I’m Maxine Dunn and I’m going to help you do just that!

Do any of these scenarios sound like you?

  • You feel like you should get better at “branding” yourself but you’re not sure what branding even means.
  • You don’t know what “niche” to apply yourself to or how to find the right “buyers” for your voice.
  • You don’t know how to schedule your days because every day is different.
  • You want to feel more confident when you’re marketing to new clients but you don’t know the right things to say or you feel like you’re “bothering” them.
  • You keep dropping the ball with client follow-up, so you’re not seeing positive results from your efforts.
  • You know you should have more of an online presence (YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook business page, etc.) but you don’t know where to begin so you haven’t done anything.
  • You’d like to try cold-calling prospective clients but you dread the idea and it terrifies you. OR, you feel like it’s “old school” and that it’s not an effective way to engage with new clients.

You need a marketing strategy!

If you want help with your voice-over marketing strategy:

If you need new ideas of how to contact and connect with prospective clients; if you want an infusion of confidence into your marketing mindset; if you want to streamline your marketing schedule so you can get more done in less time, and feel more organized….

Then you’re in the right place!

I’ve created this self-guided, online course JUST FOR YOU!

Here are some of the topics I cover, IN-DEPTH,
in this information-packed, self-guided, online course.

  • Self confidence
  • Organization
  • Time management
  • Client relationships
  • Contact management
  • Branding
  • Client follow-up
  • Who to market to
  • Cost/financials
  • New ideas
  • Cold calling

This Course is RIGHT for you if:

  • You are a working voice actor who needs a “re-boot” on your stalled marketing efforts or who needs clarity on “what to do next” if you’ve become frustrated with your business growth.
  • You’re an emerging or newbie voice actor who’s willing to be committed and put the time in to create a viable, profitable voice-over business.
  • You’re most likely a non-union voice-over artist who is responsible for bringing in clients to your business, YOURSELF.
  • You’re excited about launching a voice-over business, you’re willing to be your own boss, and you’re willing to do the daily/weekly/monthly work necessary – even if it’s baby steps – to bring your dream into reality.

This Course is NOT RIGHT for you if:

  • You’re thinking of a “get-rich-quick” solution to your current situation, or if you’re thinking of getting into voice-overs “for the money.”
  • You’re a celebrity voice actor who works solely through an agent and you’re not responsible for any of the day-to-day marketing strategies to maintain your business, or for reaching out to new clients yourself.
  • Purchasing this course, or beginning to budget for the costs necessary to begin and maintain a voice-over career (get training, demo production, domain name purchase, website development, etc.), will cause financial hardship for you. (Note: If you’re not certain about what’s entailed in getting started in voice-overs, I HIGHLY encourage you to also purchase my eBook, The Voice Actor’s Tool Box – Beginner’s Edition.)

Here's What to Expect When You Sign Up For My Voice-Over Marketing CourseThis is a self-guided, online course, consisting of 8 Modules, each one covering a specific voice-over marketing subject: Your voice-over marketing mindset, branding, contact management, client outreach, and much more! (Description of all the Modules content is below.)

The course will be available on a special, password-protected website page, and I’ll send you your password, shortly after checkout, so you can access all the Voice-Over Marketing Made Easy Modules.

Because it’s an online course, you’ll be able to access it any time of the day or night, no matter where you live!

All the course materials can be downloaded to your computer, which I highly recommend!

  • 20-30 minute audio recording with detailed information about the Module content
  • A PDF transcript of the audio recording
  • Depending upon which Module and which action steps you’ll need to take: A checklist, a sample calendar, a sample schedule, a worksheet, a downloadable PDF, or other resources that will help you take ACTION on that Module
  • Each Module will give you the opportunity to listen to my instruction, to read about what you’re learning, and to actively take action steps to implement what you’ve learned to improve your voice-over marketing efforts

Here’s what each Module will contain:

  • Module #1: Confidence and Positive Mindset

    This module will help you become aware of, and get crystal clear on, your own personal power. You’ll eliminate self-doubt, learn how to create unstoppable self-confidence and cultivate a consistently positive mindset for your voice-over success. You’ll be taken through a process (both written and spoken) that will assist you with knowing exactly what to do NEXT to confidently move forward in your voice-over business.

  • Module #3: Contact Management and Office Organization

    Keeping track of all your clients and customers in an organized way is what this module is all about. You’ll learn how to: choose the contact management system that’s right for YOU, create easy-to-implement systems to stay in touch with everyone, and how to keep detailed records of all your client contacts and conversations so nobody slips through the cracks!

  • Module #2: Time Management, Scheduling Your Day and Avoiding Overwhelm

    This module will show you how to use the available hours you have in your day to your best, voice-over marketing advantage. You’ll learn how to create a workable schedule that will be efficient yet flexible, with your voice-over business’s changing daily needs. It includes tools that will help you to prioritize tasks, organize your time, and stay out of “too much to do!” overwhelm.

  • Module #4: Your Marketing Materials – EVERYTHING That You Use to Connect with Your Clients, Online and Offline

    This module will detail what you’ll need to create a presentation that will attract GREAT voice-over clients. You’ll learn what marketing materials are the MOST IMPORTANT, how to plan for the costs of the marketing materials you’ll need, what’s MOST important for you to do right now, and what can wait until later, and information about publishing online and print newsletters and other unique ways of connecting with your clients.

  • Module #5: Finding Your Niche and Your Ideal Clients

    How to determine where you fit in, in the voice-over industry, find your niche, and how to find your ideal clients are detailed in this module. You’ll learn how to research the best markets for your voice and plan your “pre-marketing” strategy. Discover who, when, and where to market to.

  • Module #6: Your Awareness Campaign. Making Contact With Your Prospective Voice-Over Clients

    This module will teach you all about initial client contact, how to write effective “first contact” emails, cover letters, and conduct productive and fun cold calls. You’ll learn how to get the word out that you’re open for business and start getting those clients, as well as get back in touch with previous clients that you’ve lost touch with.

  • Module #7: Building Client Relationships for The Long-Term

    In this module, you’ll discover techniques to create fruitful, rewarding, growing client relationships. You’ll learn how to implement great follow-up strategies and keep your clients coming back to you, again and again.

  • Module #8: Branding Your Voice-Over Business and Getting Known

    Getting clear on the “promise” that your clients expect of you is what this module’s all about. You’ll learn about the tangible and intangible aspects of branding, how to create a memorable brand, and how to re-brand your voice-over business if you’re ready for a change.


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Maxine Dunn – Voice-Over Marketing Made Easy
Maxine Dunn – Voice-Over Marketing Made Easy

$97.00 $27.00

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