Michelle Lisa Anderson – LOVE OVER ADDICTION for parents

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Do you feel lost and hopeless?

Of course, you love your child dearly, and you’ve tried everything to help them get sober, but nothing is working

What would it be like to know exactly how to handle their addiction? If you knew how to deal with all the lies, broken promises, and blame? 

Imagine knowing exactly what to do when they start drinking again, show up drunk or high, or try to move back in with you. Imagine knowing how to protect yourself, regardless of what they’re doing. 

It is possible.

Find j regardless of their choices.

What Is It?

What is the Love Over Addiction for parents Program?

Love Over Addiction for parents is a program created just for parents who have a child suffering from addiction so that you, the parent, can find your own healing and recovery from the trauma and chaos of this disease.


You’ll receive access to five audio lessons with hours of teaching from Michelle Anderson. The lessons are the same materials in the program book. You can listen along while you’re reading and highlighting in your book, or download the audio lessons to listen to while you’re on a walk or driving. You can access the lessons from our private members’ site on your computer or web-based app on your phone. They’re available to you anytime, day or night and can be downloaded for offline listening. 


No Judgment

We welcome all parents who have a child suffering from addiction. We never do judgment and have people from all walks of life, backgrounds, faiths, and regions of the world in our programs. We’re all strong, capable, smart people in very tough situations. 



Michelle created additional bonus content for parents who are ready to take their healing to the next level. You can dive even deeper into your healing with audio trainings and worksheets to help you discover your path while loving your child suffering from addiction.

What would it feel like to let go of the  and welcome peace instead?

Who’s It For?

Who should join Love Over Addiction for parents?

The Love Over Addiction for parents program is for you if:

  • You have a child (or children) suffering from addiction of any kind.
  • You’re not sure how much more of this you can take.
  • You’ve tried everything you can think of to help them, but nothing has worked long-term.
  • You want to help them, but they keep lying and denying what’s really going on.
  • You remember the child they were, and you know how much potential they have.
  • You know that things will continue to get worse if something doesn’t change.
  • You want to trust them but feel like a fool because they lie again and again.
  • You’re ready for life to feel good again.

Does that sound like you?


You’ve been through so much. And you’re braver than you think.

open quote

This program is helpful for parents who are entering the world of addiction. Giving up on my son is not an option, and I do believe that this is a family disease, so this program is a very useful map that gives all major themes to consider and navigate through. I have found the timeline very helpful. It has helped me decide that I have all the time in the world, and to adjust my expectations.

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Why It Works

The Love Over Addiction for parents Program works.

It works because we take a different approach.

We believe that your recovery doesn’t have to be dark and depressing. 

You’re not powerless over this disease. And there are things you can do to take back control from addiction. 

You’ll learn tools through real-life examples and find your own happiness, whether they get sober or not.

It’s possible. You can do it. You deserve to feel better. It’s been hard for a long time.


Knowledge is Power

You’ll no longer question what to do and what not to do. You’ll know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you’re making the right choices for yourself and your child.

You’ll no longer let addiction blame you. You’ll have boundaries in place to protect yourself and your deepest values.

You’ll stay in your lane when addiction gets loud and mean.

And maybe for the first time ever, you’ll feel confidentpowerful, and strong.

It’s truly life-changing.


Daily Practice

With each new day, we have a new opportunity to practice our skills and become even better at navigating this disease.

Some practices may feel really small, while others will feel monumental.

But with each day, each time you listen to the audio trainings or fill out a guidesheet, you’re growing.

You’re changing.

You’re becoming even better at handling this really challenging situation and finding your true happiness. 

Here’s a loving truth:

It will get worse if you don’t get help soon.

open quote

Being a mother that has a child suffering from addiction can be tough, especially with working and taking care of my 2-year-old grandchild. But I know I wouldn’t be as far along in my own healing as I am now if it weren’t for this program. It has given me the tools to know what I should and shouldn’t be doing regarding my child who suffers from addiction.

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What You’ll Learn

Over the course of five lessons we’ll dive into:

Why they may be suffering from addiction and what that has to do with you and your healing.

How this family disease has taken over your life (and theirs) and what you can do about it.

What ways you can help, even though you can’t control their actions and choices.

And you’ll also learn:

If you’re the one that caused their addiction in the first place.

What it means to take self-inventory, and how that can help with this family disease.

If you have enabling behaviors that may be keeping them sick.

Strategies and examples for staying in your lane, even when it gets really tough.

How to deal with the lies, broken promises, stealing, blame, and abuse from your child.Salepage: https://loveoveraddiction.com/love-over-addiction-for-parents/#enroll

Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/1dZmI

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Michelle Lisa Anderson – LOVE OVER ADDICTION for parents
Michelle Lisa Anderson – LOVE OVER ADDICTION for parents

$197.00 $59.00

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