Michelle Lisa Anderson – Love Over Addiction: Stay or Go

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Love Over Addiction: Stay or Go is for women who go back and forth about leaving or staying with their loved one who drinks too much or suffers from addiction.

You’ll learn why we really stay in unhealthy relationships, if separation is right for you, specific signs they will get better (for good), when you should choose to stay, and all the steps to prepare you for leaving.

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What Makes Love Over Addiction: Stay or Go Special?

Rather than just sharing our experiences, we actually teach you what to say, how to help, and what not to do in your relationship.

  • No meetings to attend (introverts welcome).
  • No childcare to arrange or pay for.
  • Complete Privacy. Confidentiality is our biggest priority.
  • Available day or night (during a crisis) on your phone, tablet, or computer.

We never, ever do judgment. Come exactly as you are.

We are your safe and loving sisterhood.


How Does The Program Work?

After registration, you’ll have access to the program on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. There are 12 modules total, 1 released each week. Do you need the modules earlier?

Not “technically savvy?” We are always here to help you
(and it’s easier than you may think).

Work at your own pace. No need to rush.

What’s Inside The Program


Michelle welcomes you in a personal welcome video, Jo helps you organize your Stay or Go binder, and learn how to manage your finances with Brittany.




Over 7 Hours of Audio
Scored and produced in Los Angeles by an agency who composes Hollywood movies


Over 50 Guidesheets
Designed to take your module studies to the next level and implement real changes.


quote marks

Your program has done wonders to bring peace into my soul and our home. I know better how to deal with my partner and myself and I have found so much joy that I didn’t know was still there by going through this program.”


Number 1


  • 4 ways addiction could be harming you
  • The real cost of addiction
  • Is your fantasy inline with your reality
Number 2


  • Why women stay in unhealthy relationships
  • 3 simple steps to gain self-confidence
  • 6 important questions to help you know yourself
  • Discover what you really want
Number 3


  • How to tell if separation is right for you
  • Addicted to their addiction? Begin your perfect detox
  • Will they ever get sober? Take the test and find out
  • The gifts of separation
  • Staying: learn if it’s the right answer for you
Number 4


  • Should you be intimate with them? How to set a boundary to protect your body & heart
  • How to protect your children from this disease
  • Rules for visitation during or after a separation or divorce
  • How to avoid the biggest parenting mistake
  • The secret to training your partner to be respectful and kind
  • The simple boundary you need with your finances
  • How to stop playing the role of therapist, mother, fixer, mender, enabler, judge or jury
Number 5


  • How to select the best lawyer
  • Your personal checklist before meeting with a lawyer (that will save you $)
  • What no lawyer will ever tell you (but you must know before considering divorce)
Number 6


  • How to create – and stick – to a budget that works for you (whether you stay or go)
  • The #1 practice for strong money foundations – that ALL women need to know
  • How to figure out exactly how much addiction is costing your family each month
Number 7


  • How to find the right therapist
  • The best thing I learned after $20,000 of therapy
  • How to select the best type of therapy for YOU
Number 8


  • 5 Ways to keep your children safe and protected from addiction (if you stay or go)
  • What you must teach your children when they are alone with your loved one
  • The benefits of addiction for our children (it’s not all bad)
  • The surprising truth about kids and divorce no one prepares you for
Number 9


  • How to tell friends and family the truth
  • When not to share about addiction
  • What to do when your partner’s family isn’t supportive of you
  • How to handle feeling like you are disappointing people
Number 10


  • How to forgive your loved one so you are free to stay or leave
  • When to protect yourself from being vulnerable and trusting
  • How to stop worrying about other people judging your choices to stay or leave
Number 11


  • How and when to trust them again
  • The simple secret to feeling better (if they get healthy or not)
  • How to trust YOURSELF to make the best choices
  • How to feel peaceful and calm (even through chaos)

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Michelle Lisa Anderson – Love Over Addiction: Stay or Go
Michelle Lisa Anderson – Love Over Addiction: Stay or Go

$397.00 $99.00

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