Millard Longman – Five Card Reading & AN Healing

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Millard Longman - Five Card Reading & AN HealingMillard Longman – Five Card Reading & AN Healing

Two New Books,
Three Powerful Routines
For Psychic Entertainers
From Millard Longman



The Millard Touch

Before getting into the descriptions for Millard’s two new books, let me first say that the ideas presented here are flexible, simple to do, and ultimately some of the most powerful things you can do for an audience or client.

Each of the routines can be presented in a variety of ways and performing situations, ranging all the way from casual walkaround to therapeutic readings. They are all simple to do, allowing you to concentrate on the most important thing — presentation.

Full Disclosure: All three of the presentations contained in these two books are based on things that have been done before — a reading and divination using playing cards, a billet routine, a mind-reading routine using three objects — but The Millard Touch on each of them brings them to a new level that will have an incredible, lasting impact on the people you present them to.

With all of that in mind, here’s what we’re talking about:
Book #1

Millard’s Five Card Reading & AN Healing

From the creative mind that brought you the classic Acidus Novus, comes two powerful-yet-easy-to-perform routines that will appeal to magicians, mentalists and readers alike.

The Five Card Reading

Here’s what Millard’s Five Card Reading looks like:

Using a borrowed deck, five cards are selected at random by an audience member, and a reading is delivered using the five cards.

The cards are then shuffled and placed on the table. The audience member is instructed to look at one of the cards, and return it to the five-card packet, which is then shuffled again.

The cards are laid out once more and using your psychic powers or, as Millard prefers, muscle reading, you are able to identify which card she’s merely thinking of.

Sounds simple, right? And it is.

In addition to the Five Card Reading, Millard teaches an easy way to learn Contact Mind Reading (CMR), an easy way to never fail at CMR so that you will have the confidence to always do it, and how to perform CMR for maximum impact.

Going one step further, Millard explains how to use Non-Contact Mind Reading to reveal the thought-of card. Non-Contact Mind Reading performed with no tricks (no billets, no impressions, no confederates — nothing but you and the client) is the Holy Grail of Mentalism and now you can do it with ease!

Using Millard’s routining, methodology and presentation tips, what many performers would present as a fairly standard card revelation becomes a truly transformative experience.

Especially if you follow it up with

The AN Healing

As we’ve come to expect, Millard’s AN Healing takes a trick that was popular a few years ago and transmogrifies it into a truly meaningful presentation that will amaze your audiences.

In its simplest form, here’s what happens:

A client writes something she dislikes about herself on a 3×5? card and folds the card up.

The card is held over a flame as the client imagines the negative quality disappearing, and when the card is opened again, the writing has disappeared from the card.

As she processes this amazing feat, you finish by identifying the negative quality.

Yes, I know — if you been around for more than a couple years, you probably know the mechanisms behind this routine and could probably work out something similar but you’d be missing the finely-crafted and time-tested subtleties that Millard has come up with that make this a potentially life-changing miracle..

The 26-page e-book includes

• Full script & methodology for Millard’s 5 Card Reading

• An easy card reading system

• Millard’s favorite handling

• The No-Fail Wording

• 3 ways to use the No-Fail Wording

• Special Bonus: The Ambitious Card Reading

• The AN Healing

• The no-gimmick handling of the AN Healing
If you performed just the two main routines detailed in this e-book, you would get more than your money’s worth. I suspect, however, that you will find many ways to incorporate the additional ideas that are included, making this an exceptional value for working professionals.

Order Your Copy Now

Millard Longman’s
Five Card Reading & AN Healing

Price: Only $35

Do I really need to say this?

No, but I will anyway.

Don’t be fooled by the relatively short length of these two books — each lays out some very powerful ideas that you will use for years to come.

Even at their regular prices, these two e-books are way under-priced. At their sale prices, it would be simply nuts to pass them up.


As legendary marketing monster Ron Popeil might say

“But Wait There’s More!”

If you order both Millard’s Five Card Reading & AN Healing and Three Object Phone Divination together, we’ll send you an exclusive one-hour audio inteview in which Millard goes even deeper with the material contained in these two powerful e-books.

Any one of these three routines by itself could very well make your reputation having all three in your repetoire will make you a force to be reckoned with. And at the special Five/Three Bundle price of 25% off, this is what many would call a no-brainer.

Order Your Copy Now

Millard Longman’s
Five/Three Bundle

(Includes Five Card Reading & AN Healing,
Three Object Phone Divination,
and exclusive one-hour audio interview)

(Regular Price $60)

Save 25% off

Price: Only $45

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Millard Longman – Five Card Reading & AN Healing
Millard Longman – Five Card Reading & AN Healing

$35.00 $15.00

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