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Want to start your career in finance?Then you need to pass the SIE Exam

The SIE is not fun – it’s a test after all. But that doesn’t mean it has to be hard.

Finance is an industry where you can build a career that can take you places – wealth management, investment banking, financial analysis, and maybe even a yacht named Naomi.

But first – you have to pass the SIE. And the secret? Most of what’s on the test is not things you need in your day-to-day job. It’s trivia, things like “what is the contribution limit to a Roth IRA?” or the details of The Securities Act of 1933. People call the SIE ‘a mile wide and an inch deep.’

All other SIE materials are textbooks or online equivalents, meant to give you the body of information in an organized way. But these are awful for memorization – and most of this test is memorization. No wonder the national pass rate for the previous equivalent exam, the Series 7, was around 65%.

There is a better way – software built around the way you learn and remember information

The old ways of learning are not effective – so we threw all that out and started from scratch. Achievable SIE leverages the technology advancements of the last 10 years as well as what scientists have learned about how our memory works. This approach is what makes the Achievable SIE program the best prep program on the planet:

    • Our SIE content was written to be readable and approachable by Brandon Rith, 8x Fidelity Investments Excellence in Action winner for FINRA Licensing Facilitation that has personally taught over 2,000 students. More on him later.

    • While others will be lugging a book around or studying for hours at home, you can learn from anywhere with our brand new made-in-2020 desktop and mobile-optimized site (still has that new car smell).

  • Instead of cramming everything, add flashcards once you finish a section to reinforce what you’ve learned and make sure you remember it on test day. We automatically determine your mastery of the material based on your flashcard performance and adjust future reviews to maximize your study time ROI.

But what does this mean for you, exactly?

When others are only halfway through their 50-75 hours of studying, you’ll be wrapping up with a better score and only 30-40 hours of studying under your belt.

While others will be trapped at home with a dull book, you’ll study on your commute on your phone or on your lunch break at your computer.

Instead of cramming everything right before the test, you’ll only review the right material at the right time.

And when others are stressing over what their score will be, you’ll have detailed analytics that show you exactly where you stand.

But first, a word of warning…

FACT:The SIE Exam isn’t required
to apply to finance jobs – YET
but it sure is required to keep them

The Securities Industry Essentials Exam, commonly referred to as the SIE Exam, is the first half of what used to be considered the Series 6, Series 7, Series 79, etc. FINRA took the overlapping ‘first half’ from each and combined them into the SIE.

But THE most important part of this change was that you can now take the SIE Exam before you apply to jobs in finance.

Before the SIE, you needed to get a finance job, then take this stressful Series 7 exam and pass it within 90 days – or you were automatically fired (yikes). Now, starting October 1st 2018, you can take the SIE Exam before applying to finance jobs – whether you’re a college student, looking to switch careers, or want to bolster your resume for a promotion or new role.

The change is still new, so companies aren’t requiring you to pass the SIE Exam before you apply – but they will within the next 2 years. And while things are in this transition period, you have a unique opportunity: if you take and pass the SIE Exam before applying, that shows more interest and motivation to join the finance industry than anything else you can put on your resume. You’re literally getting part of your job taken care of before you even apply. Recruiters love that stuff.

So are you ready to take a look at the SIE?

Here’s Why We Think We’ve Built The Best Way To Pass This Test:



The best way to prepare for the SIE.Period.


  • Expert-written Content

    Our SIE course content was written to be approachable and easy to read by the best rising star FINRA instructor in the business, ex-Fidelity 8-time Award winner Brandon Rith.

  • Flexible Studying

    Bite-sized content means you can study any time, from a quick break at work to a quiet moment on your commute. The full learning experience is built for mobile and your computer.

  • Personalized Learning

    Our review flashcards are backed by a powerful algorithm that adapts to your strengths and weaknesses, creating an individual review schedule for optimal results.

TRUSTED BY THOUSANDSat Premier Financial Firms

Thousands of students have used Achievable to pass their FINRA exams, including students from Goldman Sachs, Northwestern Mutual, Fidelity Investments, Blackrock, Edward Jones, TD Ameritrade, and Wells Fargo. And in a 250-student controlled study at a major national firm, students that studied with Achievable scored 15% higher than those who didn’t.


Get The Course That Will Prepare You For The SIEBetter Than Anything Else.

The Achievable SIE Prep Course is way ahead of anything else in the market today. Other courses claim to be the best, but the truth is that most are decades-old businesses still relying on old-school methods like textbooks or in-person training. Worst of all, their web and mobile products, if they have them, are just an attempt to put the textbook online.

Hardly cutting edge..

The truth is that these companies don’t really need you to pass the test. They want you to – because it improves their statistics and word-of-mouth – but once they’ve sold you the book, their money has been made. In fact, they can’t do much more even if they wanted to – their book or online program is static, and can’t change to help you.

Modern technology gives education companies the ability to do a lot of things that would be prohibitively expensive using old methods. Using technology, Achievable can give students what they really need to succeed:

  • You Need Personalized Material

    Everyone is different. And everyone learns differently. Yet most teaching has been done with no personalization at all – you get the same book or same class as everyone else. This isn’t because the teacher or material you bought isn’t trying to help you – they simply couldn’t do so economically in a 1:1 way. Technology makes that possible – and Achievable personalizes the review schedule for each student.

  • You Need Detailed Analytics

    When you’re studying a chapter, say Options, you might know that you’re doing poorly on it but you may not be able to pinpoint why. Teachers or colleagues can do this, but only if they spend a lot of time with you, and textbooks can’t. Technology gives us the ability to track each thing you’re studying – down to the individual concepts and adjusts your reviews according to your performance.

  • You Need to Have The Right Study Schedule

    Did you know that for memory retention, when you study is as important if not more important than what you study? It may seem counterintuitive, but memory is mostly about training your brain and less about smarts. But tracking the optimal study time across hundreds of flashcards would be impossible, especially because you’d need to know the science behind memory to make the right estimates. This is what Achievable’s SIE prep program does – easily and automatically.

It’s the 2020s, you’d think every course would be like this by now, right? Well, as we said, incumbents don’t really have a compelling reason to improve their technology. They make plenty of money doing selling textbooks and classes like they always have. So we started Achievable to finally build it, and partnered with Brandon to ensure that our content – not just our software – was best-in-class. Our program has been so successful that we’ve already worked with some of the best and largest wealth management firms in the world.


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Patrick Curtis – FINRA SIE Exam Prep
Patrick Curtis – FINRA SIE Exam Prep

$74.00 $22.00

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