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Want to Ace Your Interview?

First You Have to Crack the Code


Hedge funds are one of the most exclusive industries in finance. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it.

Not only does it promise huge salaries and bonuses (even more than investment banking and in some cases, private equity), but it’s also a culture where you eat what you kill… for talented traders and researchers, it’s the promised land where top applicants go to build a lucrative career.

But getting in the door is much harder than you think

… because the HF industry can pick the best of the best and the secrets to getting in are guarded like Fort Knox.

Getting a Hedge Fund job is not about acquiring the skills to DO the job… It’s about acquiring the skills to GET the job.
And these are NOT the same thing.

Because what most buyside professionals will never tell you is that everything you’ve learned so far is practically useless when it comes to interviewing…

  • Technical knowledge you learned in your IB or PE interviews alone won’t cut it…
  • Great deal experience on your resume and a high GPA isn’t enough…
  • Great connections won’t get you the job you want…
  • And even many of those in highly respected IB groups or PE funds across the street still don’t make the cut
Your interviewer’s job isn’t only to find the best candidates… It’s to weed out the worst. They’ll stress test you, confuse you and will do everything they can to quickly crack you so they can move onto the next eager professional in line.
  • They’ll evaluate your ability to pitch your own investment idea…
  • Throw tough cases at you with almost impossible time limits
  • Hit you with complex brain teasers designed to trick you
  • Test your knowledge of the industry and their fund
  • And they’ll tax your ability to function under pressure and think on your feet…

They’ll probe everything about you:

  • Your body language and voice tone…
  • Assess your character…
  • Judge your presentation skills and ability to sell an investment …
  • Your ability to both lead and follow…
  • And they’ll decide if you’re high status enough to make it at their fund…
Quite simply, hedge fund interviews are very tough if you don’t know how to navigate them.



The Only Way To Crack This Code Is To Learn It From

Those Who Have Walked Your Path Before.

The best way to learn anything is to simply follow in the footsteps of those who have done it successfully. And not just a few people, but thousands of interviewers, analysts and hedge fund veterans who have successfully navigated this process and have gone on to lucrative careers across the top hedge funds.

Only then will you know all of the little tricks, secrets and shortcuts to acing your interview and beating your competition: the tens of thousands of other finance “rock stars” who are competing for your job.

And once you have this knowledge, what seemed like a gauntlet will be a walk in the park.

Where others are confused and intimidated, you’ll be calm, cool and collected.

When others are cramming at the last minute, you’ll be totally prepared for anything they can throw at you.

And when others are working in the middle office or stuck working 90 hour weeks in IB, you’ll be climbing the ladder at a hedge fund, getting closer to earning big carry bonuses.


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Patrick Curtis – Hedge Fund Interview Course
Patrick Curtis – Hedge Fund Interview Course

$297.00 $74.00

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